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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Megadestructo, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. Capurot

    Capurot Kobold

    This was my first D&D game ever, about a year and a half ago. My caracter was a dwarf, with a loud mouth and a tendency to charge and systematically go berserk. First time we get into a dungeon environment, a door is kicked we discover oozes, three of them. But I don't speak english that well at the time (I was in the US) and felt dumb because I didn't knew what an ooze was. Befitting my caracter's way I just go berserk and charge. I spend the entirety of the fight inside one of the oozes yelling at my party because the acid was melting my armor.
    Definetly my funniest D&D moment.
  2. Ponyboy

    Ponyboy Orc Soldier

    Hmm, midnightish what time zone?
  3. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    Sydney Time. Technically January 31st at 11:59pm. So around 8pm on Wednesday my time (EST). UGH. TIME ZONES.
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  4. Zyzyx66

    Zyzyx66 Kobold

    One of our first games was with a Ravenloft adventure. At the beginning, the party found themselves (not really) locked in a basement, with a strange trap device consisting of a ball of very nasty poison that would break if touched, and a trigger on a timer. They successfully managed to overcome the trigger by blocking the hammer. So far, as DM I was pretty impressed. It wasn't to last though.

    They decided to look for a key to the door (remember, it was unlocked - they never checked) and delved deeper into the basement. Soon they came across a nasty looking giant rat, which they overcame not by fighting it, but by throwing all of their lamp oil supplies around the room and setting it all on fire. They gutted the rat looking for the key (which didn't exist, remember - door not locked) but found nothing, so continued on.

    They came upon a dead end in the form of an underground canal-way, full of crocodiles. Instead of turning back though, they decided that the idea of looking for a key inside innocent animals was a sound strategy. They grabbed a rope and fashioned a fishing (crocodiling?) line from it with a sword as a hook, but the crocodiles weren't interested in grabbing it. That was my hint that they were wasting their time with this idea. They took it to mean they needed bait, and they soon realised they had the perfect bait in the form of a charred, gutted giant rat.

    Well, a croc took the bait, but given the relative strengths of a croc and a half-elf ranger, hauling it in didn't go well. The ranger failed a reflex save and was pulled into the canal with dozens of hungry reptiles. The other characters thought quickly, and came up with a plan to save him. The fighter tied a rope to a spear and attempted to get the ranger out by throwing the spear nearby. A natural 20 result meant that the throw was a little TOO good, and went straight into the ranger's leg. On the plus side, they did manage to pull him out in one piece.

    Well at this stage the party had a flash of realisation - nobody had actually thought to check if the door leading out of the basement was unlocked. I heaved a sigh of relief. They went back into the first room and checked the door handle - success! Finally we could actually start the real quest!

    They were jubilant. One of them thought that the ball of poison in the trap would come in handy down the line so grabbed it to take with them... The ball of poison that shattered if so much as lightly tapped, that is. It exploded, and all of the players catastrophically failed their saves and choked to death on noxious fumes.

    What we all took away from that game was that we thought WAY too much, and that Ravenloft is a brutal campaign setting.
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  5. Goliathxxx

    Goliathxxx Kobold

    My favourite moment took place many years ago, the first time I played Hero Quest with my friends.
    We had to have a fight with Zargon and survive. Long fight but we killed him. Since that day every sunday we play role adventures but I´ll never forget that day.
  6. I wish it would be tomorrow, just like tomorrow would be christmas
  7. Ryuuji

    Ryuuji Orc Soldier

    Crossing all my fingers and toes and hairs and organs ......
  8. Scyrax

    Scyrax Mushroom Warrior

    Don't cross your lungs too hard. That could be problematic.
  9. skip_intro

    skip_intro Ogre

    Whatever happened to that Thrash Metal Band, eh? :cool:
  10. Gabe

    Gabe Kobold

    It was an AD&D 2e game. Our party had been captured by a group of kobolds (yes, we were low level) and my thief managed to slip his bonds and, somehow, alert the kobolds.
    For some reason, these stupidos didn't remove all of our equipment, but they did remove our weapons and armor. I figured I could possibly sneak back in to rescue my allies later, so I hightailed it out of there.
    Alone, with no weapons or armor and about 40 kobolds on my tail. All I had on me was an empty backpack, a sack filled with jerky, a light source of some kind (memory is fuzzy on that part) and dried fruits and a bag of marbles. So I ran as fast as my legs could carry me.
    I guess the DM REALLY wanted the whole party captured because he decided that around the next bend was....a sheer cliff.
    That's when the lightbulb went off in my head. I got as close ot the cliff edge as possible and poured out my marbles. Several Dex checks and the screams of falling kobolds later, and it was me and two kobolds left. The kobolds quickly ran away.
    Man, did I get some SWEET XP for that.
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  11. bazzaman

    bazzaman Mushroom Warrior

    And the winners are.........................................
  12. Ponyboy

    Ponyboy Orc Soldier

    We'll find out tonight hopefully. They are closing the thread at about 8pm tonight EST, and then hopefully soon after will have the winners. But that all depends on how many they have aleady read and how many come in between now and when they close it.
  13. theSovereign

    theSovereign Mushroom Warrior

    Wow, i was confused and thought we had to wait one more day.. nice. Hope dies last, so I am now going to clean up my place in preparation ;)
  14. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    Yeah. I kind of underestimated the amount of answers I'd get between here and Facebook. Totes my fault. But I'm going to power through as many of them as possible (have already been doing so) and picking out ones for the team to decide on.

    If things are delayed then I apologize and please blame me for it. Seriously, I'm going to do my best to be as quick and fair as possible!
  15. FalconGK81

    FalconGK81 Orc Soldier

    How many are on facebook? Is the 20 invites for the whole collection, or 20 here and 20 facebook?
  16. Ryuuji

    Ryuuji Orc Soldier

    Whole collection.
  17. FalconGK81

    FalconGK81 Orc Soldier

  18. bazzaman

    bazzaman Mushroom Warrior

    I thought you had to post on the forums to be entered into the comp, eg boosting the number of people using the forums.

    What if some people posted on both and fluke a key from both areas................. ahhhh just so looking forward to playing this game.
  19. Donnola

    Donnola Mushroom Warrior

    Same as what i tought, i did both anyway just to be sure :p
    If (big, big IF) i happen to get both, i'll just give one to my personal winner, chosen from people who already didn't win one :)
  20. Prinegon

    Prinegon Kobold

    This story may not be pg13 cause of horrific elements, please consider this, before you go on reading.

    To understand the situation i want to describe, since this story takes place in a selfmade world, I should start with a short summary of the plot.
    We got information about a man, who wanted to free a chaotic god out of his prison, what would result in the destruction or enslavement of the whole world. The sad thing is, since this man was reborn, the world recognised him as a holy man, a messiah, and nobody expected him to be evil. During the campaign everything we tried to stop him failed and he managed to get the trust of nearly every authority in the world. In other words: We really were desparate. Since one of the players played an undead mage, we had the possibility to get into contact with a possible ally, a ghoul-lich duke, who could be willing to support us against this false messiah. So we were invited to dinner to his mansion to negotiate the companionship and further relations.

    As one could imagine, a "dinner" with a ghoul is not the most plesant event to happen, but here we where, a paladin, his apprentice, a child and an undead mage, trying to "show him theeth and smile, - because he would be the only possible ally left - while the ghoul duke tries to convince this group, him to be civilized and gulping a rare done girl with an apple in her mouth at the same time.
    This "dinner" was the most disturbing and horrorfying moment in my roleplay-life, the athmosphere, the gamemaster created with this dinner was giving me goose bumps, the reactions of the group, ranging from disbelief to disgust and absolute horror, where beautifully played by every player, the hopelessness of our situation was a greater horror, than every danger , I ever faced, could ever have been.
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