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  4. Thought it might be fun to start a mini-thread: what's the best and/or worst luck you've had on map #3, as measured by number of rounds when you won or lost, and number of HP left on the door if you lost? I haven't been tracking my best closely, but the worst was definitely a loss after 30 rounds with 6 HP left on the door, which never lost a single armor roll. I don't recall exactly how many of those rounds were in the "attack phase," though I know it was at least 20.

    (Don't get me wrong, it's a fun little map, and a nice breezy change of pace after the nail-biting tactical madness of map #2. But when that RNG hates me, it HATES me.)
  5. Gerry Quinn

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    On map #3 my best was 1:47 left. I lost it more than once.

    My mini-thread suggestion: anyone have success with creative use of Team Run on the doors at the start of #2 when you get it?

    One obvious idea is to move one of the ogre's doors behind the other, to slow him down and maybe tempt his shaman in.. Once or twice I've tried moving other doors in the way of the goblin berserkers (they like to cluster around them and attack them even when they are inside), while letting the Shredders in immediately (because they are the easiest to kill). On the whole the benefits seem to be limited though.

    I think next time I will try and move the doors out of the house, in the hope of diverting some of the enemies!
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    I once successfully used the double doors to tie up the ogre while I attacked a goblin shaman near the ogre.
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    I always go for the shaman at the south door. He likes to stand on the right side and is easy to hit with the spearpriest. In a lot off my games the bigguy kills the shaman next to him (another 2 easy points). I find 1st map more challenging.
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    I'm the other way round, I never have trouble with #1 but #2 beats me occasionally. I adopt a standard T-formation which seems to reduce chops, but I think I need to be quicker to break it sometimes. (Wish characters could exchange places - actually that's a good idea for a new card!)
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    Looking for Swap?
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    Been a while and now I find this. Awesome!
    I love to take control of an unknown party and not having to spend most of my gaming time rearranging my own party to fit the scenario.
    This idea bears lots of real rogue gaming fun.
    The first part is well made. On my first try the spell caster made a massive acid field followed by lava before the door right from the start bogging me down.
    Then the ogre chopped me up.
    The door was to resistant to my weak attacks leaving my wizard solo to finally being able to teleport into the mid chamber.
    Meanwhile the enemy sat on the VTs from the start and thus won thereafter.
    On the second try I managed to break the door while evading the ogre to get in fairly fast.
    This time none of the other enemies sat on a VT but rather roamed around aimlessly. Using slow downs they where disposed of leaving that spell caster on the run for another 2 turns till I also killed him.

    Second one has a good idea to defend the house but an unbelievable way to actually win.
    Holding the doorways and/ or killing but a few of the attackers seams silly. A choking point type game without victory points would seam better suited there.
    Anyways. I won rather easily on the first try by healing the doors (did not work well) and then placing my characters on the free victory points.
    Messed up a bit but then got lucky that the ogre killed 2 of his own and that one of my men did well with chopping cards.

    The 3rd one was a nice surprise. At first I was wondering about how easy it seamed until the time ran out.
    I could not beat it in 9 tries. Rotten luck or perhaps the time is to little or there needs to be more strategy to this last one.
    Patrols or/ and traps that do damage perhaps in conjunction with say a 10 min game time.
    knowing that ending on a VT will end it automatically is not so strategic after the first run on this one.

    Keep up the great work people!! Want MMOOOORRRRR ......
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  11. Gerry Quinn

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    You can win #2 in many different ways.

    It's still the hardest IMO.
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  12. tuknir

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    i agree i usul struggle alot with this one..
    this few days i been having hard time with the first map ironically....

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