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    Ok, so I will admit I'm not the best deck builder here, however I tried a few themes out and I have some thoughts on a few of the cards. Ran about 8 games tonight, give or take.

    Might be worth noting, I usually play trip wiz, 2wiz/buffer, or trip warrior teams. Damage based, not much on control teams.

    That being said I played a 1/1/1 with all humans, and also a 1/1/1 with Dwarf (Lycan) Warrior/Human (Vamp form) Priest/Elf (Spirit) Wiz with a focus on Silver and Inquisistion bolt:

    Ethereal Form: Oh Holy mother of Frederick the Great! Ok, so we all know it defeats traveling curse, I think I saw it beat out a fireball etc, but it also works as hover, and negates terrain damage. Ok, so anti burst, and anti terrain mages. Combine that with vanguard on another toon, and it seems to blow away control mages as well. Seeing this as an anti-mage mage, it may make sense to pair it up with acid attacks to amp the damage of the Hex, but it seems like a better strategy to waste cards for the first few rounds and hope for Ancient Grudge. Ok so the beam attacks are meh at best (3 damage, no status effects) but I'm also pulling Doom fairly often. More often I believe than on a priest with 2 hourglasses.

    Ancient Grudge: Incredibly strong by round 3, plenty of items that have it. Against Cardotron, I nailed him with multiple Grudges for 14+ points of damage. You have to work to get more than 2 in your build, but if you

    Inquisition Bolt: I liked how this worked. Bigger badder Punishing bolt countered by Silver Immunity.

    Lycan Form: I like this, but it almost feels like it's missing something in comparison to Ethereal Form. Armor 2 as a trait. Like Battle Rage but not as good. I like the attacks, although if that was my damage dealer...I don't see too much of a reason to purposefully pick Lycan other than flavor. It can work well as a tank, at least for a while. Happy to see Howl as a self healing tool for Warriors but Heal 2/draw might be more useful if there were fewer of them, and they were cantrip?

    To come: Vamp form Priest and Elf Warrior Winddancer.
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    Hey, thanks.

    Please share a list of games you play including your opponent's name and a description of how the game went. Thanks!

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