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    Castle Mitternacht Testing
    Deck 1

    Level 1 Elf Priest

    Level 21 Elf Priest

    Level 1 Dwarf Warrior
    2 Vampires, 1 Dancer

    Battle 1: stupid531
    Triple Elf Wiz
    I'm just chasing them around with my dwarf/elf, managing to kiss one (but not kill) and suddenly one wizard
    used pathfinding and one shotted both of my elf vampires, soon my dwarf was two shotted by another wizard.

    Battle 2: Rohndil

    1 Human Wizard, 1 Human Warrior, 1 Human Priest
    At the start I took control of vp and easily drained down his wizard with talented healer. The battle turned into
    a battle for the vp, me 1 score away from winning and him 4. Enchanted Harness + Sacred Shroud helped keep me
    alive. At some point he used walpurgis, which gave me a doom, but he got rid of it. It was a long stalemate of
    exchanged draining and healing, the battle ended when his walpurgis night(a 2nd one) gave me ethereal form, which
    led me to draw the grudge card, one-shotting one of his guys. Lasted 15 rounds.

    Deck 2
    1 Elf Priest, 1 Elf Warrior, 1 Human Priest
    Forgot the exact deck D;
    Elf Priest had daylights, Human had Spark of Undeath, and Elf was basically final swords.

    Battle 1: stupid531
    Triple Elf Wiz
    Quick battle, I just rushed him having good movement and attacks as well as prowl. None of my characters died.

    Battle 2: stupid531
    Triple Elf Wiz
    Easily dispatched one with vengeance aoa, zombified another, which killed my Elf Warrior. I killed the zombified
    elf, he grudged my priest to death, and I just took vp, which resulted in my win.

    Battle 3: Rohndil
    Same build as before.
    More quick than the last battle between us, I killed his wiz with vanguard to chase down, killed priest with my warrior
    and then just took vp.

    My overall opinion on the form cards are that they basically ignore what your build is for the
    duration that it's applied, hence walpurgis/vampire kiss/undeath just disabling whatever
    my opponent had in mind. We're playing my game, not yours!

    Sacred Shroud is 3+ 2 armor, 2 heal to everyone, essentially making it 4 armor at 3+, while
    only being silver, on par with grounding plates, and also providing healing.
    Look at my enchanted harness and sacred shroud!

    Are recorded matches okay?
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    Are you asking if I'd like video of the test games? Sure!
  3. Flaxative

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    Thank you for all your help with the Castle Mitternacht playtest.

    Unless you posted more in another thread (in which case, sorry I missed it), I have you at 5 games.

    You will receive 1 Epic Mitternacht chest when this content is released.

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