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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by slowreflex, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. slowreflex

    slowreflex Goblin Champion

    My inventory is a mass amount of items and I've only been playing two months. A lof of those items I don't think I'll ever play with, but I like having around "just in case". What I'd like to be able to do is be able to have a filter that would only show items that I've "liked", or similar solution.
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  2. DupleX

    DupleX Champion of Cardhuntria

    My solution to this is to never sell items that I use frequently, that way when I click the elf skill slot it is easy to find cautious mobility because there are 20 of them.
  3. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Different players, different slutions. I keep a set of everything, so I often use the search feature for the name of the item or card I'm looking for. A partial name, like "vol" for volcano can work.
    Others sell off everything they don'r see a use for, and keep a very lean inventory.
    Bookmarking might work very well for some, but I doubt I'd use it.
  4. SlowComputer

    SlowComputer Kobold

    Bookmarks would be nice, allowing a personal short-list.
    Other way to pop-up our "likes" could be a 5 stars rating system, and an option to "sort by popularity"... (now I'm wishing too many) :s
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  5. The search is there if you know what you want, and if it's a favorite you probably do. For that reason, it would probably be more interesting to mark an item as less interesting and not intended to be used unless searched for by name -- this sort of filter might help let you see what items you haven't considered yet, and can try out or mark as NOPE.
  6. slowreflex

    slowreflex Goblin Champion

    Doesn't quite work for legendaries...

    Are you talking about you rating it? Or the community rating it? The community ratings could be cool, especially when deciding what to buy.

    Fine with that too. Any way to filter out the junk. Some items are even the same apart from the names!

    Honestly, there are LOTS of ways to do this. Most used. Most wins with. Recently used. Etc. And the item doesn't even have to disappear, but if it was greyed out or something that would be nice.

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