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  1. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    We've got a bunch of Keys ready to hand out and we know there are plenty of people looking to get their hands on one, but to make this a bit more interesting for everyone involved we're having a bit of a contest! Yesterday we asked on our Facebook page about your first character death in a pen-and-paper role-playing game and we've gotten a ton of awesome and hilarious responses. It reminded all of us about our various untimely demises throughout the years, but also the amazing triumphs and just plan fun times we've had playing.

    So the question is, what is one of your favorite rp gaming moments? It doesn't have to be about a character death or a miraculous triumph (though it could be), just a moment where everyone was having an absolute blast!

    Just jot down a short paragraph and by midnight, Thursday (Sydney time, GMT+10) and we'll pick 20 of our favorites for a Beta Key! We'll be posting this on the Facebook page as well and we'll be sure to collect our favorites for everyone to check out!

    Remember, just a paragraph will do as I'm sure we'll have *plenty* to go through. Now get crackin'!
  2. TokyoDan

    TokyoDan Mushroom Warrior

    This sucks. I've never played such a game.
  3. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    You've got one week to engage in this incredibly fun activity and then write about it! :)

    Also someone posted a Guild Wars 2 story on our Facebook page. Something like that would also be acceptable!
  4. Toerpoerdoeg

    Toerpoerdoeg Kobold

    AD&D session back somewhere in the early '90-s:
    The party is just at the gates of a misterious fortress and they are hopeless, for they have ran out of ideas of how to get in. They have tried everything, brute force, wits, deceit, magic, but none of them helped.
    Just when they are about to give up, the thief character quickly snaps the dice, rolls, and begins to laugh insanely.
    " -What is it? Why do you laugh? What happened?" -asks everybody.
    "- I did it! I did it" - chokes the rogue of his own laughter.
    " -What? Did you manage to lock-pick the gates"?
    -" Nope! I just stole the entire fortress" :)
  5. Shaun

    Shaun Kobold

    A bit of a you-had-to-be-there, but I've never laughed so hard.

    Player #1: He owes us money. We should go break his knees.
    Player #2: Agreed. I'll do it.
    [ Note: #2's character was cursed such that they were bound to using a specific sword at the time ]
    Player #1: You can't use a sword to break knees. We don't want to kill him.
    [ At this point the players (all 6 of them) get into a lengthy and more-spirited-than-necessary argument about knees, debts, and swords. The argument is getting old by the end. ]
    Player #2: Forget it. I take a swing at player #1.
    GM: Well, due to the curse you have to use your sword.
    Player #2: That's fine.
    GM: Roll to hit.
    Player #2: Oh crap. 20.
    [ GM: rolls the crit tables and begins to laugh. ]
    GM: [tearing up with laughing] Right knee. Broken.

    It was something like a 1 in 400 chance not counting getting the crit in the first place. We can't do anything but laugh for a good 10 minutes...

    Player #1: I stand corrected.

    [Edited to fix some 1s and 2s]
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  6. Ryaken

    Ryaken Kobold

    The first time I ever played a tabletop game I came in in the middle of a combat. I was an old, retired dwarf warrior, Leslie, who saw some adventurers in a jam. After cutting a bloody swath through several kobolds, I went to help the main party defeat the last remaining kobold who was trying to run away. As I was running in, I saw that everyone had just missed their attacks, and I knew that I had to take extreme action. In-between me and the kobold was an 8-foot tall boulder, and I didn't have the unnecessary movement to run around and catch him, so I asked the DM if I could jump on top of it. He said it would be hard, but I could try. I rolled, and got a 19, which let me stay in my dead sprint as I did a flip onto the rock. I then lunged off the rock, two handed ax raised above my head as I let out a battle cry as I crit the kobold and tore him in half with dwarven steel.
  7. Gentley

    Gentley Kobold

    In one of my first sessions of DSA, we were send to a remote castle. On the way there we were ambushed. My mighty mercenary managed to critically hit himself with his twohander in the very first round, leaving us struggling to survive the very first enemies of the scenario. As if this wasnt "fun" enough the GM commented the battle with the words "well, that was supposed to be a little meaningless random encounter, good luck surviving the real adventure now".

    We didnt :(
  8. agassparkle

    agassparkle Kobold

    We were ready to fight a big group of mobs. Two paladins , a mage , a fighter and a barbarian. We were so full of our selves that we thought we are gonna win this for sure. We started taking down the ogres one by one.
    But as a mage i got a bad feeling when i saw my fireball froze in the air. I couldn't move , in fact no one was moving. Swords raised high and stayed like that. One of the ogres blood was paused in the air like a mist.
    That moment i realized that we were affected by time stop spell. I saw the mage that have done it, he was just passing in front of me with a devious smile on his face. Than he moved towards to one of the paladins which they had a bad background with. The mage pulled out a small gem from his pocket and hold it in front of the paladin. That moment i saw a light passing through from the paladin to the stone and the stone started to glove with a feint light.
    When the mage was gone my fireball blasted on the last standing ogre and the paladins soulless body was collapsing to the ground.
  9. Donnola

    Donnola Mushroom Warrior

    Level 5-ish dungeon, lots of homemade rules for combat and the party is battling some zombies.
    The fight goes on and the group's thief find himself cornered by a couple of enemies.
    He thinks for a moment and gets a great idea: "i'll just use my acrobatics to jump off the wall and on top of the zombies!"
    ...awkward silence for a couple of seconds while everyone is considering the idea...

    Then i go: "What are you? ****ing Super Mario?", while having a go at the theme song.
    Everyone was laughing for a good couple of minutes :D

    p.s. please lock this thread at post #20 so i can be in! :p
  10. Corlag

    Corlag Kobold

    While playing RIFTS, my brother's character and mine were sparing, when a friend entered the room with a fresh pot of coffee. My character had a coffee addiction, and couldn't control himself when he smelled fresh coffee. I ended up flipping my brother's character into our friend, knocking the coffee pot out of his hand, and caught it by the handle before it could hit the floor. This began a full on brawl to win the coffee. While we were fighting over the fresh brew, our base was infiltrated and attacked by a gang of marauders. They managed to abscond with our supplies, which included our coffee supply. As you can imagine from the previously mentioned events, this started a full on war to hunt down the thieves and recover our precious coffee supply.

    Good times.
  11. Tkags

    Tkags Kobold

    So this happened last summer at my grandparents. My uncle, little brother, Grandfather (Yes I'm not joking), and I where playing Talisman the board game. So it's my grandfathers turn, who rolls and lands on a plains. This said planes held a beast which beat my Uncle and took my little brother out of the game. As an Elf with only one health left and an attack of 6(+1 from sword) we though he was a goner. Not only does he roll a 6 we roll a 1 and he slays the dragon. We all started yelling at that point and end up scaring the dogs. The best part is that by the end of the game where he wins he took out a total of 3 dragons. He learned something form his days in the air force, because he certainly knew how to roll some dice. He is now know as the "Dragon Slayer" when ever he plays (Take that Dovakin!) and we retired the Elf card and figure when hes not there to use it.
  12. I posted this on the Facebook page but I thought I'd share it here:

    One of my favorite moments by far was at the end of a year long campaign, we had finally confronted the Big Bad. My character was a paladin with quite exceptional saving throws who was constantly upsetting the DM's attempts to get me with spells. Finally he pulled out the dreaded Maze spell. Looking at my stats the only way to succeed was to roll a 20. As I tossed that die, it was like slow motion, every impact of the die reverberating through the room. BOOM BOOOM BOOOM! NATURAL 20! In your face Bob! We went on to defeat the mad wizard, but that was not nearly as sweet as defeating the DM's clutch spell to stop an erstwhile paladin.
  13. This may not sound really right cause was on portuguese language that happened.

    While playing D&D 3.5 the groupe entered in a room so the Dungeon Master described.
    -You see a small room with nobody inside, just an closed, a bed and a nightstand. (nightstand on portuguese are "criado-mudo" verbal translation are "Mute-Servant")
    One of the playes sayed;
    -I will open the closed to search for somebody inside.
    -I already told that has nobody at the room.
    -And what about the Mute-servant?
    -WTF?! LoL!

    Well, i hope thats fun on this crazy translation, was pretty fun at the time.
  14. Naxgul

    Naxgul Kobold

    The following conversation was, ambivalently, golden:
    "How much for a room?"
    "A gold piece a night"
    "What?! A gold piece a night, your mom!"

    (Paraphrased from Hebrew)
  15. There are so Many Table top moments, but i will give you one of my all time favorites.....
    We were in a castle looking for an evil necromancer. There were all these Gothic statues around the castle. Some of them had there hands outstretched, as if wanting something. Now, we had, in an earlier encounter, gotten separated. My warrior was with our Paladin, a very strong yet very dim witted chap. We approached one of the gargoyals and I, on a whim, placed a gold piece in its hand. The gold piece vanished. Elsewhere in the castle, at the same time, our elven druid, on a whim, placed a sandwich in an outstretched hand, it vanished and a gold piece appeared in front of her while the sandwich appeared in front of me and the Palidan. The Palidin got this excited gleam in his eye, reached in his pouch and pulled out a gold piece. He confidently strode up to the gargoyal, placed the Gold Piece in the outstretched hand, and shouted 'BEER!'

    We laughed ourselves hoarse.
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  16. Glenn42

    Glenn42 Kobold

    AD&D Character: Conan the Dim (Str =18/93 Int=4).
    Coming up to a dilapidated house with 3 steps leading to a porch, a large spider comes out the front door. Conan, pulls out his Battle Axe and attacks.
    He runs and hits the steps and has to roll against his dex (14)
    Step #1: Roll=1 (Damn!) Trips over the step
    Step #2 Roll=1 (CRAP!) Trips over the step
    Step #3 Roll =1 (REALLY?!?) Trips over the step.

    Conan leaps into the air in an attempt to stave in the spider's skull.
    Leap Roll=1 (OH COME ON!!!!)
    Conan swings his battle axe over his head and slams it into a beam in the roof of the porch, lodging it there. Conan is now hanging from the handle of his battle axe like an over-sized pinata. Needless to say, much bloodshed (most of it Conan's) happened over the next few minutes
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  17. Artticus

    Artticus Kobold

    I think it we was playing 3rd edition and my Friend rolled on a chest and known it was a trap and was trying to disarm it with his polearm. you see when he rolled and found out it was a trap my Bard was in the other room and walked in with him fiddling with it. without saying a word i shove him out of the way and throw open the chest! the DM told us to roll a dodge check. i roll a 20 and my other two teammate that was in the room both rolled under 5 so the one right in front of the chest dident get a scratch but the other two; feet away got blasted. it was Hilarius.
  18. victorkl28

    victorkl28 Kobold

    It was a Star Wars D20 campaign, back in 2008.

    I was a Outcast Jedi Consular hunting some mercenaries under empire service. My group consisted of me, a outcast Jedi Knight and some sort of Space Marine equivalent whose class I can't remember. We were in the middle of Tatooine's desert and our ride left us 20km away from where we triangulated the mercenaries position. A few km in, we could see a bunker in the distance, and getting around it would take too much time, we were in a hurry. We scanned the bunker using the force, and it revealed there was 5 lifeforms inside, so we could easily engage them or create a diversion and walk past them. The Knight created a sandstorm to distract them and scramble their possible sensors, while I tried and bury them under gigantic amounts of sand (I could easily do that SWTFU trailer thing, where the apprentice makes a Star Destroyer fall from the sky), but I failed the dice roll, managing to bury only half of the bunker. Eventually we engaged and were all killed to their flamthrowers.
  19. Donnola

    Donnola Mushroom Warrior

    Wish we could post more, like the one time in which my brother's friends were playing LOTR-rpg and i casually wandered by the table. I was asked to make a couple of rolls for the Orc attacking Gandalf... it went something like 1st roll 97 -> roll again -> 99 -> roll again (Gandalf player panicking) -> 100! GM looks at a couple of tables, while the table was completely silent: "The orc takes the best swing an Orc could ever, ever do and... CHOPS GANDALF'S HEAD OFF IN ONE STRIKE!". Had to flee the room while Gandalf's player was still shaking his head...
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  20. Madcow

    Madcow Kobold

    I thought it would be nice, to put a little bit more effort into the presentation for my entry.
    After the audience fell down into the colloseum, we could not keep from laughing.
    You should always use your magic wisely. ;)
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