Rageblood dagger vs Nifty Halberd

Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by PenPenguin, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. PenPenguin

    PenPenguin Kobold

    For my team, 2 warriors each with bejeweled and a WoW wizard for movement control. Thoughts ?
  2. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    If you're going to commit to a WoW wizard, you probably shouldn't bother with step attacks on your warriors at all. That said, Rageblood is way better than Nifty Halberd unless you're trying to max out Nimble Strikes (and also willing to pass a bunch when you draw poor attacks).

    See also: Puppet Master
  3. AngryUSAMan

    AngryUSAMan Orc Soldier

    the only downside i would say is if you have raging strike in your hand then you can't really wow your own warrior
  4. YoYoTheAssyrian

    YoYoTheAssyrian Mushroom Warrior

    Rageblood +1

    Watch out for raging strike though, it will totally kill you dead.
  5. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    I ran Rageblood + Shortsword for quite a while. It has good damage output for a (minortoken)(minortoken) Weapon. I do like Nifty Halberd but I would have to be using two other items that really needed the tokens (EG Arrogant Armor/ Team Run/ Some kind of helmet).

    I just find that a Warrior is most effective at killing things when you devote all of your tokens to Weapons and a Shield.
  6. illkkill

    illkkill Mushroom Warrior

    Rage blood is better I think, except the raging strike which sucks!!!! If you have lochaber it is good.
  7. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    I'm happy to run a Nifty since I spam Mass Frenzy and get to run token'd items like Black Iron Boots and Escapist. It's not optimal, but nothing really is besides a dwarf with Vibrant Pain, Bejeweled, Lochaber, and the best tokenless racial in the game.
  8. I used to rock a Rageblood Dagger back before I had VP + Lochaber, and I mitigated the Raging Strike problem by running a priest with plenty of Impenetrable Nimbus. He also had Glinting Eye Hammer, so he had his own Raging Strike problems. It helps to make sure you can deliver the Raging Strike, so mobility is key. Cantrip moves, Team Run, Sprint Team, etc. all helped. Anger management!
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  9. AngryUSAMan

    AngryUSAMan Orc Soldier

    Since I last posted in this thread, I've found several issues that I didn't see before lots of testing with a Rageblood Dagger. One problem is Traveling Curse coming up while you're holding a Raging Strike. Not only do you take 8 damage from the curse, but you reveal the raging strike to your opponent, too. Then, there's the issue of having 5 attacks along with Blind Rage. I like traits, but the reason to use traits on a warrior, as far as I can tell, is so that you draw more attacks. So, when you replace an attack on a weapon with a trait, you're increasing your chances of drawing a card that is not an attack. This is because having 18 attacks out of 36 cards (50% attacks - no traits) is better than having 17 attacks out of 35 cards (48.57% attacks - 1 trait). In light of these revelations, I've changed back to Double-Edged Sword, forsaking Solid Rock for Raging Rock instead. I like to use Perilous Ringmail which really excludes the possibility of Rageblood Dagger for me. If you don't use a deck with Traveling Curse, and you think you have a high enough percentage of attack cards, then Rageblood Dagger may be your thing. I like to maximize the number of attack cards relative to the deck size and then have multiple frenzy buffs to increase their damage. Now both my warriors use Bejeweled Shortsword, Double-Edged Sword, and Nifty Halberd.
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