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  1. Hey @Flaxative ,

    probably caused by the same out-dated information thing, but Thrice-Prophesied Blade isn't showing an icon today, too.

    If you want some inspiration for finding the correct csv-line you could consult my code for the card hunter utils. I have invested quite some time to find a pretty small but yet [almost] complete csv parser procedure - parse the whole thing and then simply filter the parsed lines.

    What I don't get is: your hub is a php-page. So, why are you suffering out-dated information at all? I migrated the utils from html to php exactly (and [almost] only) for this, to be up to date all the time. The images can be retrieved from the game server (or to lower the number of file accesses to the actual game server you can also use the test server for this), no need to cache them locally (and for the user of your hub it's the same where the browser loads the images from). And the csv can be cached (and possibly also preprocessed if your hub benefits thereof) but you have to reload it frequently (once per week would be totally fine most of the time). Every part automatized.

    If you need any more information, just ask.
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