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  1. Although the "Passing the Baton"-thread is currently more or less the thread to go when it comes to user-suggestions, I wanted to go the official way here.
    I'm still actively playing Card Hunter, but because other flash-based games let me down in the last weeks/months, I was checking other accounts I made at some point in time. In this way, I got back into the risk-like WarZone game (in case it might interest someone, it's ). But I don't want to promote the game here, but things they do with their chat that might improve this game, too. Essentially, it's two things:
    1. If anyone posts or comments to their forum (or creates tournaments, the closest equivalent in Card Hunter would be custom multiplayer games that are open to join), the in-game chat shows this activity in form of a chat message. So for example this exact post would show something like:
      PhoenixTheHunter: Created Thread "Improvements to the chat"
      together with a link of some form for users to quickly access the mentioned thread (they use a "View"-button). As far as I can tell, some sub-forum(s) are excluded here, so that off-topic posts and comments doesn't show up. It would definitely be possible to take this even a step further (include other resources, like the wiki, but that's a bad example as the wiki doesn't show much activity in general, but you probably get the point here) but including the forum's activity in-game could benefit the game from my point of view.
    2. From time to time, WarZone creates raffles in their chat. Whoever joins the raffle by chatting a specific message (they were very creative and chose "!raffle") within 60 seconds after the raffle was announced by the system, is able to win some of their (premium-)currency and from time to time some powers (don't know whether we could find some equivalent of that in Card Hunter, giving away character skins for free might be a bit too much). Common knowledge by the community is that the raffles happen randomly every 10-120 minutes. The only problem Card Hunter has here is, that the current flash-based client tightly integrates the chat, whereas in WarZone you can open the chat in a second browser window. With the current situation that you can EITHER see the game-log OR the global chat, everyone actively playing some game would be handicapped.
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    +1, also timestamps (& mod/admin pinned messages)
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    I really like the first suggestion!

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