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    Beat it on the second try, mainly by using my Elf wizard as a sacrifice whilst my Dwarf tank ambled up to the VP supported by my Cleric casting heals whenever possible.

    Spamming fire spells on the VP when the baddies all group there worked for me. I was amused to see a Fire Demon and his entourage taking Fire Damage!
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    Gili Longarm leant back in his chair and packed his pipe with fresh tobacco. His bones creaked like the boards of an old ship and the pain started to cut through the healing salves and poultices liberally applied over the cuts and bruises he’d most recently acquired. His gaze fell on the warhammer mounted over the hearth, his old make-piece, his final project as an Apprentice, which he had named ‘Boneshaker’. Many was the day during the Making he dreamed of crushing the skulls of his enemies, smiting them hip and thigh. His aching body told another tale, grounded in reality, of battles in Troglodyte caves, hack and slash, good steel turned by thick hides, shields splitting and running like water as demon acid sprayed, clockwork birds spitting fire…

    He smiled to himself, thinking of how he had stumbled and blundered through those first adventures, how he learned that sometimes standing still was better than moving forward, one well-aimed blow more effective than a flurry of poor attacks. Since he had banded together with like-minded adventurers, he had learned something of the tactical arts, how a Wizard could set half a room alight and a Cleric could pour berserk spirit into your very soul, making even a blunt sword a deadly weapon.

    His pipe smouldered alight and he looked down to see Re’ya Salka no’ Runya, the Elvish Wizard, ‘She Who Dances on the Tips of Flames’, grinning as her carnelian tipped fingers tapped out a rhythm that made the flames in the hearth dance like crimson cloaked dervishes. She was almost elemental in her lust for fire, all of her magic tuned to the primal force she loved to control.

    Kayte Whitehart sat in the corner in quiet contemplation, eyes closed, rapt in silent communion with the divine. Her faith could move the Companions to greater feats, striking as hammer onto anvil, finding reserves hidden deep within. Her touch could also be as refreshing as water from a cool clear brook, healing and soothing the trials of battle. Times uncounted, she had brought The Company back from the edge of the Dark Abyss.

    Gili looked over to the Armoury, where the last two Companions were working to maintain the arms and armour of the Company. Mili Foesplitter, his old friend, stood with Dorian Roncevaux, the latter towering over the old Dwarf. Dorian was thanking the smith for his work in engraving his plain dagger with his family motto; “non dicat gladius somnis in manu vestra”.

    The young Man had tears in his eyes as he looked at the dagger, saying gently,

    “If only I could phrase satisfactory words in conversation to make my passion heard…”

    Suddenly, a frenzied hammering on the door of Hammerhome Keep brought everyone to alertness.

    “There’s been a breakout at Shieldhaven Prison”, yelled a voice with more than an edge of hysteria, “help us, please!”

    Wearily, Gili Longarm rose and walked slowly to the Armoury as The Company once again prepared for battle.
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    Ruby Demon Portal was my bane all day yesterday. I attempted it many times and kept failing. I eventually went and did an even harder adventure and succeeded my first try and came back and blew through it once my wizards leveled up.
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    This thread is intended to be mean to the users who doesn't get beta access :(

    Still, I love some of your names :D
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    One of the best pieces of roleplaying I´ve seen in the forum so far !
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    Dang, skip_intro. Well said.

    I . . . uh . . . here's my team. Introducing: The Mumblers!

    Level 5 Human Warrior

    Level 5 Dwarf Wizard

    Level 5 Elf Priest

    Now, is anybody heading to the Multiplayer right now? Because I'd like to try out . . . my multiplayer-build-which-doesn't-look-anything-like-the-above.
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    You guys keep posting blank pages. Help a wiki out and contribute some info! :)
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    I will admit right now that I was inspired by and jealous of skip_intro's lovely write-up. And I'm still jealous, because I just couldn't be so poetically succinct.

    Sister Esperance felt restless, again, and threw on her shawl to take a walk outside, again, straining to shut the sagging oak door of her current house.

    "A gift of gratitude," the mayor had said with town council nodding behind him, "the Keep has been empty since the last Lord Startington passed and our new protectors should have it." Neither of Esperance's companions had thought to inquire about the attached incomes. "Well, as to that, we couldn't give you a real title and all, not being nobles ourselves. And it's not as if any soul can tell where the lands proper fall anymore," the mayor quibbled, just as if Esperance couldn't see the stone fences and field posts marching neatly across the hills. In fact, he had broadly hinted that the council would expect taxes paid in the near future!

    "Pompous mule," she muttered, stopping half-way through her habitual self-blessing when she realized how truly she had meant it. Her steps took her around to the neglected orchard, neat rows of trunks with branches stretching crazily. Someone had trimmed the first three recently. Even as Esperance stopped to look, a thin figure dropped out of the third tree and came toward the path, unconcerned about the stains on her shirt or a thin twig in the pale hair gathered with a single tie at her nape.

    "I'm done for today, but we'll soon have it in shape for good apples next year. Come to the tavern and we'll get some supper," Staci offered. Esperance knew that would mean twice as much hashed pork as she herself could stomach and at least four times as much ale. By God, the woman drank ale with her breakfast. And it never seemed to affect her, as evidenced by the scattered branches, some no longer than her smallest finger. Staci wouldn't bother to hang on while climbing a tree, she would simply wield her dual axes with the precision of a penknife.

    Esperance declined the invitation and continued her walk. "You shouldn't be so serious all the time," was the rejoinder, from a woman whom local legend had it never laughed nor cried. (Though she certainly smiled plenty while singing and swilling with her friends.) There were plenty of local legends about Staci Iceborn: she was reared nearby by a woodcutter and his wife after an elven lady had begged shelter from a winter storm, given birth, and taken leave again. The storytellers said the mother was running from something or someone, but nobody could say why; just as nobody could say what had happened those times the child disappeared for a week and came back speaking Elvish a whole day before settling once more into her adoptive home. Esperance had seen for herself that Staci wouldn't cry or complain however many gashes and fractured bones she took in battle, apparently immune to the mortal terror Esperance always felt, praying that this would not be the time the elf's sacrificed body could not be mended, breath once more granted to fill her lungs. "Thank you," Staci would say, "Inillacæsurracelsea," before throwing herself forward against the next set of foes, buying time for the wizard to ready his spells. With all grateful appreciation for receiving the life I entrusted to you and in generosity has been returned.

    Her thoughts turning to the spell caster, not for the first time Esperance mused that if you described the two and left out their height not one in twenty would correctly identify elf and dwarf. Fussy and meticulous, Ülm Blindsong grumbled about many things, laughed as he told stories of an endless horde of nieces and nephews (but not of any children of his own), and would nurse a half pint of thin beer for an entire night. Yet hunched beneath a shapeless robe, he managed an air of wisdom that Esperance's own priestly superiors never could. She thought it came from his obvious age, the flowing white beard and eyes that stayed cloudy in spite of all the healing magics Esperance had plied on him recently. He moved, too, with the deliberation of one who does not see perfectly and relies on other senses. "Bats do not need light in a cave," he insisted. If Esperance didn't believe it impossible she would have called him a druid rather than a wizard. The skill he had shown with fire magic in their latest foray had only cemented the idea that he knew more of the elements than what he first admitted. She half expected him any day to command the trees to step aside and the earth to swallow their foes alive.

    These companions, of course, were the source of Sister Esperance's current frustrations. She had only stepped into the Pig & Hart for a quick meal before resuming her pilgrimage. Then Staci had entered with bloody face and crudely slung arm, commanded aid: "The Kobolds are routed, but Troglodytes await. We will need more, so you had best join us." Until that "us" Esperance had not even seen that a dwarf followed the warrior's footsteps. Caught by surprise, Esperance agreed and now she didn't know how to leave. The other two assumed she was pledged for all their adventures and stuck her with a bold sobriquet to match theirs: Lightshield. A scrivener's daughter turned church initiate, suddenly caught up in the business of fighting monsters in this two-track village the illiterate farmers called a town. They couldn't even spell it properly, Ommlet or Omlet depending on whom you asked and which way the wind blew. True, she had helped people and even closed a demon portal. Yet this certainly was not her place, where the incense and stained glass that had called her to serve in the cathedral were replaced by a glistening carpet of assorted organs. Her hasty invocations caused nearly as much pain as they relieved; to her abject shame Esperance had even dispatched a twisted humanoid with a prayer meant for healing, and more than once. It made her sick to think on, and frightened of her own willingness to slay. The others, an orphan elf and a self-exiled dwarf, were comfortable in their life and their chosen profession. Holy God, why was she with them?

    At this point in her thoughts a new phrase appeared unbidden in her mind. Esperance felt a trace of joy stirring on her lips and a lightening between her shoulders. No, battlefield medicine was not her talent. Yet to suffer a 'crisis of faith': her studies and meditation were more than preparation enough for that.

    I've finished the Level 4 adventures, and today's plan is to recruit some new warriors and level them to start work on the quests.

    Staci Iceborn
    Level 5 Elf Warrior

    Ulm Blindsong
    Level 5 Dwarf Wizard

    Esperance Lightshield
    Level 5 Human Priest

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    WHY!!!??? :)
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    If there was a third school of magic (fire, electricity, and... generalist? acid?) I'd possibly still be barking up that tree. Still, its nice to have a party that can take a hit now. :cool:
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    A mix of everything not fire/electricity maybe, i'd like to see a Cold path since monsters have lots of those later, and maybe more focus on Arcane and Acid. Maybe an Earth tree, i've only seen one earth spell but i like it.
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    You named your dwarf GREG, and the human DOPY?

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