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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Runan, May 19, 2013.

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    Frost card items are some of the rarest in the game. Just putting that out there. I agree that racial skills are too few or hard to come by - but filling a slot or finding a certain rare card type on items are apples and pears.

    Just curious, if there's anything you like about the game considering all the flaws you keep bringing up? Just because you feel the game is flawed doesn't mean it is. This is a discussion, not one person deciding what needs to be answered or not. I don't see a general concensus supporting your point tbh - and yes, the game can be grindy, if you play with the mindset of (I have to have all cards, when I want them).

    Sorry if that came of confrontational - just tired, grumpy and overworked.
  2. The_Mormegil

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    I like the game, but I do believe that in a feedback forum I should be posting mainly what I believe is a flaw. I believe this game is bound to have some success in any case, and I will enjoy at the very least playing the campaign content when it comes out. At the very least this game has been enjoyable; but I think this can be so much more. I think this can be a huge success, and will keep providing feedback on what I perceive as flawed or unfun, as well as what I expect to see in the future. The devs here worked hard to produce a high-quality game, and I do recognize that. However if I was them, I'd be looking at my beta testers to have feedback. There's a surprisingly small amount of beta testers posting here (or perhaps it's just that I'm forum-addicted and enjoy discussing and posting, while most people just like staying in the shadows and lurking); I do what I can to help. That is, I try to make my point of view as clear as possible, and if I find something that ties into my concerns I highlight it.

    I also don't see a "general consensus" supporting my point of view; however I do see multiple people in different discussions bringing up similar concerns. Granted, "multiple people" is like 4 people, but hey, I did say there's few people here, right? I think some more data-gathering is needed to reach a verdict, but that's not something that I'm going to do. That's BM's job. My opinion is here, and I try to give as much information as possible about what I think and what can fix the issues I find. Basically, right now I think the whole economic system needs a bit of an overhaul (but even just increasing treasure sell prices can bring good effects). The whole thing cascades from there. There's multiple problems that would be fixed if we could just buy stuff at a reasonable rate from the shops (including the rare shop). There's also drawbacks to that idea (mainly, the loss of a randomly-generated party configuration based on what you find in the various chests; as someone said before, that's "value" to some people and while I don't agree, I respect that).

    Also, a little note on "the game can be grindy". I believe that playing the game is fun, and going through the campaign was a blast. That fun is in part due to the fact that I'm gaining something every time I win. The reward method for this game is looting, and looting is fun for many people. However, there's a point (usually when you lose in PvP) where you focus on your decks and see what can be improved. At this point, you bring out your collection, see what it lacks, and start to plan what to do to make it grow and gain the pieces you are missing for your team to shine brighter. Then, there's the actual work to gain those pieces. Up until this point, the game works well; however the moment you realize you want, say, a better staff you are presented with a multitude of answers, most of which include playing the game. Grinding, as you say. But you're no longer playing for the heck of it, you're playing with a purpose, you're playing to gain something. At this point the system breaks down: sure, you could farm for some 30 hours to buy a single item from a shop that restocks randomly; sure you could just farm for hours and hope to drop what you need. Sure, you can always play PvP and hope to win that epic chest in some 3-5 hours of playing. But everything is randomly determined, you could find what you need after every adventure, you have no control on what you are doing and that, to me, brings the fun of playing the game down a notch. If the goal is beating this mission, I can work to do that. If the goal is gaining a good staff, I can just work, and pray that my work does something.
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    I can only speak for my self but when i see something that is blatantly flawed at its core like someone suggesting to make this suddenly not turn based and card centered to be exaggerative, I won't even bother posting as i don't see a point in it having enough faith in the devs to ignore suggestions that don't fit the game.
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    Likewise. The more players enter the beta, the more suggestions advocating big changes to the core mechanics seem to pop up and I don't really have much interest in entering every argument.

    I feel making the best use of what you already have is integral to this game and I've never felt the game was too grindy.
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    I just hope I made myself understood by Blue Manchu at this point. The number of times the phrase "too grindy" has come up in response to what I said doesn't bode well, though. Really, that's not the point. I can understand a game that requires you 100 hours to get an achievement (although I certainly won't play anything that requires that much effort on my part); but there's problems that this grind and the way it is structured provokes that go beyond the fact that it's a grindy game.
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    Mormegil, the game has been in beta for a while (and is close to launch) - so a lot of these "Big ideas and issues" have been discussed and discarded for months - hence the reason a lot of people don't bother responding to them anymore. I'm with Woz and Zalminen here and think that you might overvalue the amount of people who seem to have these issues - BM has metrics they're looking at as well, a few of us in the forums doesn't really matter.
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    I have personally really enjoyed trying to form a party mostly with what I have on hand. It's what makes the loot drops exciting, rather than shopping exciting. I have occasionally bought items from the store to supplement builds I was thinking of making, but by and large I would rather have the thrill of "Cool, that dropped, how can I use it?" than the thrill of "Oh good, that's worth $x, soon I'll be able to buy what I want from a store." I'd rather play the game and try out new things as they come than plan ahead and grind out some money until I have what I want.
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    It is interesting that you mention limited - I think a draft format wuld be really fun in this game, although equally difficult to implement. Not exactly related to the original problem, but it would be a way to expand collections in a fun way.
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  9. Pengw1n

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    They mentioned they had ideas for drafts and really liked the concept - so I wouldn't be surprised if that shows up sometime. Really like drafts and creative deckbuilding myself!
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    Drafts if well done are the most fun i can have in any (c)cg

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