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    At first, I was just thinking about making a thread for Item Reviews scattered all over the forum, but figured out a thread wouldn't be enough to maintain such a thing.
    You can add link to reviews on this forum there now.
    The forum don't seem to be providing API and I didn't want to arrange the whole authorization process so there's no security in it yet, but I'll make one if people do break it.
    Tell me if this have any problem in it.

    346 reviews from peonprop

    5 reviews for Uncommon cards
    4 reviews for Rare cards
    2 reviews for Common cards
    247 reviews for Legendary items
    39 reviews for Epic items
    49 reviews for Rare items
    19 reviews from doublequartz

    1 reviews for Rare cards
    3 reviews for Common items
    5 reviews for Epic items
    3 reviews for Rare items
    3 reviews for Uncommon items
    4 reviews for Legendary items
    17 reviews from Lucky Dice

    3 reviews for Rare items
    9 reviews for Epic items
    5 reviews for Legendary items
    54 reviews from mckeen

    33 reviews for Legendary items
    17 reviews for Epic items
    4 reviews for Rare items
    114 reviews from Gingrich Yurr

    72 reviews for Legendary items
    24 reviews for Epic items
    18 reviews for Rare items
    2 reviews from VermillionOcean

    1 reviews for Epic items
    1 reviews for Legendary items
    16 reviews from Deepweed

    8 reviews for Epic items
    5 reviews for Rare items
    3 reviews for Legendary items
    12/806 cards reviewed

    2/365 Common cards reviewed
    5/241 Rare cards reviewed
    5/195 Uncommon cards reviewed
    0/5 No Rarity cards reviewed
    442/2286 items reviewed

    85/426 Epic items reviewed
    3/509 Common items reviewed
    281/381 Legendary items reviewed
    70/467 Rare items reviewed
    3/503 Uncommon items reviewed

    Still a lot of work to go.
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    I have registered most of the items reviewed in Peon's Not So Daily Deal and some from The Daily Deal. I hope it's viable already, but anyway you can add what's still not there!
    I'm going to leave this thread for posting Reviews not related to The Daily Deal.
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    Reaper's Scythe
    For Multiplayer use
    As of now this item is widely played in high ELOs, and for reasons.
    First, cards in it are good. Second, Big attacks - namely Obliterating Chops, have great synergy with Dodges.
    When playing big attacks, one of your main objective is to not hit any blocks. Dodges, being Walks, helps you hit people from their back.
    To make the most use out of Chops, you have to get next to two enemies and get out alive. Dodges help with both.
    Reaper's Scythe might seem low-damage as it has less attacks to draw, but it is not, you'll be landing the Chops to 2 targets often enough to make it not low damage.
    Purchase if you're one of those that like playing big attacks, AKA everyone.

    For Singleplayer use
    You don't need Dodges in Singleplayer. When playing Chops in SP, you just want to do as much damage as possible. If you've got the golds for a legendary, wait for Bloodchopper.
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    Yoloxl's Staff
    For Multiplayer use
    The upper half is alright so it comes down to how good Jumpspark is. Looking at it, there is all kind of small advantages over other spells.
    However, as a targeted spell its usefulness largely depends on the map rotation.
    Usually it's not really worth playing but I believe there is a potential given the right map.
    Would not purchase as it's an epic.

    For Singleplayer use
    This time you'd only want either damage or control. a bit of each don't serve any purpose.
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    doublequartz Lizardman Priest

    Crusty Helm
    For Multiplayer use
    Once endangered by Chapeau Of The Afflicted Artist, Crusty Helm's usability is somewhat restored by werewolf nerfs and resulting upsurge in burning wizard presence. It can be difficult to justify an Obvious Maneuver but some builds suffer less from it than others. If you're looking for all-purpose armors on a helmet, Crusty Helm is a top choice.

    For Singleplayer use

    It sucks Obvious Maneuver doesn't draw in Singleplayer. Without the streamlining factor, Crusty Helm is only useful for damage mitigation, which suffers from many competition. You can get Attacks, or a trait such as Creature Of The Night, or a Lifesaving Block, making armor a relative niche. Still, Crusty Helm is one of the best for its purpose, and you might find a level where you want this.
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    Militiaman's Pike
    For Multiplayer use
    This is the best weapon with 6 stab attacks on it.
    Double-edged Sword is generally preferred for the Step attacks though you can use the extra stabs for poking blocks.
    Puncturing Stab is also a thing lately given all the Monstrous Hide going around.

    For Singleplayer use

    Stabs might work toward preventing damages but these are still not the best thing to have.
    It's usually better to parry the incoming attack drawing extra cards or just use Nimbus.
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    Glinting Eye Hammer
    For Multiplayer use
    This holy and brutal divine weapon have all good cards, except for the Raging Strike.
    Building good dedicated support priest needs rare items like Sacrificial Axe and Evensong for weapons so going for warrior priest is actually a good start.
    You will still be able to put spells of your choice on the divine item slots.

    For Singleplayer use

    Great deal of damages from Glinting Eye Hammer helps in Singleplayer as well. You just have to be wary of the Raging Strike.
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    Tracker's Boots
    For Multiplayer use
    Tracker's Boots is good boots for getting Cantrip moves but those only interested in running quickly have First Responder's Moccasins.
    There is a interesting trade in which you get 3rd move for giving up on long 2nd Cantrip move, but is it Worth Itâ„¢?
    Investigate has a glaring weakness of revealing itself but a move is a move and the Heal can win you games in some occasion.
    Inquisitor's Badge is among the best Paper quality armor but still don't do much in most cases.
    All things considered, there is some value in choosing this boots if you aren't using the Cantrip moves to close the distance.

    For Singleplayer use
    Cantrip moves aren't a thing in Singleplayer. especially at a cost of major token.
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    Unreliable Heirloom Shield
    For Multiplayer use
    Maybe you ended up discarding the Parries way too often. Maybe you don't have a token to play them. Maybe you just don't feel like playing the Parrying Buckler.
    Lucky Charm is a powerful card for the virtue of you never having to discard them. it is especially good for support priests though it is also good for warriors that can choose when to engage.
    There is Ancient Heirloom Shield for maximum copies but the token saving is so good this item is generally considered better.

    For Singleplayer use
    Blocks gets less relevant here. you don't run around too much so you might as well play anything else.
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    Slippery Sword
    For Multiplayer use
    If you want to play with Shifty Stabs, there aren't too many items to choose from.
    You do need a lot of buffs before doing anything useful with them, but when it works it's so much satisfying.
    Notice the two weak attacks. it shows Shifty Stab is not for those who want the most consistent of all builds, but for a tokenless weapon, it's acceptable otherwise.
    See my build with this item for an example and more information.

    For Singleplayer use
    Too low damage to be useful.
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    Cintxotl Mail
    For Multiplayer use
    Still one of the tankiest divine armor in a vacuum, but CM expansion added Sanctified Shroud which not only is good by itself but also heal your allies.
    Would not purchase.

    For Singleplayer use
    While Barbed Platemail technically boosts your damage output, there is no shortage of good stuff to do with minor tokens.
    You are better off using them for something else, including some other divine armors.
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    Final Sword
    For Multiplayer use
    There's three good Vengeance items at (majortoken)(majortoken) cost. Final Sword is one of them. but is it the best?
    If you're just trying to sneak in a couple of Vengeances in your deck, Talissa's Trident is cheaper and it also features a lot of Vicious Thrusts.
    In case you want more copy of Vengeances, there's Captain Cedric's Vow.
    However, Final Sword is unique with its All Out Attack, a high risk high return card.
    It makes Final Sword wielders that scary. they'll have great trouble hitting you because they don't ever want to put themselves being All-Out backstabbed out of nowhere.
    Sure, you can pack All Out Attacks elsewhere but then you're paying tokens for them.
    Purchase if you want to experiment with this strategy, or if you don't have any good Vengeance items yet.

    For Singleplayer use
    When you want Final Sword, you're probably looking to chase down nasty ranged mobs who elude you.
    However, All Out Attack is nothing special in these cases and there are better ways to do what you want to do.
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    Chask's Relief
    For Multiplayer use
    Inquisition Bolts have its use in wreaking werewolves and other forms but there are better staffs for that purpose.
    Rather, the Lucky Charms are the best thing you can get from this staff.
    It's highly effective against anything both because it never goes to discard and opponents don't expect wizards to have as many blocks.
    However, by devoting the staff slot to blocks you're giving up on the damage. This is one of the least damaging staffs, only next to a few control-oriented staffs.
    To make good use out of this staff you basically have to utilize Inquisition Bolts to their fullest and/or get damages from Arcane Item slots.
    Would not purchase unless you have an idea how to use it well.

    For Singleplayer use
    Not only does this staff next to no damage, Inquisition Bolts don't even trigger its damage bonus part against monstrous mobs in CM modules, which it really should.
    Would not purchase.
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    Stormward Pauldrons
    For Multiplayer use
    Stormward Pauldrons has some impressive armor tech. it has the most dots(expected value) out of all minor token heavy armors. it pairs well with harnesses.
    So, why isn't it seeing a whole lot of play? it's simple: reliable armors are just too good to give up.
    While it is true that the armor value of the three cards combined is high, you're rarely going to hold on to multiple armors at once.
    When you have only one room for armor card, no card on this item reduces a lot of damage like Monstrous Hide does.
    Also, harnesses are bad anyway, so it hardly matters if your armor pairs well with them.
    (that thread's outdated, but its point stays true. it turned out Savant Positioning doesn't cut it, either.)

    For Singleplayer use
    Sure, it doesn't make sense thematically, but the best parties don't wear any serious armors. so just play Perilous Ringmail and kill everyone before you die.
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    Double-edged Sword
    For Multiplayer use
    Double-edged is a great weapon for mobile warriors. having Stabs forces the opponent to make bigger moves to get out of the range.
    Sometimes they are trapped by terrains or your zone of control, being able to get only 1 square away from you.
    Dancing Cut is powerful gap closer, being only next to Nimble Strike.
    Even the Backbiting Strike can be useful with some buffs going on, or as block check.

    For Singleplayer use
    You get your moves from your boots. there's better weapons for armors. While playable it's probably not the best weapon for farming any particular stage.
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    Bejeweled Shortsword
    For Multiplayer use
    Everyone knows Bejeweled. What once become the Cult is said to still stand strong. now on to the news.
    Bejeweled Shortsword now has a little cousin in Chekhov's Dirk, not quite recent but still the most recent addition to the game.

    For slightly less damage, the Dirk provides great source of Penetrating, benefit more from Frenzy and fares somewhat better against Blocks.
    Which narrows down Shortsword's use into:
    - Killing in fewer turns, and hopefully not letting opponent play as many card before their death
    - All Out Attack
    - Party with little to no Frenzies
    - When your epic item collection is just not complete enough

    Four is quite many. Apparently Bejeweled Shortsword still stands strong, indeed.

    For Singleplayer use
    When you're facing a lot of health, you need a lot of damages. Bejeweled Shortsword does 58 damage.
    That's basically the most you can get. Equip it already.
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    Laser Rapier
    For Multiplayer use
    Laser Rapier compares to Nova Axe. In both weapons, the top 4 cards are all good. The bottom 2, oh what a difference it can make.
    It's so sad that Laser Cutdown won't see its day. The coolness factor just can't win you game.

    Laser Cutdown gives up a bit of damage for an ability, which is fine by itself. but that ability is inherently of "win bigger" kind.
    Most Multiplayer games are such that if you managed to kill someone with a Laser Cutdown, there's a good chance the game is already won.
    Even if you need some more push, with less opponent characters you'd prefer to stay out of engagement and accumulate card advantage. An extra attack is the last thing you want.

    The worst part is, we can't fix it because that "win bigger" part's exactly what makes it cool.

    For Singleplayer use
    Laser Cutdown looks better in Singleplayer. Big chain of kills is very promising.
    Then, again sadly, when you have major tokens you are in one of the higher level modules, enemies are tougher and Laser Cutdown can't one-shot people.
    At its best, you'll be getting several uses out of it along with other attacks. Not worth it.
    When you need to draw more attacks, the same principle as in Multiplayer applies: End the Round.
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    Staff Of The Fire God
    For Multiplayer use
    Fireball is great. It's the only source of Burst 2 for wizards. However, as a Burst staff, it's inferior to Searing Pain. It is when played on Burning wizard does it become a more unique option.

    The obvious problem is the Range 2 Magma Sprays you have to deal with.
    Dwarves aside, wizards have very little defense. As such, when you play Burst spells you normally want to play it from a safe place. that make the card's goals go against each other.
    If you can buy time to draw onto better cards, that's fine. But if you're not playing Magma Sprays, you might as well play Searing Pain and get 1 more Fireball.
    So, Fire Gods are required to play more aggressively. They'd take more risk to get into better favorable position and play Fireball to hit multiple enemies or to hit someone who just ran out of your sight. If they don't get killed, anyway.

    Due to the build restriction it poses, it's ultimately a niche pick. Playable but not worth buying.

    For Singleplayer use

    Fireball in SP is put to a weird position. When you have a horde of mobs, Firestorm just outclass everything. When you're up to fewer stronger enemies, you don't need Burst 2.
    That leaves Fireball for quests where you can't afford self damage. Ability to hit things without LOS is still great.
    Usefulness of Burning cards there are doubtful, but either way Staff of the Fire God is a valid value option.
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    Veteran Positioning
    For Multiplayer use
    Before Castle Mitternacht, one could put only 2 Team Walks on warriors, 1 on other classes.
    Introduction of Veteran Positioning cranks up that number to 3 on human warrior, 2 on non-human warrior/human non-warrior and 1 on others.
    Top meta Subtle Positioning moved expectation for racials way up, though.
    Vanguard is so good at making simultaneous threats, which is what Team moves are sought for anyways.
    Although moving all 3 characters at once is undeniably powerful, that power is often wasted because it is rare that all 3 characters want to move.
    These factors add up. Getting a Team Walk for a spare token is still good for any build, but replacing a trait with one makes for a heavier investment that probably doesn't pay in most builds.

    For Singleplayer use
    Here it's clearly unexciting. Moves are less important, Team moves even more so.
    Depending on level, tokens are relatively more valuable, so use them for damages.
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