[Musical Chairs] Leaping Lupines

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    I think this is a pretty vanilla build for a three dwarf war party, but it gets results in Musical Chairs. Last rotation this went 22-2, this time around it's currently at 19-0.

    It works by: having bulk movement in a party that looks fairly immobile on the surface; forcing opponents to act first by both burning off howls; and having spare moves for offensive and defensive feints. The nimble strikes are particularly handy for clearing the inner ring of difficult terrain in both directions.

    Usually, if an opponent has a mage or support, then I try to pincer them for a quick kill straight away. I'm happy to give up 1-2 VPs to do this, because a lot of players seem to switch off mentally once they've lost a character early on.

    Against a triple war party, I try to use superior movement to gang up on one war as it comes in - a badly wounded war usually has to fully retreat because of movement and nimbles, so it's effectively out of the game, or can be chased down later if I need those 2VP for the win. War blocks tend to not matter because you can generally quickly surround a single war and belt them from behind.

    There are some high level triple wiz control parties, but most of the time you'll have enough movement to box them in.

    You can also often lead opponents on a merry chase when they try to kill one of your wounded wars - and it's imperative that they do, because even a severely damaged war can get back into the battle after a few howls and do some serious damage.

    The Hawkwind's are a key item - two four square moves and a card draw for tokenless is a great deal. You could replace them with Vollmond's or Mouse Boots at a pinch.

    The ouch! on the Spiked Tlahkjajshdfkjlahsf synergises really well with the howls - they're essentially attack cards that won't damage you at the start of the round.

    Reckless Lycanthropy is just too good to not use at tokenless - sure, you give up the ability to block for a while, but you have to learn to deal with the odd lycan card from the howls, so it's good practice to learn to use your temporary wolf as a hit and run war, rather than going toe-to-toe with a heavy hitter.


    Lack of heavy damage
    Chance of a bad run of wolf cards
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