Returning Player: How to cope with giant inventory? (Deck building paralysis)

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Tony M, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Tony M

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    I was a big fan of Card Hunter on release. I played single player almost exclusively, and I have levelled 9 characters up to level 18-19 (and 3 more levelled to 11). I'd love to come back and play the game again.

    The problem is that I'm intimidated by the size of my inventory. I just can't face sorting through all that stuff and trying to build good decks. My card collection is large enough to be confusing/intimidating, but not so large that I can just netdeck.

    Anyone have some advice? The last couple of times I returned to the game, I just started again with a fresh level 1 party. (hence the 12 characters). That helped overcome the deck-building paralysis. But my collection is so large now, that even starting over quickly becomes intimidating.

    I guess I could just start a fresh account. And maybe I should, I'm sure I'd have fun again. But it seems like a waste to not be accumulating gear on my 'main' account.
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  2. Sir Veza

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    Welcome back, @Tony M !
    I believe @j3st3ri sells off all the items he never uses in order to streamline his collection.
    I keep max usable of everything. Since we now have 100 save slots, I keep enough parties saved to complete the campaign. They're pretty easy to update if you want to change your build, although reorganizing the order is a bit of a pain. For quests, or if I just want to try something different, I use the search feature to find the item or card I'm looking for.
    My main account now has at least one of everything, and multiples of almost everything I want. If I run most of the campaign, I usually don't drop anything I'm not maxed on. Because of this, I now have a temporary account which I reset periodically in order to remind myself of what it's like to be a new player with crappy items. It initially makes for very slow farming, but getting the items to improve my builds gives me a feeling of progression and accomplishment. (It's illusory, but that's one reason we waste time on games. ;)) I now have 4 accounts, and the temporary account is the one I run the most.
    I hope this helps you in finding your own best solution. Good Hunting!
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  3. Happenstance

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    I keep max usable of Legendaries and Epics (unless an L directly supersedes an E, say Quellic's over Kerrick's boots). I also keep max usable of 'superior' Cs to Rs, max usable of all boots/armour/shields/racial skills/class skills, and enough of the other C-R weapons/staves/divine items/arcane items to outfit two characters.

    When I build decks, I search via the card I want rather than via items. I know if I'm building a fire wiz, I'm likely to use Barnum's/Million Embers/Embers/Searing/Red Flame/White Flame/Charring/Overheated Staff, maybe one or two others. So I'm not looking at a million staves to make my choice.

    You can ditch everything you rarely use? I prefer not to, there are times that I use an otherwise unfocused item, say Swiz's Circle of Elements vs invisible spiders in Citadel.
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  4. ParodyKnaveBob

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    Howdy, Tony M. $:^ J

    I'd suggest what you yourself said -- starting simply -- with a slightly different approach (similar to what Happenstance said). Tell yourself, okay, for this adventure, let me try a warrior with as many stabs as I can get, a priest with as many buffs as I can get, and a wizard with as many sparks and zaps as I can get; and for another adventure, let me go all armor+blocks on the warrior to just tank everything, all heals on the priest to continue the tanking, and a burning wizard. You get the idea. Just kind of make a theme -- which can be arbitrary at first -- and play some adventures until you start reconnecting which things you'd really like to combine on your own. $:^ ]

    Remember that the search bar doesn't limit to item or card names. You can also look up keywords like burning, hard to block, frenzy, etc. (There's more it can do, although searching flavor text doesn't seem to be part of it, sadly.)

    May the Force Bolt be with you! $:^ P
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