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  1. Happenstance

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    Is there any way to see/generate the card lists for each class at each draw level of QD (i.e. mage gold, mage drawback, mage silver ... all the way down to priest paper)?

    The card search form on the wiki does this in a very roundabout way, but doesn't quite work for these purposes and is missing the Mitternacht cards.

    I was thinking of writing a newbie guide to quickdraw and it would be handy to be able to give people an idea of the better and worse cards available at each draw point.
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  3. Hey,

    in case anyone (of course including @Happenstance , but he already knew about my work) has plans on providing new guides about Quick Draw (or is just frequently playing QD) and he/she needs a complete card pool, I can now direct you to the most recent version of the Card Hunter Utils. This new version includes a tool to list the quick draw card pool by card quality and probability of a card appearing in the selection phase. As soon as this version goes live, this tool will get a direct url, until then you have to use the archive attached to the linked post.

    Like I said in the linked post, I'm no real Quick-Draw-player so please inform me if I got something wrong

  4. Happenstance

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    Had a quick look and it seems like everything is there, even the probability looks accurate, although even if it isn't that doesn't matter so much when there are such a scattershot of cards.

    Example: a QD mage has a ~38% chance to draw nightling at black.

    If you play QD a bit, it's a pretty good tool to let you know which cards you're likely to see at each draw level for each type of character.
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    Hey guys. I'd be happy to update the guide, but I haven't played for a few expansions and I have no insight for the current meta. If someone feels compelled to make a writeup about the new cards/meta I wouldn't mind collaborating. Heck, I might just play again, but I first I would have to endure a fanfare of updates causing Gary and co to yell at me for 5-10 minutes with all the new content.
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  6. Happenstance

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    It's all good Jade, I wrote a new guide that's primarily aimed at brand new players looking to get into QD for the purple league chests, to build their item pools fast(er). I reckon it's the best league for them to get good at, because it's on twice in nearly every league rotation. Haven't bothered to write an exhaustive guide of every card, just the ones I really like using. I linked yours because it's better for them to read once they get deeper into the strategy, mine is just to convince them to not take six attacks on their wars.
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    I have just thought about evaluating the cards of Quick Draw. Luckly I find this and get a lot of useful information. Thanks to Happenstance,Phoenix and Jade for what you guys have done. Appreciate it!
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