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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Will-, Sep 22, 2013.

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    As that one's not available, the point is somewhat moot. I am leaning towards Troll's Ire at this point. I've done 15 adventures thus far today and am saving pre-made parties as I go, which means that things should be faster the next time I play each of these.
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    "Just buy everything in shop - it will help in the long run"
    - BVD Inc. ©
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    For single player Troll's Ire may be better or may be not better. For me that never was a consideration for my puchases since I only use Vamps, Mages or Buff Priest in single player. They are much more versatile (priests) or inflect much more damage (mages). Since Firebrand is the only one usable for that parties, it would be an easy purchase.
    For Multiplayer it should also be the Firebrand for reasons mentioned above.
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    I have to disagree strongly. Most of the legendaries and epics are just garbage. The second Vibrant Pains is much much better than the first Bolg's Club of Evasion.

    Your statement only holds if you have unlimited access to gold (or at least to buy everything). Even in the periods where I played way too much, I was not able to buy every item.
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    For a collector such as myself - I recommend buying everything if you have the gold for it, unless you have max usable of it.
    Also this is mostly a joke not serious - though I am (a bit more) serious about the quote above ↑↑
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    For collecting purposes it will help, that is true. And if another big nerf will come, it will also help. But the items which are really usable for multiplayer are just a small amount of the items available.
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    Well, as I suspected, I haven't had time to play much at all the last few days, and won't tomorrow either and so I think I won't manage to scrape the cash together for any of the legendaries before the shop resets. But I just got Ewix's Evolving Ensemble out of a league reward chest. This kinda just makes me want Korenchkin's Tactical Tunic all the more as that would mean I have one of each of the items offering adaptable (I already own the divine armour as that's what I spent all my gold on last week). Is the set of three genuinely useful? Maybe not terribly so. Is it awesomely cool? Definitely!
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  11. St. Olaf's Fiery Pike and Phantom Pain are the two items that tempt me in the current RR. I don't have any of either yet. While I do have Illusion, Phantom Pain seems a reasonable alternative for when I don't need that many Illusory Barrier copies and would rather have a more offensively-oriented staff... not that I play wizards that often outside of SP where they're for Firestorm, Volcano, Accelerate Time and Arcane Burst. The pike is much more tempting for me mostly because I'm much more likely to use it more of the time, I think, as well as it's cheaper and I'm not exactly rolling in gold.

    There's a Slice And Dice as well, but at present the two warriors in my ranked trio use Bejeweled Shortsword, Vibrant Pain (got exactly two), and Strongarm (ditto, exactly two right now), and I have some interesting alternatives like a Cat'Leth and a pair of Nova Axes, and four copies of Double-Edged Sword and two Flashing Longspear; so while Slice And Dice seems pretty respectable for major/minor, I can't really say that my warriors are lacking decent weapons.

    (There's also a Strongarm in the Daily Deal, but I'm really not sure about running a third. Running three warriors pretty much drops buff/purge power; running two Strongarm on a single warrior saves tokens at the cost of mobility, but... I'm not sure what I'd do with them.)

    There's a second copy of Stargod's Raiments, which is one of very few ways to get Bless, but as noted I already have one copy, and I've had poor results with multi-priest setups so far -- granted, that's mostly with experiments in radiation spray and I don't have any Irradiator setups.
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    I wouldn't get any. Bern's is super conditional now. It used to be insanely good back when Encumber could reduce you to 0 movement, but now it hurts just as much as it helps by removing your own buffs.
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    I would get the 3rd Heartripper before any of the other items though not if you don't have an immediate plan for it. I don't think I've ever used more than 2 myself.

    Get St. Olf's Fiery Pike post haste. Also, what's the interaction between Radiation Spray and Bless that I'm missing?

    When you use Bern's Untouchable Mail you are generally playing without buffs so you'll probably want the second if you're using 2 warriors. Bloome's Barging Boots is neat but I don't think it's worth the major token unless you're specifically trying for max damage Rocket Charge achievement, in which case Sky Traveller's Boots work just as well. My advice for niche items like these (which I have a bad habit of breaking all the time) is to not buy them if you won't use them.

    P.S. There is no achievement for overloaded Rocket Charges...yet. ;)
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    These boots are good for bashing warriors, as 2 lunging bashes on BOOTS are almost like a tokenless weapon themselves.
  16. Oh, no connection -- just noting that I normally have only one priest, so only one divine armor slot, and that the last time I used multiple it was a rather unsuccessful experiment based on spraying radiation around. But unless I find a multiple priest build I like, no reason to have two copies of any divine armor even if it does have nice cards.

    I do find Bless useful in single-player, for facilitating volcano + accelerated time, of course... :D but even then I'm running 2 wiz/1 pri, not 2 pri 1 wiz.
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    Cedric's Helm is probably something you'd want to have 3 of. Charm can be useful, but it's usually better to just equip Bleneth's Skull instead. Lunginator is good as well, tbh. Worth picking if you're trying for the 3x Lunginator warrior or for a bashing deck. If you'd get spare cash, I'd go for it.

    From all of there, I'd insta-buy Cedric's Helm.
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    Here I am again, thanks for last time hints.

    Nothing really interesting this week, so just one quick question for you. Is Bleneth's Skull worth a major power token?
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