Release 1.22 (23 Sep 2013)

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  1. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Another wave of performance improvements in this build. Two important bug-fixes as well:
    1. Lobby chat will (hopefully) no longer break. It's something to do with block lists not working properly and we hope this build will work around that even if we haven't entirely fixed the underlying problem yet.
    2. Fixed a problem where player "level" was being set lower when replaying low-level adventures. Player level affects the price of items in the shop so this should stop things getting more expensive after replaying low-level adventures.
    There's a new feature in multiplayer chat - the ability to keep seeing lobby chat while in battle. In addition, visiting multiplayer locations (like the shops) should no longer clear your lobby chat window.

    Lots of "internal stuff" too like reducing our logging volume and better profiling tools so we can continue to tweak performance.

    • New player levels are properly sent to user when incremented. Should fix shop prices.
    • Extra paranoid try/catch in chat handling. Should fix chat breaking in lobby.
    • Better handling of bad entries in the buddy list, so we don't totally block chat if we do fail somewhere when iterating the lobby user list.
    • Keep lobby chat active when the user is in any multiplayer room. Allow the user to be in multiple chat rooms at once. Fix bug where chat sometimes gets lost when people are coming and going while the message is being processed.
    • Don't play drum sound for lobby chat while in battle.
    • Fix scrolling the battle list in MP lobby while the list is changing
    • Remove AI records from daily/weekly leaderboards (might take a while to reset).
    • Workaround for broken IE9 behavior.
    • Move a few request types to sub-threads. A few because of volume and a few because of duration. Make it easy to have other handlers send their processing to another task queue
    • Update Log util to use a StringBuilder to prevent a bunch of temporary allocations during logging
    • Test SQL statement is "SELECT 1" not "COUNT(*) FROM player".
    • Update a few database calls to use re-use prepared statements. Catch another method of sending outbound messages for profiling.
    • Pruned down many item transfer statements to debug level. Info level only logs transfers to/from collection.
    • Chest item logging is much shorter (one entry per chest, not one per item).
    • Adventure chest DB insert is one statement, not one per item.
    • Added debug logging of chest clearing on adventure state change.
    • Improve some error logging in pizza purchase completion from PayPal
    • Fixed a typo in module text re: de-levelling.
    • Add outbound message profiling
    • Add profiling for db calls. Make a common profiling interface to make it easier to add this to other systems
    • Changes to use a different method of sending messages for profiling
    Custom Games
    • Removed Melvolous the Lich from custom game.
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  2. ratapwnz

    ratapwnz Kobold

    Good job. I feel like im fall in love with this game ;)
  3. xVoid

    xVoid Kobold

    "Don't play drum sound for lobby chat while in battle."
    This still occurs when in the shops however, not sure if that's intended?
  4. Keyser

    Keyser Goblin Champion

    I like that you can see lobby chat from in the game. But please for the love of all things holy get rid of the blinking indicator that someone has said something truly insightful in the lobby.
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  5. Dwedit

    Dwedit Goblin Champion

    Chat is completely broken now, I can't see anyone on the list, and can't see any chat window.

  6. Heretiick

    Heretiick Goblin Champion

    Try spectating a game and coming back out, that fixed for me.
  7. veekay

    veekay Kobold

    No more port 8080 requirement. joy!
  8. Vondrosh

    Vondrosh Kobold

    I'm getting a fair amount of lag in campaign mode since this build release. Not when I'm actually on a battle map but when I start the adventure or collect treasure. Any of those transitions can take over a minute.
  9. Eyesiah

    Eyesiah Kobold

    I too am getting some delays transitioning in and out of battles in campaign. The loot screen in particular pauses twice, once before getting xp, then another 5 mins between that and getting loot.
  10. I can't play anymore. Whenever I try to start a campaign battle, it just hangs on the spinning loading symbol. Please release a hotfix!
  11. teal golem

    teal golem Kobold

    Same here. Before this build I was fine. Takes up to a minute to load into a map or transition to treasure, even with a 20 mbps internet speed. Playing on Firefox on Windows 7.
  12. diondion

    diondion Kobold

    I am also stuck continuing a campaign with a spinning load symbol.

    Using Google Chrome on Win 7.
  13. Gentlecow

    Gentlecow Orc Soldier

    I was having that problem, too, but when I waited long enough... it worked.
  14. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Yup, slow loading - and leaving loot screen confirmed for Firefox as well. No issues in actual battle or on world map.
  15. Gentlecow

    Gentlecow Orc Soldier

    I take that back. After the one game, I have now waited for 10 minutes for the next one to start. I will keep waiting, just to see if it gets there eventually. But the game is currently unplayable.
  16. Luvie

    Luvie Kobold

    Same here. All was fine before new build. Chrome+Win7 here.
    Chrome console says (but don't seem relevant):
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)​

    Its really frustrating, fix pls!! ;_;
  17. Assussanni

    Assussanni Ogre

    Also having problems, stuck with the wheel spinning. The game also took it as me losing a battle when I closed the tab with it left on the introduction page.
  18. ft83

    ft83 Kobold

    Since the last update the campaign is taking ages to load. Please revert the last update!
  19. PostulateMan

    PostulateMan Kobold

    Getting the same issue. Tried in Chrome + Win7 and IE10 + Win8. Endlessly (and fast) spinning load bar. Black fade still on screen with red unclickable buttons behind.

    Username: PostulateMan

    Is there any log on my end that would be helpful?
  20. Dashel

    Dashel Kobold

    Same as above. Cant do campaign and apparently when I try the game treats successive tries as a death.

    Also of note.. not sure if it's related but it seems to want to go into fullscreen mode automatically for me when I log in. I'm prompted with the "cancel/allow " fullscreen box when I log in.

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