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    Celestial Forge is waiting for adventurers looking for a challenge. In addition, you can now use Crafting - more about Crafting in our latest Crafting Dev Diary. Below you will find all the changes made in Card Hunter.

    Celestial Forge Content
    • 30 new player cards (Cards Preview)
    • 115 new player equipment items
    • 1 new treasure item
    • 3 new costumes (available for purchase at Cuthbert's)
    • 2 new high-level treasure hunts
    • 10+ new monsters
    • Celestial Forge chest shop

    Campaign Changes
    • Cardstock II Secret Preview now unlocks The Hidden Celestial Path
    • Ascent at Celestial Forge now unlocks Return to Caverns of Chaos, even if you haven't beaten Caverns of Chaos
    • Return to Caverns of Chaos level increased to 25
    • Loot Fairy can now visit The Hidden Celestial Path. They cannot visit Ascent at Celestial Forge.

    Balance Changes
    • Vengeance now only triggers if 3 or more damage is dealt
    • Martyr Blessing now only triggers if 2 or more damage is dealt
    • Elven Maneuvers now only triggers if 2 or more damage is dealt. Duration increased to 3, filter depth increased to 4.
    • Shifting Block now draws a card (after applying the form)
    • Acid Leak now only places acid under enemies
    • Bless now targets up to 3 contiguous tiles (like Wall of Fire)
    • All Out Attack now adds Easy to Block 3
    • Perplexing Ray is now Arcane
    • Lycanthropic Form’s armor no longer protects against fire damage
    • Vampiric Form has a new effect: “Add Penetrating to any Unholy Melee attack you play.”
    • Ethereal Form: effect changed to Armor 2 against Melee
    • Monstrous Hide no longer protects against fire damage
    • Howl no longer heals
    • Boo!: can now target from the front. Discards target’s oldest Attack instead of attaching Fright. Creates Panic in target's hand if used from behind. Range reduced to 3.
    • Crusher: damage buff increased from 2->3.
    • Ready to Strike: now deals 5 damage with no die roll.
    • Panic: now limited to a range of 6.
    • Ethereality: effect changed to 4+, cushion Melee damage to 1.
    • Vampiric Form card pool altered: Impaler, Lunging Drain, Spear Of Darkness, Enervating Touch, Sneaky Bloodsuck, Consuming Touch, Swarm Of Barts, Create Of The night, Prowl, Vampire's Kiss
    • Ethereal Form card pool altered: Dastardly Curse, Arcane Curse, Unholy Curse, Teleport Self, Acid Jet, Hover, Beam Of Hate, Repulsive Cone, Boo!, Creature Of The Night
    • Lycanthropic Form card pool altered: Frenzy Aura, Bite, Lunging Bite, Vicious Thrust, Mighty Charge, Mad Dog, Monstrous Hide, Creature Of The Night, Prowl
    • Ancient Grudge: damage increased from 0->3. Instead of dealing additional damage based on the number of cards in the user’s discard pile, it now attaches Curses to the target based on the number of cards in the user’s discard pile. For 7+ discarded cards, it attaches a random Handicap Curse. For 14+, it also attaches Unholy Curse. For 21+, it also attaches Dastardly Curse. Attachments occur before the card’s damage, so the Unholy and Dastardly Curses apply to and trigger from Ancient Grudge’s damage.
    • Winds of War is now Crushing and has Hard To Block 1
    • Gusts of War is now Crushing and has Hard To Block 1
    • Inspiration is now Psychic

    Bug Fixes
    • Talented Healer can no longer trigger in hand
    • Healing Spirit can no longer trigger for non-Assists
    • Ready to Strike/Blade Bouquet no longer trigger if no movement occurs
    • Fixed a typo in Force Field log text
    • Fixed an issue where large monsters would sometimes not spawn correctly on the 5th board of Caverns of Chaos
    • Fixed an issue with players stuck in the friend's list by opening the “Friends“ window multiple times
    • Fixed an issue where the presented reward item could be equipped before completing the adventure.
    • Bottom lines of items in the shops no longer disappear after scrolling
    • Information “Can’t block” is now displayed properly
    • Fixed an issue where the item box could disappear after canceling an item split
    • Fast clicking on some elements no longer causes UI to disappear
    • The treasure icon no longer overlaps the text when entering Caverns of Chaos for the first time
    • Fixed an issue where some UI elements were working in the background
    • Weekly Shop no longer resets before the actual reset time
    • General performance improvements
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    I can't wait to see it
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    Looking great! (greattoken)
    Dwarf Warrior: [​IMG] Elf Wizard: [​IMG] Human Priest: [​IMG]
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  4. Great!

    One request though- could there be an option to enable the old style inventory view? I find the new UI a bit cumbersome when I'm not crafting. The items are just so big I have to spend a lot of time scrolling or playing with menu settings to find the ones I want, and I miss the old one-click-to-sort buttons.
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    The same thing was asked when we implemented item stacking. We took a hefty amount of time to check all the possibilities and unfortunately due to how items work in Card Hunter, it is technically impossible at this moment.
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    And this was the big release?
    Along with this interface?
    I think I'm gone for a while. I'll probably check back to see if things improve.
    Veza out.
  7. Wow very nice changes! I was waiting for it, got really tired of unbalanced cards, but now they seems much better. So i'm back for pvp (ultimatetoken)
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