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    Note: Participants won't have to read following information. It is just here for people who are interested about it. Rules that participants will have to read will be much shorter and specific.
    Links attached to words will be in blue colors.

    2 types of tourney will take place at the same time. Score and Elimination.

    It will have 3 stages.
    Stage 1:
    Pod size: 5 player.
    Pod number: depends on number of players. ALL/5
    1 Winner from each pod. Second place holder gets placed in Losers pod.
    Each player plays 3 gamers(opponents randomly determined).
    Match type: Spin The Wheel or Normal
    Losers Pod:
    1 winner from losers pod.
    each match 5 min
    Match type: Special maps(very short and simple maps)
    Extra rule: Person with most stars wins, time does not matter. If both players do not obtain any stars or obtain same amount of stars, both lose. After battle ends, number of stars can be seen on after battle screen. players will need to take screenshot of that.

    Stage 2:
    Pod size: (ALL/5)/4
    Pod number: 4
    1 Winner from each pod
    Each player plays 5 games(opponents randomly determined).
    Match type: Spin The Wheel or Normal
    Stage 3(Finals):
    Pod size: 5 player.
    Match type: Special Arena Maps.
    Each play 1 game against every pod member.
    Following rules apply in all the mentioned stages:
    In a pod, if players have the same amount of victories, one with the most amount of total stars obtained in that pod is placed higher.
    If they have same amount of stars and victories, then they battle each other.


    will be randomly generated.(see the attached link. So every player will battle random opponent.
    Match number: Best out of 3 until Semifinals. Best out of 5 after reaching it.
    Match type: Spin The Wheel or Normal until reaching finals. After reaching it Special Arena maps.

    After each stage player number might be rounded down to make it even. Player with least amount stars obtained in all previous matches will get eliminated. Example: lets say 100 people are playing the elimination format. After stage one 50 will be remaining, then 25 - here 1 player will get disqualified based on stars obtained, so 24 will remain. next stage 12 will remain, next stage 6, next stage 3- so again here 1 player will get disqualified. And remaining players will battle for first place, disqualified player will get third place. Another example: (80, 40 , 20, 10, 5-1, 2, 1) - only 1 player disqualified here. This might not even be needed because I suspect many will miss their matches.
    After winner is determined battle for third place will begin.

    Bank: 5o00 pizza + 5 x 10 dollar pizza codes = 6650 pizza
    1st: 965
    2nd: 660

    3rd: 440
    4th: 360
    5th: 200
    4 player who hold second place in stage 2 pods:

    each get 200 pizza. (200x4)


    1st: 965
    2nd: 660

    3rd: 440
    4th: 360
    quarter-finals losers each get 200 pizza. (200x4)

    Match Types:
    Players will be able to choose if they want to play the "Spin The Wheel" mode or not.
    During a battle between 2 players, "Spin the Wheel" mode will be played only in a condition if both agree on it.

    Normal Mode:

    Matches will be played on 8 arena special maps. Map will be chosen randomly each round out of the 8 presented.
    In the finalists pod for score format and after reaching quarter-finals in elimination format each player will be able to ban 2 maps(without telling each other what they have banned), they won't be able to ban same 2 maps anymore times. So in best out of 5, player will be able to ban 2 maps 4 times. Every round total of 4 maps will be banned and match will happen on randomly determined map from the remaining 4 (moderators will present the decided map).

    Arena Blade
    Cat's Eye
    Arena Pit
    Gladiator Arms
    Arena Trench
    Pillars of Suffering
    Battle Henge

    Pools of War
    Download scenarios: w
    HUGE credit to @neocosm . He made all Arena and Wheel maps.

    Each player gets to ban 1 card and 2 items. (might change later)
    Everything else is the same.

    Spin The Wheel:
    Tourney moderators will spin the wheel on website, and participants play on whatever they get.
    Wheel currently has: 6 special maps and 4 special rule modes, while also having chance to play normal arena mode. Each mode has its own chance of appearing.

    Contents and Chance:
    Maze 10%
    Bar 10%

    River 10%
    Swamp 10%

    Opposite VP 10%
    Note: There is VP square on which only you can get stars placed at the spawn of enemy. Same type of square is also placed at your spawn for opponents.

    Capture The Flag 10%
    Note: You do not gain stars by killing enemy characters and everyone also respawns every turn. Only way to win is by getting on VPS.

    Blitz Arena 10%
    5 min matches with same rules as losers pod + with banning system, played on random arena maps.

    Citadel Only 10%
    Use all yellow tokens on Citadel items.

    Attack On Artifact Only 10%
    Use only Attack on Artifact items.

    Blue token only 10%
    Build deck without using yellow tokens.

    @neocosm designed these maps too.

    Schedule And Other Info:

    Tournament will begin on April 1st.

    After being assigned in pods and in brackets, players will be given the option to choose if they want to play on Wheel mode or not.

    Based on This Wheel will be Pre-rolled for everyone and participants will get assigned their modes and rules. Maps will be pre-decided also. Information that a player will need to read will be very short and will be published elsewhere. They will only have to read small text of rules about the mode they are playing (including normal).

    All a participant will have to do is read a little text, download a map, make a deck and load that map in. Will be as easy of a process as possible.

    How and at what times will players battle each other is tricky to decide and its still up to debate. Would love to take suggestion.

    Players can set a time to play each other by themselves. If a match does not happen within 3 days(might change), tourney moderators will set up a time for them to play on, while taking in consideration their time zones. The player who does not show up will get disqualified, if both do not show up both will get disqualified. If someone has better suggestion would love to hear!

    I predict that many players will miss their matches and get disqualified. When 2 people drop out of tourney they player who were supposed to have matches against them will instead battle each other.

    Until quarter-finals and finalists pod, matches do not need much moderation.
    Every player will just need to take screenshot of their match ending and moderators will need to write down results and count of stars.

    If anyone would like to help moderate please speak up!
    They do not have to do much. Just watch a tourney match when they stumble upon it. Help in making decisions and calculating the results. With this big of a tourney would like to have as many mods as possible!

    This is all for now. Wish all participants good luck!

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  2. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Who gets the pizza codes?

    Can I ban Walk?

    More seriously, how is this enforced? And will you post which cards and items were most banned afterward?

    Um, have you tried to follow these rules yourself? All but 5 of my EttSC items require a gold token.
  3. gurjanigurjani

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  4. neocosm

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    I'm down to moderate
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  5. Mama Mia

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    I have some feedback. For the record, it's your tournament and you can run it how you like. Just a few thoughts.

    First of all, I think you should get rid of the 150 MP matches requirement entirely. If you're not planning to seed (based on MP rating, or PVP matches played) the pods or the Elimination brackets, you might as well let any player in. Some players may have big collections but don't play MP much, etc. I noticed that it's not mentioned in this thread, but was in the initial "sign-up" thread. Did you intentionally leave that out?

    I don't particularly like the maps (including the Spin the Wheel ones), no disrespect to @neocosm for their hard efforts. I'd really like hear other folks' thoughts on these maps, whether they seem balanced or not. I'll admit I don't really have a good sense of map balance without playing firsthand, so maybe I'm super wrong here. Speaking of that, I think you should release the map files for the community to test/practice on. Also, where are the losers' pod maps?

    Spin the Wheel
    Maybe this is just a personal thing, but I feel like Spin the Wheel would be quite unpopular given that both players have to opt in, and it is super random. The maps and special modes seem kinda arbitrary. I think there would be way more interest in a separate format using special rules, rather than something your opponent can just veto (and it's random on top of that). It might be better to have a side-tourney where people sign up for specifically Capture the Flag, Peasant, only blue token items, etc. But at that point, you might as well just call it another tourney entirely.
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  6. gurjanigurjani

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    Answered your questions inside the quote. Thanks for the feedback. Would love to see more posts like this from other people :).
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  7. 3beaner

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    I share Mama Mia's concerns about the arbitrary nature of the Spin the Wheel mode. It should either be mandatory for all or a separate tournament, otherwise not all participants are competing on an even playing field if some opt for it while others don't.
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  8. gurjanigurjani

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    If everyone gets a choice how is it not even playing field? If someone thinks that he has a better chance of winning the tourney by always opting out then that's what he might do or he might just want to have fun and still opt in. In some cases playing the wheel might even increases peoples chance of winning - if they are good at making decks and adjusting. It is important to note that in finalists pod and after quarter-finals there is no more wheel. Wheel is a fun factor added to tourney if both players want to play with it. Do not get your point.
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  9. silver

    silver Kobold

    wow, seems like lots of work is put into it, impressive :)

    So in terms of format, is it like there will b another post with match up details and score tallies, then players will pm each other their ban items after they're matched
    then then one player will create custom battle n screenshot the end screen to determine the results..?

    can i mod if im also playing?
    if yes, i can help mod others if im free ;)
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  10. gurjanigurjani

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    yes you can be a mod and still participate. There will be another post having schedule + player friendly rules and wheel will be pre rolled as well as maps participants will be getting will be written there(i will roll the randomize for everyone). All a player will have to do is read small text of rules about the mode, load the map in, make a deck and play heh. In the end take a screenshot yeah.
  11. What was the reason(s) for creating maps for this tournament? Were the maps already in game not sufficient for the vision of the tournament?
  12. gurjanigurjani

    gurjanigurjani Orc Soldier

    nope. person with over 10k battles speaking hehe

    WHITE SOUL Kobold

    What is Attack On Artifact map?
  14. neocosm

    neocosm Kobold

    If anybody is feeling unsure of how to tackle the arena or wheel maps made for the tourney, I encourage you to log on CH and we can play some casual matches using them. That is a perfectly reasonable thing to be doing. I understand there have not been new maps released publicly for a bit, so I want to assist in demystifying what we have prepared here for the tournament and help people prepare as best they can, especially over the next week.

    WHITE SOUL Kobold

    I like those new maps, it was a challenge for me to build a deck to run on it.
  16. CT5

    CT5 Guild Leader

    Two questions:

    1. About "Blue token only 10%
    Build deck while using only blue token items. Each player gets to ban 2 items.
    Use all yellow tokens on Attack on Artifact items."

    Is that correct? Can you only use blue token and tokenless items, or is it like normal deckbuilding, but yellow tokens can only be used for AotA items?

    2. About card and item banning in Normal mode - Are our bans set for the whole tournament, or can it change each round?
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  17. gurjanigurjani

    gurjanigurjani Orc Soldier

    Made a typo, corrected it. check it out again. That yellow token only rule should have been below attack on artifact mode instead of "use all attack on artifact items". Blue token mode yeah normal deckbuilding, in short it means just yellow is banned
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  18. Derek

    Derek Orc Soldier

    This is a lot to digest, and I appreciate that you've clearly thought about that, and made it easy for contestants to participate without having to read all of this.

    That being said, I still believe there will be a barrier to that you touched on..which is organizing matches.

    A two second idea that might help -- organizing the bracket by timezome? You would be forced to reconnect with every contestant and get this information though, which might be an equally big barrier.
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  19. Pyrious

    Pyrious Hydra

    So if I gain the first star and then run the timer out so the game ends, do I win?
  20. CT5

    CT5 Guild Leader

    Question about changing decks between games in a match + card/item bans:

    After a game, are both players allowed to change / modify their decks? Only the loser? No changes allowed for anyone?

    When making bans, is it for the whole match? Or are the bans on a game-by-game basis?
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