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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Fry_The_Guy, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. UiA

    UiA Ogre

    todays DD is :

    Fulg's Cleansing Pot
    The sacred chamber pot of Fulg, the anti-geomancer

    Basher's Delight
    Advanced Levitation
    Lt. Morrison's Helmet

    basher's delight as the name implies is one of the premier bashing weapon in game, I've found it useful for troll tyrant in particular

    advanced levitation gives some good aoe at the cost of those precious wizard traits

    Lt morrison is an odd duck, dodge and barge are good cards, reliable hide not so much... a strange combo here and potentially useful, but not great
  2. kogi

    kogi Ogre

  3. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    Yes, it's very good for (minortoken)(minortoken), and became much better after the rebalance, since encumbrance got weakened, and the risk of damaging yourself with Blind Rage is reduced.
    Still, I doubt about paying 2500 gold for it... Raxcotl's Hammer offers roughly the same damage level, Rageblood Dagger offers mobility, Bolg's Big Iron Plate adds two good blocks, and Eixocl's Hammer provides moves, bashes, Dodge and Blind Rage for a price of lowered damage.

    Troll's Ire has good tech too, but it has absolutely no mobility. What is your best weapon configuration for the Troll's Ire?
  4. UiA

    UiA Ogre

    ector provided some good examples of the most common competition for those 2 blue tokens, and don't forget to add Infused Greatclub to the mix. The armor removal is nice though, and it can be a handy way to get some blind rage on non-dwarf warriors, if I was using on dwarf I'd prob replace a 2x blind rage racial skill out (there is such a thing as having too much Blind Rage though the deck cycling is tempting you're boned if can't unload those attacks and worse, the opp now knows what you're holding ) Or for fun could go the opposite route and try a slimmed-down cycle deck with as many traits and blind rage as possible.

    One thing I dislike about it is no synergy with Crushing, and the 8 dmg cards are fairly easily found through lower token options like Maquah Of Ancient Blood or The Strongarm

    overall a good item with decent versatility, I'd prob buy one if I had plenty of gold to spend
  5. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    I am worried mostly about mobility here. Traditionally, the primary weapons had a lot of step attacks, and the secondary could add some tech without movement. Now NS got nerfed, so the primary weapons are going to have little movement, and if you still want to move, you have to take the secondary weapons with step attacks (like Rageblood Dagger or Eixocl's Hammer). If you know a decent weapon configuration with Troll's Ire, please let me know. Two Bejeweled Shordswords?
  6. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    i ran an elf with troll's ire, 2x vibrant pain and elvish mobility with satisifying results for chess madness. That was pre-patch, though.

    I had my eyes on pacifist trickery for a while, i wanted it for my disabling wiz who got a good portion of utility (telekinesis, illusionary barrier) instead of attacks. I already played a few games and the cowardly seems manageable. Hes able to carry out the trickery under protection of his own parries or cause fumble.
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  7. UiA

    UiA Ogre

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  8. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    I've waited so long for this helmet... now noone can stand in my way. Coz barge.
  9. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    Only too late if you've refreshed! I still have it in my shop and I'm considering it... probably won't go for it since I'm still holding out for Strongarm and Raging Battler and a few others though.
  10. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Troll's Ire is great! If you enjoy playing campaign with warriors, it's invaluable from levels 7-12 for killing things with armor that don't want to be killed.
    I always pack it on my Human/Elf warrior. In MP, it competes with Petochl's Sword/Sundersong but it still earns a slot in my league builds.
  11. Ector

    Ector Hydra

  12. Vakaz

    Vakaz Guild Leader

    Hmm... very tempted by Nasrum's Moccasins. Don't think I'd use them outside of SP though...
  13. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    Guys, the Moccasins are really good. They are the ONLY chance to add Enchanted Harness to a priest or wizard, who cannot wear helmets. I have them and used them in SP a lot.
    As for the MP, I'd say the Moccasins are hard to use just because you direly need Team Run, and there are almost no divine armors and robes worth enchanting. This may change (and is very likely to change) with the new items, so I'd buy the Moccasins if I wouldn't have them already.
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  14. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Og's Boots of Peril has one set for a (minortoken), so only half the chance of showing up. I used them occasionally because I didn't have Nasrum's Moccasins (majortoken) until today. :)
  15. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    Oh, thanks for clarifying, Sir Veza!
  16. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    what what whaat?
  17. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    I've tried to say that new good divine armors and robes are likely to appear in the future.
  18. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    pure speculation?
  19. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    Sure :) I'd call it hope though :)
  20. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    Today's Deal is:

    General Gideon's Helm
    Advanced Battlefield Training got better, and this helm can potentially enable very powerful combos, but I'm still not ready to spend a yellow token on it.

    Bahoxl's Maul - too unfocused to my taste.
    Draining Dagger - one of the best vampire weapons in the game, which became much better after the rebalance (Mind Worm's range was doubled). For some mysterious reason, I don't have a single Vampire's Blade yet...
    Voltstaff - a nice electro staff for SP, if you don't have Dianon's Staff.

    Update: Just got my 1st Vampire Blade in Wizard's Workshop :)
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