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    Eh, Yvette's is cool but here's the thing. Parrying Buckler gets you three card draws on block for a (minortoken), and isn't triggered by garbage ranged like probing for defender's with say one fork of a triple heal or an arcane feedback. It's going to go on your support, who will find more use in Fabrian's Shield with its defender's and two catch arrows.

    Bleneth's is the most focused mass frenzy item at (minortoken), but you can get MF quite a number of ways, including on some pretty sweet weapons. Not worth buying unless you have crazy money.

    Reap The Whirlwind has its uses on maps like Triple Duel in say a cushion/howl build (to force the enemies off the VP with 3/6 cards), but again that's a pretty specific use if you're low on funds and going to miss a Snitrick's or a Vasyl's down the road.

    The rest are junk.
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    I would argue that Yvette's Buckler is better than Fabrian's shield and parrying buckler for priests, especially in a melee heavy meta. Surging block is sorely needed because priests have low mobility, and it's good to bait and block-check with a priest who has an extra move + surging block. You can get around the garbage probing by managing the distances between your characters/ facing of priests until you need the defender's block.

    The problem with parrying buckler or Fabrian's shield for a priest is that both become almost useless in a particular matchup. Vs wizard teams, parrying buckler is 3 dead cards, while versus melee teams, Fabrian's shield is 2 dead cards. Also, parrying buckler does not allow you to protect your warrior's buffs or frenzy aura, making it a weaker choice for support priests.

    Yvette's, on the other hand, has a maximum of 1 dead card for any matchup, and that's why it's used more often in top tier decks (sucre's for example), instead of Fabrian's Shield.
  3. vitreo84

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    It is the 1st time i hear an advice to spend gold on legendary shield. There are shield that are worth to buy?

    About Reap the Whirlwind you can use it but only to build a deck based on violent spin so yeah it is also a niche item.

    About Medallion i like more bleneth frenzy charm, for tokenless or bleneneth frenzy skull for 1 yellow.

    About pellucid Shield i advise you to use Aegis of defender since a weak chop can remove block, a flimsy block can only help you with wizard with teleport and only if you draw it at the right time. you have to save block card in your hand so it is a good idea using defender block and other card that you can simply use.
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  5. Sasoo8

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    Looks like you have no items in your Randimar’s that are absolute must-buys, but there are some “nice to have’s"

    Atomic Drop Console— Great niche item for rad bomb builds
    Leomunk's Kickin’ Boots— This and Pwindle’s boots are two of the best energizing move boots. I like to use Leomunk’s or Pwindles for large maps like the ones in this map rotation.
    Prillith's Robes Of Pain — Edit: Not a medium robe item, that would be Prillith’s Robes of Spite. Thanks for the correction McKeen! This item is not recommended to be bought.
    White Flame — Along with Overheated Staff and Red Flame, it’s one of the best sources of instant burns. However, it’s slightly less useful than overheated staff and red flame (overheated staff costs 1 token less and has cycling, and red flame has ember bursts)

    Cintxotl Mail — Along with Cleansing Shroud, it’s one of the best priest armors you can choose. Since it’s Epic, though, and will eventually drop several copies, I would probably not spend gold on it if you already have cleansing shroud.
    St. Elar's Opposite Droplets — Great niche item for walpurgis builds
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  6. mckeen

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  7. Kalin

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    Magma Scepter is a great item for SP, I usually have several equipped.
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  8. vitreo84

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    I have in my RR a 2nd Gloomthirst http://wiki.cardhuntria.com/wiki/Items/Gloomthirst it is good to have a priest with 2 of that? i think that is a good way to have both of card on my char. I have no idea on the card that a draw priest should use as divine item. Maybe 2 x Accelerate Thought can help?
  9. Sasoo8

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    Having two gloomthirsts on a priest is great for focused card draw, but if you are using a lot of traits or if the opponents is using purges, your accelerated thoughts and unholy energies can be wiped out prematurely.

    In my experience, a good combination is gloomthirst, stargod’s, and 2 ulriches for card draw.

    You can also consider Quickmind Spear, Gloom thirst, 2 blesses, and 2 Ebony prayer beads.
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  10. vitreo84

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    Quickmind look cheaper since it is a common item, of course still has armor of faith that is a card to attach, so i see that a purge weakness will remain...unless i use armor of faith on my opponent to remove his attachment :D AHAH armor of faith + bad luck + mind would would be almost a purge :D
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  12. Kalin

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  13. vitreo84

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    Dangerous Club is for league like Chess Madness and other deck focused on block removal, so you can invest gold to power up a focused team for a single purpose. A strongarm is cheaper and more useful for farming the campaign quickly of course :)
    About Wym's there are little use for ancient grudge but it is the best item to get it, maybe you can think to use one for wizard, but maybe you can just save your gold, it is not a priority.
  14. vitreo84

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  15. Gingrich Yurr

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    Get the Hawkwind's, I wouldn't buy anything else. Pergop's is good too but it is very rarely used.

    Hawkwind's if you have gold to spare, I often use 3 pairs on my party. Bloody Command is an interesting consideration but with so many strong Human Skills nowadays I would pass on it. I would buy Overheated Staff if you dont have White Flame or 2 Red Flames because you need at least 1 Instant Burn staff on a fire wizard. Personally I use Overheated Staff over White Flame on my fire wizard because I need more Minor Tokens for the fire Arcane Items.
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    Meztis Wyrmhide Robes is the only source of double Mystical Wyrmhide. If that's your cup of tea, especially for, say, the Castle Mitternacht adventures $;^ J then it can be worth it imo, depending what your gold stock looks like. At this point, I can't recall whether I won or bought mine, but it's certainly come in handy for me.
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  20. Kalin

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