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    We're always interested in hearing about bugs but please take the time to report them in a way that is most useful to us!
    1. Please check this forum to see if there's already a thread talking about the bug. If so, feel free to add a message to that thread confirming that you've seen the bug too and any additional information you might have about it.
    2. If there's not a thread that describes the bug, start a new one. Please give the thread a title that describes the bug. Good title example: "Arcing Zap doesn't hit the third target when choosing three targets". Bad title example: "Card Hunter SUCKS!!!!" Also please include the version number in the title if possible.
    3. Please include as much information about the bug as you can. Specifically, if you can describe what happened before the bug occurred and what you did that you think might have caused it, that will be very helpful to us. It may also help to include information about what browser and version of Flash you are using to play the game with.
    4. Please check the client log for any errors or information. Press F1 to open the console and F1 again to make it full screen. You can scroll back to look for errors using the mouse wheel and copy and paste with the right click menu if you need to. Copy and paste this information into your post or take a screenshot of it. It will be very useful.
    5. If you can take the time to try to reproduce the bug and report how you do that, that information is always very useful.
    Please try to avoid subjective feedback and balance suggestions in this forum. If you'd like to give that sort of feedback, use the feedback forum.
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