The Super-Hyper Anticipatory Expansion Thread

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by DunDunDun, Jun 11, 2015.

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  1. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    The Steam Sale starts in just a few hours [confirmed], and yet, all that's on my mind is "This means the CH expansion is coming out just around the bend!"

    So, for those of you willing to cater to my anticipation- or wanting an outlet for your own- this thread is for us to note what we're hoping to see in the expansion.

    Whether what we're suggesting actually could be in the expansion, or might be in a future one, any suggestion is fine; as long as it's in the realm of possibility [ie, try to stay away from flat out joke suggestions].

    Okay, I'll go first:

    1: More flying dwarves. Sure, you can Vibrant Pain your way about; but what else is there? Maybe a Flight Aura helmet? (More hilarity.)

    2: More gnomes. We've only just begun exploring our foam-mouthed garden-squatting friends, and I'm sure they have many more stories to share. Like, why do they hate elves so much? Or is it just the elves that hate them? (More background story.)

    3: The Tree-Slayer dwarf racial skill card. Trait that gives all melee attacks the fire property, armor 2 (no roll) versus bludgeoning only, and Chop.
    Okay, this SEEMS like a flat out joke, so let me clarify: The topic is (More thematic items.)

    4: More single player content. Well, as a devout PvE-only player, that's a given.
    I'm planning on putting my long-stockpiled Basic Edition 1 month CH Club to good use come the expansion, so the more content available, the better! (More PvE content!)
    Of course, with the inclusion of co-op, I'll have even more reason to revisit PvE content.. <3

    5: More complexity to arcane, cold, and acid wizards/general magic cards; right now there's too strong an emphasis on playing a strict fire, electric, or terrain-manipulation wizard. (More [conceptual-based] build options!)

    6: More depth and balance to human and elven racial cards. (More balance!)

    7: Content that, like the last expansion, adds a lot of new mechanics to play around. (More Tricksery Situations!)
    Given my playstyle of 'build around a concept and refine it', rather than 'adjust to each map', this'd give me a lot of extra build tweaking considerations!

    So, what are you most looking forward to? :)

    Other than, of course, "More Card Hunter." :cool:
  2. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    More Karen? ;)
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  3. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    Did they ever manage to make it to Cardstock?
    I guess there's a good shot we'll see more of the DM story development in this expansion =O

    Also, we all know Mom is the real hero of the story :p
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  4. qwert_44643

    qwert_44643 Mushroom Warrior

    is it on steam yet?
  5. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    it will be on steam with the new expansion in more or less a month
  6. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    As @timeracers said, the Steam Summer Sale is on, but Cardhunter desn't show up on a site search yet.

    For the EttSC expansion, I'd like to see at least one adventure of the highest level that isn't a treasure hunt.
  7. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Like Cap Of Soaring or Helm Of Breezes?

    I'd love to see a homemade module from Karen (like Melvelous and Cockroaches). One from Mom would be cool, too.

    Other things I want:
    Martial Skills with handicaps for handicap quests.
    Legendary arcane skills and divine skills for Aristocat.
    Rest of the figures we still can't get (dark elf wizard, cat elf priest, Cardotron party, demonic party).
  8. qwert_44643

    qwert_44643 Mushroom Warrior

    no any new info on the expansion relief.
  9. I'm looking forward to more PvE content and proper support for co-op. Also, wasn't there some mention of being able to co-op certain PvE modules?
  10. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member

    You'll be able to co-op all the PvE modules :D
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  11. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    I'm not sure what you two are discussing :)
    CH was noted by the devs as being intentionally withheld from Steam until the Summer Sale is over [but planned for release sometime very soon after].
    I get the feeling my first comment may have been misinterpreted?

    Agreed, Veza, I'd like to see more campaign progression- though I do fully intend on buying any playable content the expansion releases :)

    I'm actually quite intrigued to see what sort of bundled miniatures this expansion'll have..

    I specifically meant a helmet with 3x Flight Aura, sorry for the poor phrasing :)
    I actually already use Helm of Breezes on my dwarf :D

    Divine skills for Aristocat?
    And great, now I've got 'Everybody wants to be a cat' in my head- again.

    I get the feeling Karen and Mom could make some incredibly interesting modules..

    I'm not too concerned with exclusive miniatures- the Halloween Pumpkinhead dwarf aside, I've been wanting that one since last Halloween- but I agree with you on the other points.
    There's a lot of underdeveloped areas in the loot system currently, and not just due to certain elf and human card imbalances, or overemphasis on certain 'paths' [such as specific wizard elements].
    For all the items that are only one card different from each other, there are still plenty of concepts that don't have very firm representation (as with the concepts you [and I] have noted).
    And of course, there's always room for entirely new concepts..

    I think one of the coolest things moving forward will be seeing what direction the devs take the loot system.

    Not only will you be able to co-op the entire campaign, but I seem to recall the devs mentioning that doing so would have improved or bonus loot drops!

    I'm looking forward to dragging my best friend through it all with me :)

    But yeah, I'm a bit tired of farming the same high level quests, it'll be nice getting a change of pace there as well :)
  12. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Specifically, the loot fairy and hidden bandit are extra generous to team players.
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  13. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    Man, I hope that doesn't mean what it sounds like;
    I was totally looking forward to 'accidentally' fireballing my friend when we play. :rolleyes:

    A lot. :D
  14. Farbs

    Farbs Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Haha. So long as the team wins the adventure, the loot fairy and hidden bandit won't notice.
  15. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    I always did appreciate the neutral-alignment NPCs..
  16. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I'm curious to see how this will play out. An established team going after a "found" loot fairy seems pretty straightforward, but the shifting schedule and short pre-reset time windows (particularly for those of us who get frequent crashes) may require some improvising.
    Maybe hunt clubs or a hunter availability roster? Solo hunting may still be the best opton at certain times of the day. I guess we'll figure it out when it goes live.
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  17. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    Trying to PUG a co-op group based around the loot fairy schedule is way too aggravating a consideration; I'll stick to a more organic playthrough with close friends; I doubt any of my friends'd be into much co-op farming, anyway; and while it'll no doubt appeal to the the players that spend extensive time in casual matches, pugging out the campaign kills the relaxed approach I take to it.
    Or, put another way and to ensure there's no misunderstanding: It looks like the feature'll have something for most every playstyle.

    And while I'm not playing with loot-farming in mind, actually stumbling across the bandit during a co-op run would be awesome, though, just for that double or triple (depending on party size) 'yay loot' event.

    I forget, though, Farbs; are Bandit and Fairy doubled up, so that you can hit them once in co-op and once in single player, per day?
    ['cause having multiple instances of them would be quite annoying, to my playstyle, with it being a stress to feel pressured into arranging co-op runs. :p]
    If not, yeah, definitely an organic approach- run through a few modules per day with friends, when I can get them together; hit whatever's in our path; and then farm fairy on my own if need be.

    Should be a blast!
  18. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    No, loot fairy and hidden bandit gives 2 extra rare or better items instead
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  19. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    Strangely, even though that'd still be doubling up (4/5 versus 2/3 rare+ item drops), it's less stressing [on me] than having an un-run co-op run hanging over your head.

    You know, since we're on the topic of co-op;
    Anyone else think it'd be cool to see a co-op themed Manticore?

    ...I really just want to have someone else to suffer with...
  20. ArnieBear

    ArnieBear War Monkey

    Hopefully, just lots of extras that bring new players to the game who will help it grow. Extending the player base and bringing with it bring extra revenue to sustain long term development and expansion of the game.

    It’s a great game and I want everyone to at least have heard of it or give it a try

    Already knowing about the addition of SP co-op I think this will be an excellent addition as a non-competitive MP option is a great idea – I personally love the idea of collaboration over aggression, and may help to “bed-in” new players.

    In terms of further additions lots has been said before but, things I personally would love the expansion to bring are – in no particular order

    - A GM/AI opponents only mode for MP maps (including current ranked maps plus league map variants) (with reduced rewards) (as discussed previously by Jarmo)

    - A Non-ranked PvP mode – personally I don’t like ranked PvP due to the pressure involved in not losing points, its so intense which I find ruins some of the fun. I prefer casual games but a formalized system of casual unranked play may see more people play this mode – could just be me though!!

    - A permanent Peasant PvP mode (as currently running and implemented periodically by Flax)

    - Aristocratic PvP mode (as discussed by neoncat)

    - All 8 (QD,OB, CM, WW,AA, AT, GG, CoG) league types per month (in every month)

    - Reward of basic chest instead of nothing for losing PvP battle (has been discussed before)

    - Extra character classes – love to see a necromancer class, ranger, rogue and geomancer as playable characters – although this would require several new card types also

    - Hybrid classes – paladin (healer/fighter)/red mage (fighter/mage). i.e. a type that can slect from 2 of the 3 current card pools

    - Reverse role mode (swap sides) on SP maps – play as the orcs/goblins etc. A reverse mode would also be funny on MP (where you control your opponents’ party instead of yours). (as posted by previously scarponi)

    - SP modules sandbox creator/level editor – campaign map modules, but able to edit HP and number of enemies, enemy level, enemy card level, number of VP’s, spawn points etc upon opening/starting a campaign module from the SP interface – effectively to allow to adjust difficulty of SP modules to enhance replay

    - In terms of cards I would love to see a resurrect card for priests (so team member could be revived once at low level HP (and placed on a random square) and a hide/invisible card (similar to nimbus but for elves/wizards or rogues!!)

    - Opponent rematch option for PvP – to enable an instant rematch if agreed to for close loses?

    - Record/replay option for battles

    - Ability to replay exhausted/completed solo quest challenges in SP (as per Martin K)

    - Daily challenges – to encourage player to log in daily and get a bonus for completing a set challenge (complete a set module, kill a certain thing, use a certain item, buy a certain thing etc)

    - Option to play SP modules versus Mom, Melvin, Karen, Cardotron – ie better AI cards. Would need each SP module programing a base sets of cards for each AI type

    - More balanced chest rewards for completion of campaign quests – esp 1HP challenges

    - Additional daily loot quest – clue driven

    - Move/time limited quests – a map must be completed in a set number of turns or one losses

    - Extra SP challenge quests per module (all monsters have double HP, Hidden monsters, no token challenge, low level equipment challenge, surprise reinforcements/enemies, part limited to 1 or 2 characters only) (see Maritn K’s post on this also)

    - A solo character challenge for SP or limited character challenge

    - A nudie campaign run option mode for SP

    - A peasant equipment campaign mode for SP (complete campaign using only common/uncommon level equip)

    - A blind/torch mode where most of the map is hidden and you carry a torch which uncovers only a set number of squares around you, so you have to beat a module with restricted map vision. Monsters would likely need to be randomized

    - Achievements/Awards system – perhaps with chests/loot as rewards for passing certain events (campaign completed, all quests completed, found the loot fairy, found the bandit, beaten the treasure hunts, all treasure’s hunted, all loot collected etc) As another way to make a player want to play the game to achieve these awards

    - An option to play a randomized SP dungeon quest/mini quick campaign– over a set number of quests/modules try to get your party to beat a mini campaign. Use your current party to take on a random quest say between 5-10 modules that would be randomly drawn from the current campaign ones (maps or modules could be extended by player submissions). This could be extended to also randomizing enemies per module also. May need a limit to party level to make it fair(Sir Veza has previously posted on this)

    - A endless SP dungeon mode, that increases steadily in difficulty – party begins at level 1 and slowly rises up through the levels– ends only on death or resignation. On death all loot found added to your inventory. This could be worked so the level of the dungeon would be relative to your party level so your favorite party could be used (see Vakaz post on this also)

    - A SP defend the base mode/ survival/arena mode - Party starts in a fixed location and mist hold VP squares until death – how long can one survive. This could be made infinite or a fixed number of waves to be survived. Enemy level and number to increase each wave, maybe boss types at certain points

    - Booby trap tiles in campaign mode or interactive tiles that can hurt hinder the party

    - Healing tiles,trap tiles, bonus tiles added to MP maps

    - Cage match/fight to the death, no victory squares maps – MP or SP

    - The handicap league/ridiculous tournament – MP mode fight with the hand provided by your opponent (as per a post by Vakaz)

    - Blacksmith – item creation? – nice idea but cant see how it would be implemented as card design affects the complete game dynamics, best to leave this up to the devs really

    - Trading?? I like the idea as it so difficult to get all items, and we all want 100% right? But not sure if opening up trading is the answer here

    These are my complete hopes at the moment – I’m sure Ettsc will answer some of these but leave others unfulfilled. But I’m certainly looking forward to it – and further additions even after that

    Personally if all this needed pizza costs to be revised or increased, overall purchase costs marginally increased to get more devs/time, module or options needing to be purchased via pizza or even adverts added or kickstarter funding I would be all for this as I think the game is great and deserves support.
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