Peasant Card Hunter Tournament w/ Prizes!

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  1. Flaxative

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    Hi Card Hunters! I'm about to be running a Peasant PvP tournament. This thread contains all the rules for the tournament. If you want to participate, post in this thread to sign up. If you are participating, you must read this post in its entirety—signing up signals that you agree with all the rules and regulations outlined below. If you have questions or need clarification on anything, just ask in this thread, and I will do my best to help you. Please keep general discussion out of this thread however; I'd like to keep it neat.


    I am accepting up to 16 sign-ups—first come, first serve. In a lot of ways this tournament is a test drive and I want to keep things manageable. If you don’t make it in, don’t worry: there will be more tournaments down the line.

    I'll be keeping sign-ups open until we get 16 players, and then starting the first round as soon as I can schedule all the matches.


    ROUNDS: There will be four rounds of Swiss. This means the tournament is not elimination style, and you will always be paired with someone with a similar score if possible. After the fourth round, the tournament will be done.
    MATCHES: Each match will be Best of Three. You and your opponent will play either two or three games; whoever wins two of these wins the match.
    TIME CONTROL: Each player will have 10 minutes on their clock for each game.
    MAPS: All games will take place on a ten-map rotation. I will randomly determine the stage for each game immediately before the game starts. The maps in use are as follows:
    Parties & Decks

    Parties must be peasant legal. There is no banlist at this time, so that just means you can only equip common and uncommon items. Your party composition can be any combination of race & class combinations. Upon signing up, send me a private message with your build in order to register it (see bottom of this post*). You will be locked into the party composition you have chosen for the duration of the tournament. You will begin each match with your party members using the items you have registered.

    SIDEBOARDING: You will be able to change items between battles within a match, but not party members. For example, your wizard could swap out his Citrine Amulet for a Malachite Orb in Game 2 of a match against a team of three warriors. Your entire collection of common and uncommon items is your sideboard, but You may register up to 10 items to be in your sideboard, and will only be able to swap in items from this list between games. Duplicates count as multiple items. In addition, you will have a maximum of 4 minutes to perform any swaps between games. Sideboarding will be done before the map for the next battle is revealed, so you can tune your deck to fight your opponent but not to capitalize on a given stage.


    Jon has kindly contributed pizza to be given away to the winners of this tournament. The prize structure based on win-loss record is as follows:

    4-0: 500 slices
    3-1: 200 slices
    2-2: 80 slices

    This means that at least 50% of competitors will receive enough pizza to buy a costume from Cuthbert.

    Additional Rules

    DISCONNECTS: Because Blue Manchu is still working on reconnection code, I'm going to be fairly lenient with disconnects. If a player loses a game due to disconnection, they will have one redo available per match. The game will immediately recommence on the same map with the same opponent, and the disconnection will not count toward the match record. I will judge whether or not a player is disconnecting on purpose to exploit this generosity. If a player disconnects in a clearly losing state, I may decide not to grant that player their redo.

    PEASANT FOULS: If, in the first game of a match, I see a card played that comes from an item that wasn’t registered (meaning you pre-sideboarded for the match), I will give an immediate game loss to the offending player. If, in the second or third game of a match, I see a card played that comes from a rare, epic, or legendary item (meaning you sideboarded in an illegal item), I will give an immediate game loss to the offending player.

    ETIQUETTE: Some behavior may be penalized.

    Stalling: If a player stalls—doing nothing for more than five minutes—I will give that player a warning. If that same player stalls again at any point during the match, I will give that player a game loss each time it happens. Please keep things moving; this is a faster format, and I apologize if it feels rushed for some of the more serious players, but hopefully the best-of-3 matches make up for it.​

    Tardiness: If a player is more than five minutes late to a match, I will give that player a game loss. If a player is more than ten minutes late to a match, I will give that player a match loss.​

    Heckling: If a player harasses his or her opponent in the battle chat, I will give that player a warning. If harassment continues, I will give the offender a game loss. This rule can be waived if both players state, at the beginning of the game, “I love trash talk.”​

    SPECTATING: Spectators are advised against discussing the game in the battle chat lest they be seen as kibitzing or interfering with the players.


    When you sign up, include in your post what hours you are free for matches. E.g. “5 a.m. - 9 a.m.” Be as specific as possible with which days you’re available, but try to be as open as possible. Also of course include your time zone. Once everyone is signed up I will schedule your matches based on who’s available when.

    This is how a match will go, barring technical difficulties:
    1) Before the match start time, both players should be in the lobby.
    2) I will reveal what the first stage of the match is.
    3) After the players confirm that they are ready, Player A will create a custom game, load the selected stage, and invite Player B.
    4) I will spectate the game and act as referee.
    5) After the game, both players have 4 minutes to swap their items around.
    6) Repeat 2-4 until one player has won 2 games.
    7) Before the next match, each player must return his or her party and items to the configuration registered at the beginning of the tournament.

    Final Comments

    If anything is unclear, ask below. Remember that sign-ups are first come, first serve. Please prepare to be accommodating with match times.

    *Registering a build:

    1. Go to multiplayer Keep.
    2. Load your peasant build.
    3. Hit f1 twice to open the console.
    4. Type "partyanddecksbbcode" and hit enter. This copies your build to your clipboard.
    5. In a private message to me, just paste and send.

    The deadline for submitting your build is 24 hours after the final (16th) registration.
  2. ElShafto

    ElShafto Goblin Champion

    Count me in!
    I am free most evenings from 6 pm est to 11 pm est
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  3. CT5

    CT5 Guild Leader

    Am free basically after 11 AM to... midnight PST, except on Sundays, which will be 4:30 pm to midnight.
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  4. I'm in on this. Sounds like fun.
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  5. I will give it a shot.

    Thanks for setting this up and thank you Jon for the prizes.
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  6. Red Mage

    Red Mage Kobold

    This is interesting, count me in :)
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  7. Stormyknight

    Stormyknight Orc Soldier

    one spot for me please ;)
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  8. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Everyone, please remember to post your availability for matches. And check the bottom of my post for instructions for registering your parties, as well as the deadline. I am sorry this information was not in my announcement initially.
  9. Red Mage

    Red Mage Kobold

    Except for this weekend I'm free every day from 3:00 pm to midnight (CET)
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  10. Mosalla

    Mosalla Orc Soldier

    Signing up! Current times are something like 3 PM - 2 AM CET.
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  11. ArcadianRook

    ArcadianRook Goblin Champion

    I'm in!!!!!
    Free from 1pm EDT until 10pm EDT every day/night except Fridays
    Fridays I'm available from 1pm EDT until 5pm EDT.
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  12. Player1

    Player1 Mushroom Warrior

    I humbly request that you or someone else record the matches and put it up on YouTube. Commentaries would be most welcome but I am willing to settle with game play footage only.
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  13. Alfonze

    Alfonze Kobold

    I'm in!!

    I am available 5pm-2am central time (US, Canada)
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  14. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    I intend to try to record footage, can't make any promises since the tech might not come through. As for commentary, I'd love to but it might be a lot to handle while also checking for peasant fouls and keeping things running. If anyone else wants to stream the matches, the times WILL be announced ahead of time and anyone can spectate :)
  15. kogi

    kogi Ogre

    In. 7pm-11pm. Sydney time weekdays. Mostly available weekends
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  16. ArcadianRook

    ArcadianRook Goblin Champion

    Stiltzkin has a way to stream the matches, btw.
  17. thedoughster

    thedoughster Kobold

    count me in, posting build now *brisbane+10gmt* any night 10pm onwards to 2am
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  18. ItsEtai

    ItsEtai Kobold

    Hey Flaxative! I'm so down if you have any open spots left

    Free at all hours given a day or two of notice.
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  19. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Sounds good, you're #12! Remember to include your match availability.

    We have 4 slots left.
  20. PIZZA

    PIZZA Orc Soldier

    Can't miss this. I'm good for somewhere in 8pm-2AM Eastern Standard Time.
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