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    Recently, Steam Play's Proton - basically a customized Wine - was released to Steam's Beta channel, allowing to run Card Hunter directly through Steam on Linux. For what it's worth, it runs noticeably better than the Flash version on my ancient non-gaming laptop with Debian Unstable. I'm not sure if anyone's interested in it, but here are the steps to install it:

    1. Join Steam's Beta Channel and enable Steam Play for all titles. See the official announcement for a how-to guide.
    2. Install Card Hunter via the Steam Store or via steam://install/293260 (this forum doesn't allow to link this URL properly)
    3. I had some font issues (e.g. the font for the active game list in the multiplayer screen was missing) which I fixed by installing Microsoft's Core Fonts through winetricks (this might be fixed in a later version):
      • Open a terminal. When copying the following commands, ignore the '$' prefix which just denotes the prompt.
      • If you don't have it installed, install winetricks, for example via your package manager. On Debian:
        $ sudo apt install winetricks
      • Install corefonts. The WINEPREFIX path might be different on your system, so you might have to change it. 293260 is Card Hunter's appid.
        $ WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/293260/pfx" winetricks corefonts

    Edit: Removed URL BBCode for Steam install URL, the forum prepends 'http://'.
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