Sorry if I forfeit on sight, sub-1400 players.

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Pyrious, Jan 29, 2017.

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    Yes, we're everywhere, like cockroaches directed by a stench demon. Still, I'm pretty sure forfeiting won't help you raise your winning streak? Good luck with trying it out though!
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    Liked solely for the Morvin reference!
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    LOVE THIS! Pure genious, and also, it's so true! So often have I found my self on the verge of beating my +1860 or so ranking record, and I hit the odd -1400 that defeats me and makes my ranking tumble down, I hate facing -1600! I'm not kidding.. but I don't think the guy who posted this: will ever understand... Surprised so many people are going into that post..

    For me it should have ended when Rinco posted this:

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    @Janet: As I told you in that thread, you were just over 1600 when I squeaked out a 6-5 luck win over you.
    The thread was aimed specifically at my reasoning for why I have to instaquit against all 1700+ players; I'm simply not good enough. Now, while I could've just simply posted a suggestion in a thread in the Feedback and Suggestions section at how matchmaking should be tuned to never pick an opponent more than 250 rank above or below you unless it's one of the 6 AI's, both you and I know that @Jon and @Flaxative would pay a grand total of zero attention to it. Why would they?

    So, knowing that what the decision I planned on making was gonna break rules, even though the fact that I get matched up with people more than 300 rank above me has been a less-than-rare occurrance, lately despite my having been hovering between 1300 and 1400 for the better part of the last 2 months, I decided to apologize, instead. Of course not everyone is going to agree with my decision; you have that right not to, but, as I said in my thread, I get to make the equally logical argument as to why I'm being matched with people who are CLEARLY above my metaphorical league in every way, when I'm supposed to be matched against someone of my relative skill level.

    You--and @Pyrious, for that matter--also failed to mention the part where I don't ever play Leagues. I ONLY play Ranked, so, while this might be a non-issue for you, and for many others in that regard, it's still an issue to many other, as the thread, itself will show, so, it's not automatically as BS as you might think.

    @Pyrious: On the off chance that you might actually be serious, and not just poking fun at me [99.999% sure it's the latter, but, still...], I'm gonna answer your post in both possible directions.

    If you're actually serious, I would suggest PMing @Jon about it, as he [and BM, in general] seems to listen to people like you--experts who are also somewhat active on these forums--more than he listens to anyone else. After all, you experts are the same groups of people that, more often than otherwise, have your ideas taken into much more consideration and thought by BM than anyone else's; Look at the history of people whose Aloyzo's Arsenal, Ranked MP maps and Mauve Manticore creations have been chosen.

    If you're NOT being serious, and you're just poking fun at me [as the font, the wording and the tone of your post, AND your liking of @Janet's post would VERY much suggest], well.....good for you.
    I know that it would be [extremely] unreasonable for me to expect EVERYBODY to understand my viewpoint on the matter. Got it. Understood. However, as I just said to @Janet, while you may see a non-issue; others--INCLUDING other 1500's and 1600's, as some of the likes and replies may show--do not, so, it's not a problem that doesn't exist.
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    Mickey, I've seen you beat a ton of players that were at some time in the +1700 bracket (almost no one always stays +1700). Of coure, you're not going to win all the time, but nobody does, but you're belittling yourself by saying you can't win. Proof? Your own history, I checked your first three pages, and in your last game you defeated, players who have often hit the +1700 mark including:
    George; Uhlik; Knark; FcxHiro; ZippoAtWork.

    So you can beat them, You won't beat them all the time, but you win sometimes. If the game had more players, there would be less instances of players with greater ranking differences facing each other, but the game community is not that big, so I think you can easily accept having to face some tougher opponents every now and then.
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    Fixed link.
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    You did catch that this was a silly parody, didn't know you will notice, good job on that. A number of these points are the same as what you said in the other thread. Some apologies are used incorrectly. True apologies are simple: Would you repeat your action in the same scenario with the information you have now. If the answer is yes (you would repeat) then the apology isn't a real apology. If the answer is no (you wouldn't repeat) then the apology is a real apology. I grant that the word sorry can be used to empathize with others misfortunes but that isn't the same thing. There is a reason why there is a correlation between the rating a player has and the amount that player's submissions get added to the game. Hint skill leads to rating and balanced designs.
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    These "experts" as you call them, have their creations selected more because generally, they:
    1) Have knowledge of most of the cards and can hence use appropriate cards to bring out the flavour of their item for Aloyzo's Arsenal, and also understand the balance of the game so as not to create unbalanced items.
    2) Have understanding of what constitutes good, fun gameplay and hence create better Mauve Manticores.
    3) are up to date with the meta of the game and know what kind of ranked MP maps would be good for the game and not overly favour a certain race/class or item set.

    Of course, this is not always the case, and there have been a fair number of non-"experts" whose creations have been chosen.

    I think there are some half-truths in Pyrious' post, and I completely agree with Gnizla's. I would very much prefer to face 1600ers than 1400ers, because my rating would plummet if I lose against the 1400ers as compared to the 1600ers.
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    @Janet: I wouldn't have made that thread if it "happened every now and again". Just today I've fought a 1640 while my rank was at only 1335, though, it clearly doesn't seem to show in my history; I'm not in a guild, obviously [who in the world would want me?]. It's not an "every now and again" occurance for everyone who is at or around my rank, either. It's a problem that exists, and I guarantee that BM know that it exists, too. Assuming you're right and the massive MP player base is dwindling more than just a bit, and also assuming that BM knows this [how could they not know, if it's true?], the best possible solution WOULD be to re-tune the matchmaking process before the matchmaking process becomes top-heavy and gives the impression that CH is P2W.
    Again, though, we know what happens when any suggestion is made around here. -_-
    My match history also belies the fact that ratings are NEVER shown--the highest rating I've ever beaten was a 1625, and even then, any time that I've beaten someone who CURRENTLY a 1700 WASN'T, back then. Also, needless to say, there weren't as many cards back then that are utilized by 1700's; CM that was back when the Halloween maps were around [2016]. The difference between now and then is that more cards are available, which means new strategies are available that are hard to get ahold of for someone who can't always afford to buy Epic and Legendary Items from Shops 'cause chests cooperate even less now that more items are in the pool. More Items have also appeared that I'll likely never touch, because I can't always afford to buy Epic and Legendary Items from Shops 'cause chests cooperate even less now that more items are in the pool.

    @timeracers: You would have to explain to me what new information has been handed to me besides @ParodyKnaveBob's No-Treasure-from-Shop-Chests tidbit, 'cause I already have max usable of all Commons, including all CM Commons, as well, and burning valuable gold on chests, even if they're 50 gold per 3, is a bad investment, statistically speaking, BECAUSE I have max usable of all Commons in the item pool, which I'm supposed to get a bunch of, statistically speaking, in every Magnificent chest I open.
    If there WAS a reason--a legitimate, REAL, ACTUAL, positive end means--to fighting a battle I know for a fact I'm going to lose simply because I know for a fact my opponent has a skill level miles beyond mine, especially on maps as completely garbage as last months' [January] and this months' [February], I wouldn't even have made my original apology thread to start with.
    I don't learn anything from fighting a 1700. I can't. I don't have the items they have, nor the skill set. I can't see the point of my fighting them when it always ends in a slaughter.
  11. Kalin

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    Sounds like you need to take a break from the game, or at least ranked MP. Life's too short to waste your free time on stuff you don't enjoy.
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    You couldn't of said it any better, @Kalin ! Though I'd prefer to play MP matches over SP matches myself in CH, I find myself needing to take breaks too when it just feels so overwelming that it's like I just stop enjoying the game...this is why I go and play other games outside of CH because sometimes I want a different challenge or just need a distraction until I can get my mind back to coming back and rebuilding my decks in CH. I play ranked matches in a CCG called Shadowverse and even there I can get overwhelemed but going back to what @Kalin said above, take a break. Don't waste your little bit of free time on something your not enjoying!
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    What? I didn't talk about league chests in this thread, and did you even read my post in the other thread on it? and comprehend it?
    Regardless of rather you have legitimate reasons or not, the apology is false because you will repeat your actions. Did you even read (sure you may have skimmed it, because it seem you know I was a talking about apologies) the bold text in my last post?
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    Only you could have such an impression. Anyway, good luck with life.
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    How about we reset the elo of players every 2 or 3 months to a base elo of 1000? And at the end of the 3 months every top rated player, every best win streak or something gets something like a figure or a legendary crown with nice design. I guess that this will make elo less important and the gaming lobby more active.


    And sorry that I linked you here but I thought that posting this on forum was better than sending a PM.
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