[Sugestion] Buff Uncanny Dodge

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Soltis, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Soltis

    Soltis Goblin Champion

    As Uncanny Dodge stands it almost feels like a negative trait because you can not control the effect. At best you lose positioning and at worst you lose positioning and are teleported through a wall. All at the cost of a gold power token.

    It lacks what made cards like dodge powerful, that being the ability to control where or even if you moved (occasionally allowing you to duck behind cover) and it also lacks what made jump back tolerable which was the ability to play the card to either preemptively negate it's effect or to move back to your initial position.

    Unlike either dodge or Jump back, Uncanny Dodge can not simply be played to negate it's effect and since it is a forced effect it gives your opponent an advantage in that they can control your characters positioning for as long as you hold the card. Which means you are potentially at their mercy unless you can discard it. So your character is probably going to have to do nothing for a turn while your opponent can sit there blasting you all over the map with a mage.

    All that said it would at least be a much better card if it let you choose to move within any two spaces behind your character or even not to move at all. So like 50% of the range of sparkling cloth, plus teleport. Alternatively give it the full range of sparkle armor but change the keep to only keep if you move backwards. Which would let you get at least one good backstab out of the card without making it a perma backstab nightmare machine.

    The alternative alternative would be to leave it how it is but dual purpose it with a 2 movement teleport so you could at the very least play it to get back to your previous location should it have inadvertently cost you your positioning and potentially have thrown you through a wall.

    Just something to negate the fact that it gives your opponent far too much control over your characters position on the field.
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  2. SirSrsly

    SirSrsly Lizardman Priest

    Uncanny Dodge seems like explicitly an Elf Wizard skills. There are too many drawbacks for the other classes to use it.
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  3. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Jump Back is only "tolerable" and not "awesome" if you don't build for it. Build for it? Awesome. Shove it into your deck for no particular purpose? Tolerable maybe, I guess because at least it's another Move card. I'm with SirSrsly that merely reading this card, for players' purposes, screams We Want to Show Elf Wizards Some Love, Too! $:^ ]

    I have not gotten to play with Uncanny Dodge yet, but I have played against it in AI and Hard Mode. Yeah, using it against the enemy was certainly a hilarious thing to do. I can see why UD is a purple quality card for its 100% and Keep purposes -- except that, agreed, it's weird that it has no way to undo UD's Slide Back 2, Teleport. If there's any concern that making it Boost|Move hybrid would be OP, just recall that (currently at least) you can't pack it with Elven Maneuvers, (and Pathfinding it would be an extreme task,) and there'd only be one in the whole deck -- plus, really, it's purple, it should be more powerful than anything else like it (such as Pulverizing Hack and Festering Guts). The question must be asked, though, how much more difficult would the game become upon giving those swarms of job applicants Move 2, Teleport? $:^ J
  4. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    if anything, the thing to buff here would be proccing even on a non-targetable attack.
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  5. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Are you kidding? They would just play it out of hand as their first action every round and never dodge anything hehe. (The AI likes to play high quality cards before low quality cards; this is the same reason Death Elementals will almost always play Doom over Roulette when there's an enemy in sight.)

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