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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Paprika2215, Feb 15, 2015.

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    Hail, adventurers from far and wide!

    Have I got a suggestion for you. I have recently stumbled upon another online CCG (and yes, I like it a lot, but no, I won't quit my Card Hunter journey), and it not only has a downloadable client straight after launch, it had viewable in-game profiles.

    Profile page
    This gave me an idea: I think it'd be a heck of an addition to this game if we had an in-game profile as well -- a profile that shows our currently active party, its deck, and even a list of adventures we've completed. It could also show a list of achievements, a seperate subject which I'll go over in a bit. Anyway, these in-game profile pages would differ from the ones we have here on these forums, but they (our in-game profile) would have a button linking to them (our forum profile). I also believe they should be accessible by anyone by clicking on a player name and then on the "Profile" button in the little pop-up menu, and that they can be accessed via the campaign screen and MP screen.

    Guild badge
    Additionally, such a profile page could also show a symbol (coat of arms) representing a guild, if that particular player is in one. The guilds could design these coats of arms themselves, or even organize a special event asking its members to design it and rewarding the winner with a small amount of pizza. Plus, guids only help make the Card Huntet community a tighter, welcoming one, and it certainly couldn't hurt. I'd imagine that showing off your guild in-game just sparks that competitive spirit, no?

    Blue Manchu could implement a list of achievements, like how many monsters you've bashed into the ground, which adventures you've completed, how many wins/losses you have at MP, how many items are currently in your collection, what types of items you've obtained, etc. Not all of them need to be kill-as-many-monsters-as-you-possibly-can related, right?

    Lemme know what you think, all right? :cool:
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    online character & gear profile

    Not meant to undermine your suggestion, but it's far easier to keep track of stuff and to discuss things if similar topics are kept under the same umbrella.
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    Yes, I did indeed read that topic, but I found it to be not nearly specific enough. I'm being thorough and detailed about this,. Besides, the title of that topic didn't have the [Suggestion] thing in it, nor did it contain a single capital letter. Written texts, even forum topics, ought to be well-presented. That's just my personal opinion, at any rate. I do admit I'm something of a perfectionist, especially in languages, spelling, and grammar. :rolleyes:

    I will give this other topic at least a little credit, though. It did provide a good reason for why this could be advantageous to have it implemented into the game. That's exactly my point -- or rather, one of them. With the more advanced in-game chat (it being available in both the campaign and multiplayer), people could ask for help in-game, by telling others who offer to help to check their current party, equipment, and cards/items. This way of seeking aid with a certain advanture would be much more efficient than visiting these forums and needing to wait until someone replies... not that the forums should be rendered unnessecary, as they could still be used for other game-related purposes.

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