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    How do I beat spreading blight with human war, elf wiz and human priest?

    Any tips or suggestions would be great.

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    [Not giving you spoilers, so don't ask; try figuring out some things for yourself.]

    First and foremost, you're bringing an Elf Wizard into some really difficult fights not having any idea what you're supposed to do with her to keep her alive. Even a Lv21 Elf Wizard is a weak Elf Wizard in a Melee fight [and even against these Silver Crossbowmen, honestly], so, firstly, I'd switch that Elf Wizard out for another character type before you ever try Spreading Blight, again; you can't just bring an Elf Wizard willy-nilly into this expansion expecting her to just dodge everything just because she has movement; you either know how to keep her alive or she just dies. Period.

    Battle 1, "The Dark Road":
    1. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KO EVERYONE TO WIN. Just 5 of the 8. The VP can help drop that number even more if you keep ahold of it.
    2. It is IMPERATIVE that you DO NOT bring ANY Items that have Creature Of The Night into this one. It'll get you absolutely obliterated with all the Inquisitor's Strikes and Inquisitor's Bolts that the enemies have. Yes, that also means to avoid bringing Forms, since they can CREATE Creature Of The Night [even Lycanthropic Form's Monstrous Hide won't Trigger against Silver].
    3. Don't go overboard with attachments; bring less than you normally would to a 1P fight. The fewer, the better. The Vigilantes will punish you with their Inquisitor's Strikes for any attachments you have on you at the time. 8 damage a hit becomes 14 damage a hit with 3 attachments on you, and that adds up REAL quick.
    4. Avoid bringing your own Silver attacks. All enemies will occasionally draw an Inquisitor's Badge, and that completely nullifies a single Silver attack; wasted damage if that happens.
    5. Remember that the Silver Crossbowmen will occasionally draw Uncanny Dodge. If you keep in mind how that card works, you can still give them plenty of pain even with Dwarf Warriors.
    6. Remember that the Silver Crossbowmens' Silver Bolts DO NOT Penetrate. This means that Armor isn't useless against them like with other archers.
    7. Remember that Lucky Block is a thing. It's only 50/50 to Trigger, but, once the Vigilantes draw it, they're keeping ahold of it until either you make them discard it or until you Trigger it, so, keep it in mind.

    Battle 2, "Reinforcements"
    1. Once again, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KO EVERYONE TO WIN. The Inquisitor is worth TWO VP's, meaning you can EITHER KO the Inquisitor and 4 others, or any 6 of the other 7.
    2. Once again, NO Creature Of The Night. You REALLY don't wanna bring Forms into THIS fight; The Inquisitor will occasionally draw Daylight.
    3. Once again, bring less attachments than you normally would to a 1P fight. The Inquisitor will occasionally draw Disenchant, anyway, so, if you know how to fight [especially Melee fight, since, Melee cards do more damage, on average] WITHOUT attachments, it'll help you greatly, here.
    4. Once again, avoid bringing your own Silver attacks. The Inquisitor can draw Inquisitor's Badge, too.
    5. DO NOT get tunnel vision [focusing so hard on her that you forget about all the other enemies] going after the Inquisitor; if the Vigilantes don't punish you for that, the Silver Crossbowmen will.
    6. This will be a marathon, not a sprint. The Inquisitor has Daylights, Boosted Heals AND Healing Rays. Healing WILL take place, and sometimes, there'll nothing you'll be able to do to stop it. ONLY the Inquisitor can Heal, though, so, if you can get her out of the picture, all healing will cease.
    7. Once again, Silver Crossbowmen will occasionally draw Uncanny Dodge. You know how it works? You know what to do to break it, then.
    8. Remember that the Inquisitor has Inspiring Armor. You do NOT want that Triggering a draw for the Silver Crossbowmen, especially.
    9. Once again, Silver Bolt doesn't Penetrate.
    10. Once again, Vigilantes still have Lucky Block. The Inquisitor doesn't Block. She has Armor, but, she doesn't Block.

    Battle 3, "Svitlana's Camp"
    1. I can't stress this enough: POSITIONING IS EVERYTHING IN THIS FIGHT. Their Racial Move is Mighty Charge, and you DON'T wanna take 18 unblockable damage just because you didn't pay attention.
    2. Bring strong Armor [At least Armor 3]. Your Blocks aren't as safe as usual in this fight; They have War Cry AND Unnerving Strikes.
    3. They're NOT in a group, and they means they can attack all they want. This is especially important as they will occasionally draw All Out Attack.

    Good luck.
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    But if I were to use elf war would it be difficult

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