Shop "Sort by Item Count" wrong?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by PhoenixTheHunter, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. Hey folks,

    I was just checking the shops and was resorting the offer for some reason and discovered a potential bug with the "sort by item count" option. When I sort my own inventory this way the first items will be maxed out arcane items with 12 copies each, at the end there will be items of which I only have a single copy and after that - if you are in crafting mode - you have the items with no collected copies. But when you sort the shop inventory by item count then the results are rather strange. In fact, they are somewhat logical - the shop inventory is sorted according to the number of copies you have collected already - but at the same time not what I would have expected. If I sort the shop inventory by item count I would expect all items being sorted only by name (as the fallback ordering if any other criteria fail to differentiate items), as all items are available exactly once. I would have this expectation, because Skarl's Seconds actually can have several copies of an item, and then sorting by item count should bring the items with multiple copies in this shop to the front.

    Therefore my question, is this a bug or intended? Because I can see use cases for both ways to "sort by item count", still the current one seems off to me. Currently, one list (the own inventory) is sortable by item count, the other (the shop inventory) technically isn't despite offering the option in the drop down menu.
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