Proud CoC Lite victory w/ pictures

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    I'm happy that I finally beat the caverns of chaos lite, particularly against these rough last 2 stages:

    Stage 9 featured the horrible Zombie Priests, Wyverns, and laser robots. Way too much thought was required on where to place my heroes. Best moves in this match: 1. Block-checking Zombie priest's Horrible block with Acid Spray from behind my heroes, because I learned the hard way last round that Horrible ends the attack immediately if activated. It worked and did not damage my heroes. 2. Sending my priest into the open with a Nimbus and reflective block to try to reflect the robot's laser. It worked, and I dealt 60 damage across 4 enemies. I thought this stage was unwinnable, but my remaining 15 hp warrior cleared the last foe.

    possibly unwinnable (Small).png

    Stage 10 was not horrible, but was plenty scary with Mind Flenser, Rust creature, and 3 vampires in addition to the Oak King. Honestly I think I won because Flenser slacked on his ranged attacks and failed to kill my priest after I lost my reflective blocks to the Oak King. With the help of Monster hide and extra armor, my warrior took all the acorn barrages and other things while my priest slowly raised his hp off death's door. At one point I took 19 damage from Rust creature in a turn, but I credit myself for never letting him eat my warrior's stacked armors. Thats the only way I withstood the Oak King's acorns.
    Oak King Chaos 1 (Small).png

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    Nicely done!

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