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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by Steinhauser, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Steinhauser

    Steinhauser Lizardman Priest

    After playing for 2 weeks with boring VP dwarves, I needed a break from the tried and true, and whipped up a combo-ish deck inspired by the Spock elf from CoC. Remember him? He has Pathfinding, which very reliably grabs...Telepod Jaunt and Healing Dash. Not very useful, but the reliability is key.

    Level 6 Elf Warrior

    Level 18 Elf Warrior

    The combo is Pathfinding + Rocket Charge, which gives an effective 2 copies of Charge in the deck. I guess the other part of the combo is not running step moves, a constraint which opens up a slew of weapon choices that I would otherwise overlook. Theoretically, you can run any tech you want, but I went with Smoke-and-Parries, which increases my ability to close distance for 15 damage and then not regret it vs melee classes.

    Because the best Pathfinding item (the only one that doesn't have a move card OR cost a token) carries Superstitious, I went with a subtheme of Arrogant Armor. It's similar to Reliable Mail vs Wizards, and opens up Cybernetic Boots which adds a useful purge effect (Warp Run) to Pathfinding.

    Level 22 Human Wizard

    The wizard is pure control and "smoke bomb," or rather the upgraded version in Illusory Barrier. Pretty simply, he helps position the warriors who otherwise lack movement. There might be something more useful I could be doing with him (he can't reliably finish a game alone) but so far I haven't regretted this direction. With 2x Blocking Mace and Aegis on each fighter, I really only care about wizards, and Illusory Barrier causes real problems for them in a way most spells can't.
  2. Han Lee

    Han Lee Guild Leader

    Hmm smoke bomb vs illusory barrier... I guess illusory barrier is stronger when you can fly 5 squares and disregard difficult terrain xD
  3. Steinhauser

    Steinhauser Lizardman Priest

    I like Smoke Bomb, and was considering replacing the Ixtli Amulets with Smoke Pins for the extra TKs. But, in almost every situation I'd rather have Barrier over Bomb.

    Barrier causes the enemy (of all classes) to have to change his plan, while I am free to ignore it. If I need to clear difficult terrain, it's rare that I need more than 3 contiguous squares cleared. Now, smoke bomb can clear terrain AND block line of sight at the same time, while Barrier can mostly only do 1 at a time. But that comes up pretty rarely since as you said, my goal is to rocket into battle over any terrain.
  4. peonprop

    peonprop Thaumaturge

    This seems like a job for Enormous Mattock if I ever saw one. The cycling traits help you find the Pathfinding and you're already sporting Arrogant Armors. If you go that route I'd definitely switch to Bern's Untouchable Mail and Parrying Buckler. You get an extra shot at Arrogant Armor and you'll want the third block since all those Parries from Blocking Mace are gone.
  5. Steinhauser

    Steinhauser Lizardman Priest

    Thanks Peon, and it's actually a lack of Bern's that kept me from going that very route! That, and/or a map rotation with fewer walls. Otherwise, I'd probably go at least 1/1 split with mattock/blocking.

    EDIT: Loving the idea of parrying buckler though. Maybe I want 7 parries on each elf? Then I free up a major token for a better helm/armor. Time to tinker.

    EDIT2: Oh yeah, I already tried that. Aside from Bern's Untouchable Mail, there's no better arrogant armor for a major token, nor is there a major token helm I'd rather use over Jack's, since I can't Forcefield. Maybe I'd try a Pressing Problems...if and when it exists.
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  6. There's something highly amusing about the concept of an elf zooming by in rocket-powered boots, carrying an enormous hammer.
  7. Han Lee

    Han Lee Guild Leader

    Since most of your cards are nonattack cards, i would much rather use a dwarf wizard with raging battler for the cycle. Also, would replace forceful robes with robes of lightness and put those tokens to better use... But that's just me, a spastic cycler xD
  8. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

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  9. Steinhauser

    Steinhauser Lizardman Priest

    The double Leadership is very important for dumping unreliable blocks, etc. Otherwise, I would. I love dwarf wizards.

    Forceful robes are tokenless, I like cycling too though. Will consider. I usually do get a card's worth of value out of Force Bolt/Force Cone.

    Cool, it works in death march too.
  10. Steinhauser

    Steinhauser Lizardman Priest

    Yeah, Room9, you're right about the Robe of Lightness, what was I thinking! In general, fewer Barriers and more Gusts/TK, just trying to find the right mix. Oh yeah and some armor removal, purely for cushioning armor.

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