Space Mutants' Rage

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  1. STORY: The Mutants escaped the Lab and want to kill the spaceship workers! On a rage the workers trap a warrior on the room and protect the help computer.

    Any tips to make it better help

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    Here are some of my thoughts about your scenario. I also attached a screenshot of your scenario to help with the discussion.

    • The map is huge, I had to stitch the map together from four screenshots. I'd like to see a redesigned and more condensed version of the map. There are many options to control the turn limit or time pressure besides making the map huge. For example making enemy-only VP squares.
    • Why the squares highlighted with red are impassable? This traps one of my characters and also makes the Muscular Zombie useless.
    • The squares marked with yellow are difficult terrain, but lack any visual cues about the difficulty. There are two difficult terrrain squares (marked with lighter yellow) that do have some trash/rubble decorations to mark those as difficult.
    • Why the chefs are hostile and what do they do in the laboratory? Are they infected somehow? Same goes with the cyber priest, what's her story and motivation?
    • The narrow corridors with minimal line of sight are frustrating, when you're up against strong ranged enemies with Radioactive Pulse you can't really avoid. I'd like to see fewer bottlenecks, where you can play around the enemies in multiple way.
    • Tried this scenario two times, didn't manage to finish it. Not necessarily a bad thing, but this scenario definitely needs a certain build, you just can't use your regular multiplayer team.
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