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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Will-, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    Bleneth's Skull surely is a must buy. Nifty Alberd... is nice (only tokenless weapon carrying NS), but overall it's not that great a weapon, I wouldn't call it a no-brainer. It's going to be more helpful in SP than in MP. Ofc just grab it anyways, if you can spend the additional 500g.
  2. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    I would call it a no brainer. You might be clogging your deck with those weak chops, but what other no-token weapon provides you with two moves range 4.
  3. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Nifty Halberd is great, I use it in SP all the time when I can't afford a Lochaber.

    Troll's Ire is the only good low-level weapon with Shredding Strike besides Keen Baselard. Everything else requires a (majortoken). I would buy it.

    Shimmering Helm + Shimmering Hood: I would play Shimmering Hood if I know I can't count on enemies with magic being alive the whole time; they are both good, but the helmets I use most often are helmets with traits. Use one or the other.

    Rant: Staff Of Peril VS Unstable Staff
    Let's do a side-by-side comparison.
    @ Arcane Curse (2 range/ 1 damage)
    * Unstable Bolt (4 range/ 4 damage)

    5/5/5/@/@/* Staff of Peril
    4/4/2/2/*/* Unstable Staff

    So Unstable measures up at 12 +8 damage for all 6, while Staff of Peril has 15+ 4 damage in just 4 cards, plus the two Arcane Curse.
    So Unstable, has 4 electric attacks plus two Arcane.
    Peril has 3 electrical attacks plus one Arcane and two Unholy magics. Seems like Unstable gets the most benefit from Spark Generator.
    So Peril has like 5 more Electrical damage in just 3 cards, but it has two Arcane Curse instead of Spark and Unstable Bolt. Arcane Curse, more than anything else, has pitiful range and damage. Seems to me that Staff of Peril would be good for maps where you need to move towards your enemies, while Unstable Staff would be good for maps where you have a clear Line of Sight and you can use range 4-6 attacks.
    However, are there any specific adventure where having 5 damage attacks is a necessity? I can imagine that Deadly Spark is ideal for killing Servants and Mercenaries. But even still...
    I think the only advantage to Staff of Peril is that Deadly Spark can't be blocked by Weak Block. So, if you are facing enemies like Goblins or Kobolds with Weak Block, this would be a good item to use.
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  4. el_minster

    el_minster Kobold

    Ok folks, im new to cardhunter and hope you gonna help me. :)

    Here comes my second radimars: And, as I dont got so much perfect stuff yet, this list is going to be very long... :p

    Legendary: none :( (why? very sad, bad but not that bad as I dont have the money...)


    Lochaber Axe : seems to be a must buy, as I am still using Bejeweled Shortsword (twice) on my dwarf warrior. Or did I miss a good alternative?
    Long-handled Mace: seems to be very good and comes with lots of different cards, would buy it after Lochaber Axe.

    Whorl: is very tempting. However I am unsure how good Arcane Burst is. Any experience? Lifesaving Block as the only mage card in game seems fantastic.

    Arcane Item:
    Haseks Icy Ring: I want to freeze with my mage, but as I play with 2 melee guys Cone Of Cold seems to be problematic.
    Stookster's Amulet: I play with Orb Of Flames right now, for one Firestorm, but its too expensive as there are better items this week.


    Rageblood Dagger: Im unsure how bad 1 Raging Strike can be, I wouldnt buy it because the other two epic weapons are better. Or is it worth a buy?

    Tough Leather Cap: Im using Major's Helmet and am very pleased with it, but an All Out Attack is tempting.

    Buckler Of Protection: Ive seen better ones, but Defender's Block and Lifesafingblock seem great cards.

    Goat Boots: As above, there are better, maybe still for my dwarf warrior (he uses Off-balance Boots Rigth now, which I love)

    Dwarf skill:
    Perfekt Ferocity: I got both Apprentice and Novice Ferocity, find both better as they are tokenless.

    Martial skill:
    Novice Crushing: Yes I want Crusher, but the other two cards are bull****.

    Subzero Staff. I instant bought it. Seems perfect for my strategy to rush with Dwarf Warrior and Human Priest. :)

    Mantle Of Insinct. Hmm. Seems to be to bad for one gold token. MyTempest Robes are feeling better.

    Skipping Boots. Instant bought it. Love Flank Move and Healing Dash for my mage, Reliable Hide Armor is not bad.

    Human skill:
    Perfect Command. Flanking Move and two good team pushes, but one golden token. Very unsure to take it, like my advanced flexibility.

    Divine item:
    Ebony Prayer Beads. I instant bougth, then I thought "why"? Dunno if card drawing is clever with only one priest.

    Divine skill:
    Manifold Healer. Instant buy, and imho worth it. Seems like best priest skill in game.

    Thanks for replies! :)
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  5. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    One of the best weapons in the game.

    Giving your warriors Arrogant Armor will solve that problem.

    Still one of the better weapons in the game.

    This is good.

    Only way to get Crusher without spending a token. I just bought this for myself.

    This is great for leagues where you need all the Teleport you can get, but Cloak Of Insinct is cheaper.
  6. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator


    And welcome to the game!
  7. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Sorry Kalin, but "giving your guys two "Arrogant Armor" cards each is not going to solve his problem. Also, he says he is a new player with little funds, so what are the odds he has picked up something anyways??

    Perfect Command is one of few playable Human Skills, so if you need one buy it.
    Goat Boots are great to have.
    Rageblood Dagger is another good weapon. Very useful! Between this and Lochaber Axe, you should have 2-6 total so that you can outfit your warrior(s) with good weapons.

    Tough Leather Cap is OK, but you should consider Necalli Cap.

    Long-Handled Mace has damage, damage, and more damage plus one bad card (Unreliable Block). It's a trick! There is not actually a good variety of cards here! You can probably pass on this one.

    Whorl is an odd weapon, but it tends to do more damage to my allies than to my enemies. Lifesaving Block isn't too useful to a wizard either.
    You can pass on Stooksters Amulet, it is pretty expensive for you and not much better than Storm Circlet.

    As for Hasek's Icy Ring, it's a nice item although I prefer Hylithia's Wand or Xochu's Icy Circlet. Long story short, buy it if you can't wait to use it, and if not just wait for one to drop. However, you will find Cone Of Cold is most useful in campaign.
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  8. el_minster

    el_minster Kobold

    Is this as good as Impenetrable Nimbus? I mean, as I cant use it with that armor. But it seems a good option as I dont like Mass Frenzy. At the moment im using Grounding Plates and Heavy Armor

    I got Round Jade Stone and Stone Of Shards with teleport already, but I gonna give it a try.
  9. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    If you do happen to have a Heavy Armor and a Divine Armor with 2 Arrogant Armor each, and assuming that you are currently using a 1/1/1 party, then sure! Use the Cone of Cold and ditch the Nimbus for some healing or Oak Roots.

    Post your build in the deck-building forum if you like.
  10. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    Oh! One other thing which I assumed you knew, but if you don't I realized would be highly valuable to note. Things get cheaper as your renown goes up, so... if you don't already have your renown up, get it as high as you can throughout the week and then buy from Randimar at the end of the week after you've raised your renown but before Randimar resets. Will save you some gold! :D
  11. el_minster

    el_minster Kobold

    I want two humans in my party. Im hearing always they are not the best, but I want to play them anyway.

    Tend to buy them.

    That was kind of the thing I suspected, I wait for cool fire staffs then. As I just bougth a 1-month-membership, I wait for this and the other for treasure. For the weapons, I have to think some days about that. Most probably gonna buy the epics.
  12. Squidy

    Squidy Hydra

    Two weeks he has been playing and he allready have the funds for some epics in Randimar so imo don't worry about his renown, that's the seed of a future MVP.

    As for my advices...

    -Buy Lochaber
    -Skip the mace and the whorl (you get one for free in the lvl 18 treasure hunts anyway if it turns out to be really needed at some point)
    -The Icy Ring is the best item with double ice cold. It is mostly used for quests.
    -Amulet: you'll want a firestorm team as soon as possible. This is a tokenless FS item and you should prioritize FS tokenless items over anything else. But ok in this case Lochaber wins but this would be 2nd in my must buy list.

    As for the rares, try to register in as many leagues as you can, even if it's to not play a single match. Just for registring, for the price of 50 gold (half the price of a rare at Randi's) you get 3 Magnificent Chests, means at least 3 random rares and most likely way more. It goes up to 1 epic chest (two guaranteed epic+) + 2 Magni if you finish first of your pod. None of your rares are a must have, especialy not the manifold healer. If you want to play with talented healer, better use the item that has 3 copies of it.
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  13. zwergonfire

    zwergonfire Kobold

  14. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    I don't play warriors in SP at all - just a priest and two wizards. Some people play only wizards AFAIK :)

    Well, it's nice but nothing really spectacular, and he wrote that he cannot buy all the wonderful stuff he's got. The Ire isn't really needed in SP (see above), and I really doubt it's going to be played in MP while Lochaber Axe costs the same.

    He asked whether the Helm is much better than the Hood. And it obviously is.

    Both tokenless staves aren't going to be your primary staves anyway. And you aren't generally going to draw all these attacks or play them, if your primary weapon are Firestorms. All you need from a tokenless staff is some good attacks to finish your enemies + no problems in farming. Staff of Peril just allows you to farm without thinking whether you should risk moving with Unstable Bolt or not. Just discard your bad cards if you cannot play them. Unstable Staff doesn't allow such behaviour, since it has too little damage without the Unstable Bolts. Note that the Firestorms can leave your mage in a few HPs, and a failed Unstable Bolt check can really kill him!
  15. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    It's a great item, but pricey both in terms of gp and token. If you have the funds, buy it. I'd snap it up in a heartbeat if I could get it.
  16. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    Hmm. Team Heal is a good card, but I seriously doubt that three of them are worth spending a yellow token. You can get them from Healing Hand Mace (epic) and many other items. When I spend a yellow token on a divine item, it's either St. Ulrich's Bones or Bleneth's Skull :)
  17. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

  18. zwergonfire

    zwergonfire Kobold

    Thanks for all the replies everyone. I've only got the cash for the nifty and one legendary, so I think it will be Bleneth's Skull! ^__^
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  19. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

  20. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    The Ring of Majestic Healing is great for Firestorm. I use the Majestic ring, plus 2x Jygpin's Healing Ring, in the leagues.
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