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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Slop, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Hi all - I've known about Card Hunter for a while and I've only started playing. I genuinely want to invest my money in this game and help the developers keep it going cause I've been having a blast thus far and would like to see the game live on. Seeing as the average daily player on Steam had dropped by 1000 over the last 2 years or so, I'd like to know if the game is still active and if it's still worth investing in. Moreover, the apparent lack of publicity and media coverage about the game only concerns me more. Any input on the matter?
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    Despite active publicity, we still get new players all the time. If nothing else, this could have something to do with the good reviews on it if anyone searches for keywords that might introduce one to the game for the first time -- and it constantly topping Kongregate's CCG section.

    The dev team is tiny, but the customer service is A++, and we still get trickles of new content via Mary Myrax's monthly Mauve Manticore magazine (marvelous!) and Aloyzo's Arsenal. Sure, I guess some people see a trickle and get scared, but me, growing up before any practical existence of DLC, online gaming, microtransactions, etc., I prefer the slower pace. One terrible (and intentionally, unhealthily addictive -- but that's often the modern business model, right?) game I played for awhile, if I missed even a couple days, bad things happened, let alone the futile attempts to catch up if I needed to disappear for a week or three. Disgusting thing. Card Hunter, though, I can get called away for 2-5 months, missing the game, sure, but knowing I won't be so overwhelmed by ALWAYS FRESH NEW CONTENT!!1 that I won't have anxiety even considering returning, let alone actually re-opening and seeing the unreachable goals. At the same time, kinda neat, I do mostly expect there will be something new for me to try -- and I haven't even 100%'d the game yet anyway. $:^ J

    It's been out of beta for five years. The devs have said a little here and there that they have other things in mind. Flash has an eventual cutoff point, too. Don't be too surprised if the game eventually has an end (unfortunately). Meanwhile, though, is it worth it to support Blue Manchu with their non-P2W, non-steal-your-life-away, non-expensive, non-etc., awesomeness? -- and in return for your moneys, get more adventures, costumes, potential loot, etc.? My input is, sure, let's polish this gem while it lasts! $:^ D
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