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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Fry_The_Guy, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. rowspower

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  2. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Basically... nothing. Cleansing Hide Armor is a sub for that Cuirass, Atlatl of Zuma is an OK divine weapon, Solid Iron is meh, and Wlakwa's are ... Wlakwa''s.
  3. Lord Feleran

    Lord Feleran Guild Leader

    What do you mean nothing? That cuirass is definitely better than Cleansing Hide Armor! :p
    Month ago I would have been crazy NOT to buy it but now.......
  4. Kalin

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  5. UiA

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  6. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    So... what do you think about the Knife Of St. Blenko, guys? Inspiring Presense is great, but not that rare, and the attacks are mostly for a vampire priest, not the wizard-supporting priest which would get the most from Inspiring Presence. Or maybe it was designed for a team of vampire priests? Everyone gets an attack card and plays them as a cantrip?

    Also wondering about the Axamander's Ringmail. I've got two Untouchable Plates, but there are situations where Misguided Heal can be better than Holy Armor - Inspiring Presence is a good example :)
  7. Drakkan

    Drakkan Ogre

    So Daily Deal offer is same for all users? I didnt know that.. ?
    As much as I know, Randimar's isnt ..?
  8. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

  9. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Axamander's is good, if you're not doing Firestorm. Otherwise just take either Untouchable Plate/Old Saint's Armor. Healing Pulse FTW.

    As for the Knife Of St. Blenko, the game presented me with an opportunity to buy 2 in under a week. I declined.
    Why? The most attack-heavy decks are wizards, especially Firestorm wizards, which I completely lack Arcane items for. (it also would have cost me all my gold)

    FWIW, back in the day when Inspiring Presence was just "Every char draws a card and heals 3" I still wouldn't take any item with IP on it. Why? Because the cost was too high. Plus, the other cards on the item were generally bad. Even Skull Of Savage Iljin is only viable in certain builds.
  10. boro

    boro Goblin Champion

  11. UiA

    UiA Ogre

  12. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    It's too late to buy the Knife anyway. But the new items are better! Looks like Randimar (or whoever runs the Daily store) wants to make me a birthday gift :)

    Gauixl's Sacred Maquah - A great sundering weapon for a priest. You aren't going to have more Sundering Strikes, and the rest cards are pretty good. Unfortunately, Healing Hand Mace looks better though... but if you need to wrack their armor, the Maquah is invaluable. And I believe that a priest supporting two wizards may need to wrack armor, if you want to reduce the number of armor-dissolving spells.
    Oxha's Sparkspreader - a must have IMHO. Very good mass electrical spells, easily buffed by Spark Generator (also present here BTW), and, of course, Savage Curse. 8 penetrating and hard to block damage to 2 targets? 9 hard to block damage to 3 targets??? Sign me in!
    Riptide - a decent weapon, especially with Crusher. There are 4 crushing attacks, all very good.
    St. Amarack's Cudgel - also a decent tokenless weapon. How many tokenless weapons with MF do you know? :)
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  13. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    -Gauixl's Sacred Maquah - Why does the Daily Deal torment me with items I've already had in my Randimar's the last two weeks?
    I'm still not going to buy it. Curses.
    -Oxha's Sparkspreader- I was on the fence, but after hearing Ector talk passionately about it, for 500G I'm sold.
    -Funny that Riptide has 4 crushing attacks, when you would think it would have Massive Chops and such.
    -St. Alipp's Hammer- I know two. The Cudgel is a poor purchase IMO like any other level 6 and under epic.
    Not to say I didn't use my Cudgel extensively for kobold farming at one point.
  14. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    Happy birthday, Ector. Grabbed the Sparkspreader. Would prefer to use Unholy Wellspring instead of SC, but with tokenless Novice Electromancy and perhaps an Arcane Aura or two, you could be dishing out 10+ damage across multiple targets that would be close to impossible to block.
  15. hatchhermit

    hatchhermit Hydra

    Happy Birthday!

    I'd love to buy the sparkspreaker but still saving up for Heartripper! :D
  16. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Well the Sparkspreader proved pretty mediocre in Death March, the one map I thought it would be good in.
    Maybe I need more Savage Curse?
  17. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    I am buying it, and will buy the second one too when I see it. A supporting priest with 6 Sundering Strikes really allows the wizards to concentrate on their primary tasks (like killing people from a distance). Plus I hope it to work for a vampire priest team, since armor totally fixes them.

    It will be my second Sparkspreader, so my electromage is on the way! BTW it's the only staff with all 6 mass electrical attacks in the game, so it really deserves to be Legendary.
    It is intelligent weapon, so it strikes with various tricks. Massive Chops aren't intelligent enough :)
    I would buy it just for the low-level farming if not the MF. My wizards don't need it. Should it have any attack instead, and I'd buy it. Blessed Club works better for my party.
    How many did you play? I have 5 from Skull Of The Savage Iljin and Darkblood Glaive, and that should be enough.

    Thanks for the congratulations, guys! Let's hope that Randimar will bring me some gifts tomorrow too :)
  18. UiA

    UiA Ogre

    That's why its interesting reading these threads and getting different ppl's perspectives. Sparkspreader for example I think is pretty terrible but ector loves it. For sparking multi-hits I just go linear with deadly or potent spark. I really want to like the spreader but its such low dmg and requires a lot of setup for effectiveness, however I haven't tried in SP so maybe it shines there against some low hp mobs.

  19. kogi

    kogi Ogre

    Low mobs like goblins carry a lot of weak blocks and missile blocks
  20. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    I've tried double Sparkspreader vs. goblins, and they worked fine. Yes, they have a lot of blocks, but not as much as number of targets I generate :) Would you prefer these blocks to block your Firestorms? My team of electro wizard and fire wizard worked just fine.

    Actually, you aren't likely to hit many characters with linear spells in MP, except for the special maps with narrow passages. Plus, both linear sparks have range 6, while both multi-sparks have 8, and linear sparks aren't penetrating. Potent Sparks are very rare (maximum 2 per staff, usually mixed with non-electrical cards). This effectively leaves you just two good staves: Deadly, Deadly Staff and Dianon's Staff, but two Deadly-Deadly will eat all your yellow tokens, and I'd like to add Robes Of White Wylla too :)

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