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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Freyr Oakenshield, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. I noticed the label "Sale" in-game. But what exactly is on sale? There is no info on which prices are off...

    Also, do people still play this game? I mean the last posts are from a few years ago...
  2. smg225

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    The most-recent post, prior to yours, was two hours ago . . .
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    Sticky threads are sticky to keep them visible even when they're old. There are seven threads just on this board that have posts from this month, and seven threads on the Steam forums.

    The sale is misleading, since I think most sale items have never been available at full price. IIRC, the sale started with the Steam release.
  4. OK, ok, I just misinterpreted the dates on the forum, thinking they say when last posts were made whereas they indicate the starting dates of the threads... ;)

    However, the question about the sale still stands... So, there's no sale at the moment, I understand -- but -- are there any sales at all?
  5. Happenstance

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    Some of the character skins definitely go on sale from time to time. I've picked up a couple at 40 pizza. The shimmering figures used to be 160 pizza but seem to have been permanently reduced to 80 pizza.

    There is a small player base, like me, that's rusted onto the game. There's also a steady stream of new players. Unfortunately, I think some of the newbies get discouraged when they get crushed in constructed leagues, like Death March this month. Players who have been around for a year or two have some pretty fine-tuned builds for constructed leagues, and if they get matched against a new player (which happens quite a bit because there are fewer players playing league than regular MP), it can get pretty ugly.
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