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    Jezterscap Lizardman Priest

    Another gimmicky but fun and highly mobile build based around evasion and positioning.
    Jump back synergy with step attacks allows you to dodge and follow up without getting hit.
    The main downside with the step attacks was low damage so wellspring and other frenzy buffs are key.
    While very strong against melee , wizards can be a problem. With such high mobility it should be fairy easy to focus down 1 wizard fast. If they do blast you from range the wellspring buffed mime armor bolts can hurt them back.

    The priest should stay way back from the action and support. He is a little suicidal :D
    [SRC] Decoy
    Level 1 Human Priest

    [SRC] BigChewer
    Level 1 Dwarf Warrior
    4 x Jump Back
    2 x Lunging Hack
    1 x Obvious Maneuver
    2 x Impaler
    2 x Shifty Stab
    5 x Blind Rage
    3 x Polearm Slash
    1 x Hard To Pin Down
    2 x Reliable Mail
    1 x Fiery Stab
    7 x Nimble Strike
    2 x Penetrating Cut
    3 x Mimetic Armor Anti synergy with jump back. You will get hit sometimes and has awesome value from wellspring
    1 x Hardy Mail

    [SRC] Flash
    Level 14 Elf Warrior
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