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    So I wanted a team with each race and read a lot of post in the forum and came with this :

    Level 1 Human Priest
    here come the buffing priest. Pretty standard. The main change I did were the command (I so much wanted to make jump soldier a thing but sprint team is just so good with double warrior) and swaping aegis of defender for axe of the dark soul for moar buff ( and sadly less damage on my priest).

    Level 18 Elf Warrior
    So you get it its my bejeweled elf in action. I did swaped a bejeweled for a nova axe because i don't really have a lot of purge in my deck and i want purge. Shield is just here to maximize elven maneuvers.

    Level 22 Dwarf Warrior
    The slow and agile dwarf vibrant pain offer so much to my warrior dwarf its incredible. jaguar shield instead of parrying buckler because i don't see anymore triple warrior comp and its so good versus mage, and by the way quick run is incredible.
    So for how to play the deck :

    So for the strat of this team.

    BE PATIENT, especialy versus mage don't ever ever over extend be ready to be telekinesis twice at least don't hesitate to camp VP.

    Versus triple warrior: pray they don't draw parry of abuse your mobility and try to get garanted hit from the back only Placement is key in this match-up.

    versus 1-1-1 : dwarf on vp priest somewhat near him while the elf is taking care of that pesky mage. if the warrior come to you just follow it with your dwarf.

    versus double dwarf wiz : Again be patient and they will have stoutness and some kind of parry just be ready for it. Always have a movment card ready and check los always try to get them when they discard they move card to savage curse.

    If you have any question or suggestion i'll be happy to discuss.
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