Reunion Tourney has ended! Winners and placements:

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  1. gurjanigurjani

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    After more than one month of intense battles tournament has finally ended! Congratulations to winners in both formats, @Pyrious and @GentleNinja.

    Total of 246 games have been played during this tournament. Truly an insane number!

    Placements and prizes:
    First place: @GentleNinja
    Prize: 965 pizza

    Second place: @conanwj8
    Prize: 660 pizza

    Third place: @Skippofish
    Prize: 440 pizza

    Fourth place: @silver (sdclub)
    Prize: 360 pizza

    Fifth place: @Icy6691 (Icytaz)
    Prize: 200 pizza

    4 players who hold second place in stage 2 pods: @Pyrious , @neocosm , @GriffTheThief ,@Abbus .
    Prize: 200 pizza

    First place: @Pyrious
    Prize: 965 pizza

    Second place: @Mitsuaki
    Prize: 660 pizza

    Third place: @GentleNinja
    Prize: 440 pizza

    Fourth place: @conanwj8
    Prize: 360 pizza

    Quarter-finals losers: @FcxHiro , @neocosm , @demain (demaindeslaube), @Skippofish .
    Prize: 200 pizza

    Extra reward for creating maps: 330 pizza to @neocosm .

    Total earnings:
    Gentleninja: 1405 pizza
    Pyrious: 1165 pizza
    conanwj8: 1020 pizza
    Mitsuaki: 660 pizza
    Skippofish: 640 pizza
    neocosm: (400+330) pizza
    sdclub: 360 pizza
    FcxHiro: 200 pizza
    demaindeslaube: 200 pizza
    GriffTheThief: 200 pizza
    Abbus: 200 pizza
    Icytaz: 200 pizza

    Total Prize Pool: 7080 pizza
    Note: Pizza will be added on accounts very soon.

    Massive thanks to @neocosm for creating all of the tourney, including spin the wheel mode maps.
    If you would like to see some of his maps in ranked do not forget to say so!

    Huge thanks to Braves of glory guild and its leadership @sucre and @FcxHiro for providing 6 pizza codes (2080 pizza) for tourney and giving it a starting spark.

    And finally thanks to devs @Sir Civil for sponsoring tournament with 5000 pizza.

    Decks used by champions in final matches:
    Note: Decks were created with item and cards bans in effect.


    Some stats:
    Most popular item bans:
    St Ulrich's Bones, Double-Edged Sword, Howling Pain, Vibrant Pain, Instant Snowman, Aegis Of The Defender.
    Honorable mentions:
    Snitrick's Last Stand, Runestone, Asmod's Telekinetic Chain.

    Most popular card bans:
    Greater Heal, Vengeance, Mass Frenzy, Telekinesis.
    Honorable mentions:
    Altruism, Nimble Strike, Blind Rage, Smoke Bomb.

    Most Popular team comp:
    2 warriors 1 priest
    Warriors usually dwarf. Muscle-through boots and frenzy spam with frenzy aura was a popular choice. All out attack was also very popular.
    We also had many triple wizard players and they eliminated many of the high elo players on early stages of the tournament by taking advantage of banning system!(veng, nimble, smoke bomb...)

    Highlight of the Tourney:
    For me this was the best match played in tournament. Played in grand finals Pyrious vs Mitsuaki.
    Commentary of @CT5 on mentioned video - HERE

    Most often banned maps were:
    Arena Blade and Pools of War.
    I thought Arena Pit would get banned the most, but was wrong!
    Wizard players banned Battle Henge most often (I would have used burst... smh).
    Arena Blade:


    Pools of War:

    Battle Henge:

    Least banned map:
    Pillars of Suffering

    Crowd favorite map:
    Cat's Eye

    This was an epic tournament and I had lots of fun spectating games and seeing many unique strategies. I hope participants also had fun. That's all for now!
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  2. GriffTheThief

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    Congratulations to both winners @Pyrious and @GentleNinja

    Thanks to everyone who made this tournament possible (@gurjanigurjani , @neocosm , @Sir Civil , @sucre, @FcxHiro ,among others). I had real fun participating in it and I hope we can see more tournaments in the near future. :)

    Special *HUGE* thanks to you @gurjanigurjani for organizing the tournament's rules, pods, matches, deadlines, etc. I know it was a huge work that you freely, voluntarily committed yourself to do. And what a nice collection of stats you brought to us :)
  3. This was a really great and fun tournament. Thanks to all involved, your ideas about maps and bans really made for an interesting tournament (and I didn't even mess with Spin the Wheel crazy %$#@). Much respect to all those involved, but especially gurjani and neocosm. Those maps were really well designed and made for a great mini-meta by themselves. I am looking forward to whatever you guys may be cooking up in the future. I just hope, gurjani, that you enjoyed watching us all play as much as we enjoyed benefiting from all your hard work. THANKS!
  4. Sir Civil

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    GG WP! Kudos to the entire community! Big thanks to @gurjanigurjani , @neocosm , and others for making this tournament happen. Looking forward to seeing more interesting tourneys in the future!

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