Suggestion: Why target Bless? These 3 are WAY worse.

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    You ALWAYS create your racial card, so, you'll always have 1 card. You just don't draw any of the others.

    Another option for nerfing AT could be just to make it Amethyst. We've already done that with Festering Guts, so, there is a precedence. AT is either inconsistent or OP at all times, and the rating should better reflect that.
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  2. Kalin

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    Oh yeah, I meant to reply to this. If the game tries to draw from a deck and both the deck and discard are empty, it gives an error in the logs and continues on with the next action. My scenario for examining monster decks will sometimes try to draw 600 cards from a 30 card deck.
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    I think you, @gurjanigurjani , and @Pyrious have something in common.
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    Some notes and corrections:

    Priests have four cleansing cards, all Unblockable. Cleansing Ray, Cleansing Presence, Cleansing Burst, and Daylight which boasts an affecting field of 121 line-of-sight-ish terrain attachments.

    Quick Draw players have used the copy/original interactions for years. Detach the copy to keep the original out of the deck; detach the original to let it draw again.

    Also thanks to first hand experience in QD, I can say that if you have at least 1 character with a draw pile with only Trait(s) available, then every round, you hit your draw limit, and eventually your party loses. Lol. $X^ D

    Yes, Accelerate Time can kill a Doomed character early. This combo takes 1 Gold quality card at range 4, 1 Emerald quality card at range 5, and some 3 rounds of a character keeping the original attachment (despite 3 basic removal methods, 2 being easily achieved) with full knowledge that the character is already set to not last the 4th round, meaning it's rare an opponent will even allow it to remain through (and even unto) its 3rd round. AT+Doom is not easy—and it's worth it. If you AT+Doom me, you have my horror, and you have my applause.

    Martyr Blessing. Fey Silversmith. Impenetrable Nimbus. Unholy Wellspring. Mass Frenzy. Acid Terrain (by itself, plus especially for Hex of Dissolution). Illusory Terrain. Stone Spikes. Talented Healer. Lycanthropic Form. Hypnotic Beacon. The list goes on and on. I don't like your cards. Lemme play one single Unblockable, non-line-of-sight, non-Mandatory-timing-forced-on-me Daylight+Walpurgis Night every time you've spent two rounds building up your arsenal. Wait, yep, lemme hold onto my other 3–11 copies for to play after your next 2 rounds you rebuild your arsenal and approach me. Mmhm, lemme collect and drink your salty tears with just the right hint of ragequit into/from my new Count Yurik's Goblet the MP chest just gave me.

    That's how ticking down durations would ramp AT into being actually overpowered. You'd best believe it would wind up in decks which prefer killing attachments to keeping them. Tick down Handicaps to gain more power out of items—not pick the best Boosts and Assists and then wastefully wash them all away. Oh yes, and now I get to Doom you and kill you in the same round. Me likey. Mikey. $;^ }

    No. $:^ | You get to keep your character attachments. Also, I have to be wary of your Unholy Energy, Accelerated Thought, Blessed Terrain, various Beacons, etc. etc.

    Some effects are not symmetrical. Bad Luck and Unlucky hurt any die roll. Helping dice is much, much more limited.
    Artificially increasing Durations is one thing; artificially lowering them is much, much different.
    I hope this helps.
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  5. battlezoby

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    I think variety is important.
    Neither Rocket or Accelerate or Grudge are used that often.
    And certainly not frequently used successfully. So they're big problems.

    Marty's Blessing and Bless are constantly seen, and really hurt my enjoyment of the game...
    But I'm not sure if they can removed or seriously nerfed because I'm not sure Priest would
    remain viable enough with out them.

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