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  1. gurjanigurjani

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    Tourney has ended!
    Stage 1 results - HERE

    Stage 2 results - HERE
    Stage 3 results - HERE

    1)Contact your opponent and set up a time to play.
    2)Download the scenarios from this thread.
    3)Load up the scenario which you are supposed to play(written in "see your opponents" link) in casual and invite your opponent.
    4)Screenshot the result of each match and send it to me.

    Third stage of the tournament:
    Format - Quick Draw Pods. Best out of 3(all 3 games should be played).
    Rules - During the 3 rounds: You can use a deck restart after drafting the whole deck once(before anyone makes a move).You can use an immediate restart after seeing your first card and team composition (but before selecting any cards) up to two times. You can not use more than 1 restart during the same round.
    Round 1- I used a deck restart after drafting the whole deck(this round I can not use any more restarts, I have 0 deck restarts and 2 immediate restarts left).
    Round 2 - opponent uses an immediate restart (I still have 2 immediate Restarts, opponent can not use more restarts this round).
    Round 2 - I used an immediate restart (I have 1 immediate restart left, this round no one can use more restarts).
    Round 3 - we decide not to use restarts and just play.

    You can now claim extra prizes:
    Only the first person to complete the following challenges, during the tourney can claim the prize.
    If the challenge is already claimed it will have a "#" next to it. (will update as soon as I can)
    80 pizza will be awarded for completing a challenge. Required proof type is also mentioned below. Screenshot both the logs and the battle.

    Challenge 1: Damage opponents character with a mad dog (CLAIMED-CT5)
    Challenge 2: Win a game by using 3 elves (screenshot )
    Challenge 3: Kill opponents character with priest ranged attack (screenshot)
    Challenge 4: Win without killing more then 1 of your opponents characters (screenshot)
    Challenge 5: Win a game while having 2 or more of your characters on full hp(CLAIMED-SaphireSeas)
    Challenge 6:Fail a 2+ roll block (CLAIMED-Flandur)
    Challenge 7: Damage opponents character with a travelling curse (CLAIMED-CT5)
    Challenge 8: Damage opponents character with ready to strike (screenshot)
    Challenge 9: Have 2 or more types of fire boosting traits attached to your wizard. (screenshot)
    Challenge 10: Win in less then 5 minutes(CLAIMED-Flandur)
    Challenge 11: Disorienting block enemy character into lava/spikes/acid (screenshot)
    Challenge 12: Deal more then 3 damage to opponents character with ancient grudge(screenshot)
    Challenge 13: Get a Kill with a fairy, cat or the sculptor(screenshot)
    Challenge 14: Roots your opponent 3+ times(CLAIMED-Susurrus)
    Challenge 15: Give opponents character Vine Veil (CLAIMED-Magus)
    Challenge 16: Heal more then 25 hp during the game. Lifesteal does not count(CLAIMED-Magus)

    General Rules:
    Each participant must take a screenshot of all their game results (Defeat and Victory screen) and send it to me.

    8 champions to the stage 3, x2 pods.

    Prize pool:
    First place - 800 pizza
    Second place - 700 pizza
    Third place - 600 pizza
    Fourth place - 500 pizza

    + Some pizza from uncompleted challenges will also be added.

    New maps that will be used in tournament - HERE
    Summoning Race and
    Celestial Dojo will also be used.

    Huge thanks to @neocosm for making new maps!


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  2. Gast86

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    How good are you at quick draw? *
  3. Abbus

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  4. thanks, gurjani! good luck to all!
  5. GriffTheThief

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  6. gurjanigurjani

    gurjanigurjani Orc Soldier

    Updated the thread, so it is explained now. Just download the scenario and load it in casual.
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  7. CT5

    CT5 Guild Leader

    Questions about restarting:

    1. "You can request a restart after drafting whole deck once per opponent." - This would be after you've drafted decks for all 3 characters, but before anyone makes an actual move?

    2. "You can request a restart before drafting a deck twice per opponent." And compared to the above, this type of restart would be anytime during the drafting process, but before the third character has their deck?

    3. By "requesting a restart," does the opponent also have to agree to the restart?
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  8. gurjanigurjani

    gurjanigurjani Orc Soldier

    1) Yes. 2)No before you draft any cards(will correct that) so you only know first card and team composition. 3)No. (updated wording)
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2021
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  9. Mitsuaki

    Mitsuaki War Monkey

    what's going on with the tournament?
  10. gurjanigurjani

    gurjanigurjani Orc Soldier

    Some people needed a reminder to play so was in overtime. This thread will be update today and second stage will start!
  11. Gast86

    Gast86 Ogre

    Any tips on how to record the match?(In case I want to pass the first 4 rounds) I'm not very tech-savvy.
    Also, is it allowed for both players to agree on passing 4 rounds before the match?
  12. Bandicam

    And I suspect that whoever passed 1st would get the pizza so a raw deal for one who went 2nd.
  13. GriffTheThief

    GriffTheThief Orc Soldier

    Cngratulations to the winner @Flandur :)
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  14. Yes! Congrats to Flandur, and well-played! He beat me 2 out of 3 (I like to imagine if my other opponents would have arranged to play out our remaining matches I might have made a come back on record and made it to finals, but I am less mad about it seeing Flandur win).
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  15. Flandur

    Flandur War Monkey

    Thank you all! I'm surprized that I've made it this far. Anyway thank you @gurjani for organizing these tourneys! I'd also like to thank every single one of my opponents - playing with you was fantastic and you've made me a better player. Good luck and have fun!

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