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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by neoncat, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    Don't forget all vs being enemy only (and giving 2 vp per round)in any map where it is possible to win without them.
  2. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    All terrain is solid black to match the backdrop, and right-click to display terrain type is disabled. Line-of-Sight is not displayed. The default move of all monsters is Invisibility. Use only Dwarf Warriors.
  3. degensquared

    degensquared War Monkey

    This speculation is getting really wild.

  4. HisRoyalHygiene

    HisRoyalHygiene Guild Leader

    And 90% of the terrain is 'pit', land on it and you instantly fall to your death.

    I wildly speculate AI will have an Indiana Jones style lasso, for traversing pits.

    Also boulders because everyone likes boulders and running away from them is good exercise and BM cares about our health
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  5. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    Always Invisible confirmed!
  6. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    If that's the case, I have a new "leaked" card for you:
  7. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    I love this thread :)
  8. Vholes

    Vholes Thaumaturge

    In Hard mode, you get to play a "mirror match" using the same characters as the opponent. The catch is, since you're both playing the enemy, you get the adventurer defeat screen no matter who wins. (Flaxative is a huge fan of the movie War Games.)
  9. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

  10. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

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  11. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

  12. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I'll go with Soulful Saffron, Aural Orange, and Satanic Sapphire.
    And Puce, because phylacteries are nasty and repulsive, and puce has always sounded nasty and repulsive to me.
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  13. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Critical Paypal fix was NOT on our timeline when I made that comment.
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  14. Fanturluche

    Fanturluche Thaumaturge

    AI could be Animated Inventory! Aloyzo messed up with your stash, and now, every item you have has become a sentient artifact. They begin rebelling, so you have to fight them all, and if some of them escape, they are removed from your inventory! Of course, you have to start this adventure without any equipment on you. You might consider selling your most precious items before the release, but I do not guarantee you that gold will be unaffected by Aloyzo's manipulations.
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  15. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

  16. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    More lIke End of Burst Days.
  17. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    All SP scenarios are getting replaced with Entropic-level (CoC) difficult dungeons? And in MP, if you fight a computer, it'll have CoC-style random mobs?
  18. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Time to start the rumors again.
    Currently there are 15 different damage types:
    • Acid
    • Arcane
    • Cold
    • Crushing
    • Electrical
    • Fire
    • Holy
    • Laser
    • Piercing
    • Poison
    • Psychic
    • Radiation
    • Slashing
    • Sonic
    • Unholy
    I think those 15 cover up pretty much everything, so I have hard time imagining any new damage types. Any ideas?
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  19. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    I am just gonna come out the gates here confident as hell none of you will guess this one :D
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  20. j3st3ri

    j3st3ri Thaumaturge

    How about Necrotic? (although unholy could easily cover that one also)

    Also pure Force (or Energy) could be one?

    I've always also had trouble considering hot water as a fire damage so Steam could be one? (Steampunk expansion would be cool with all kind of clockwork equipment)

    Is it as silly as some of the elements in Adventure Time? Candy perhaps?
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