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  1. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    First scenario was amusing... I got to freeze the ogre in place and the Geomancer then used Telekinesis to shove the door inside the starting room.
    Which allowed me to just run through to the main room and leave the ogre staring at the walls, unable to squeeze through the narrow hall.
    After that the enemies were slow enough that I just ran the wizard past them to the VP squares and won the fight that way :D

    I'm not sure if I just had good luck with my cards on the second scenario but I had very little problems winning that one. One priest per door and once the door broke, just move the priest to stand in the doorway. The only entrance I had to retreat from was the one with the ogre and all those frenzy type cards made it easy to kill enough gobbos to reach the necessary VPs before any of my heroes fell.
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  2. Stormbringer

    Stormbringer Kobold

    I really like this module, especially the 2nd battle. However, I thought the 3rd battle was based more on the luck of the card draw than skill. I lost a lot of times just because I couldn't draw any combat cards.
  3. Turbo164

    Turbo164 War Monkey

    First scenario, Warrior drew two Impalers but only one Piercing attack (which I used on the door first turn, because I assumed that after drawing the 2 impalers first turn that the non-customizable decks had more than one actual piercing attack) while the wizard drew one single-target acid pool on the final turn when the golems already had 5 stars and 4 armors in their hand every turn (keeping 2 and drawing two more in their fresh six) to ignore 90% of the non-piercing non-17+ damage non-discarding non-sliding attacks that I threw at them.

    Lost the battle with 2 full health characters and a "oh please mister AI come and finish off this guy that I walked in and facetanked down to 5 health before backing up to try to entice you to leave the squares", Nimbus and Contagion in hand but neither of those gets through armor or slides enemies so they're about as worthless as the two Rockfalls sitting in my Wizard's hand that I didn't want to cast because that would further discourage the AI from leaving his victory squares but I did anyway and they passed their armor rolls big surprise etc. Also hit 3 altruisms first turn, but saw nothing in the priest deck worth cycling to; just heals for my full health characters and attacks that deal 6 or less damage.

    So first impressions is there's no puzzle element to it at all, you just draw worthless cards that you can't change and hope the golems fail 4 armor rolls in a row, multiple times. Even if I had saved that one precious piercing attack for 5 turns, the golems only failed enough armor rolls that I would have lost the battle with them at 6 and 25 health, rather than 15 and 25 health. Their armor isn't Crude Plates so positioning doesn't matter, it's pure luck.

    I might try it again since it sounds like the next two actually require some thinking, but so far failing with someone else's crappy deck is less fun than failing with *my* crappy deck, and most of the campaign maps have actual tactical decisions about which choke point to retreat to or which enemy to focus first or whatnot in addition to the ability to change your deck.

    And this rant was probably a waste of time because knowing my luck there could have been 17 piercing attacks in the warrior deck and 8 boils/TK's in the Wizard that were on the bottom. :rolleyes:
  4. tuknir

    tuknir #3 in Spring PvP Season

    Turbo164 seems you just had some bad draws, usul i just freeze the ogre, kill the door, go inside and hit the geo, i telekinese the golens out of vp, freeze then and just seat at vp pointing and laughting :)

    It can be a nasty map when the geo decide to use acid or lava and bloming ground, but thats part of the fun :)
  5. Turbo164

    Turbo164 War Monkey

    Yes, I also froze the ogre. The Geo bloomed Rockfall instead of lava, and I only drew the Wizard's lava after spending a few turns step-attacking through it, otherwise I would have overwritten the slowing terrain with nonslowing terrain to reach the golems sooner (I'd happily take 8 damage on my full health characters if it meant I got an extra 2 chances to fail armor rolls against the golems), but the noncustomizable deck decided to give me Rockfall and such instead of useful cards. Never drew any Telekinesis, good to know there's a chance of drawing that.

    Sorry to be so ranty, because the game as a whole is fun and there are lots of other maps that depend heavily on luck of the draw; but in those maps, after losing I can replace my worthless "block my own team" and "deal zero damage" and "heal full health characters" cards with like Boil Armor (or heck Wavering Faith would have been more welcome than ANY card my Priest drew the entire game) to increase my chance of drawing nonworthless cards, OR I can try getting behind the trogs or leading the goblins to a chokepoint or picking the right angles to approach the bishops etc, rather than just standing still and listening to CLONK noises from armor rolls three turns in a row.
  6. PIZZA

    PIZZA Orc Soldier

    That is how I have played your map too. It gives one the sense that the decks where specifically picked to overcome the challenges faced, which is fun.
  7. Turbo164

    Turbo164 War Monkey

    Oh wow, didn't realize that was the creator haha.

    So while you're here, were the Rockfalls in there intentionally to make people laugh at how useless they were as an Emerald card on that particular map? Or are they there as Frost Effect #7-8 for the Ogre, or for doing damage to the golems after you draw Boiling Armor that may or may not be in the decks etc. ;)
  8. Anoobis37

    Anoobis37 Kobold

    First map was designed pretty sweet. I had to re-play it at first, cause I had really bad draws at the beggining, but in the 2nd try it went rather smooth. Freezed the Ogre, put some lava under his feets, and go to town.
    Second map was pretty though for me. From what you guys say - you mostly tried to stand on VS and heal the damage dealt by enemy goblins. I have actually done something different. At first I nuked the goblins priests, which gives 2 stars each, and then I moved all my 4 paladins to the swarm of goblins to the left, and focused my attacks on two of them. That's how I did it. However I had some luck, that goblin priests decided to go really close to the doors, so I could stab them from 2 squares away.
    The last map was just great. Sure I lost 1st time, but oh well. The joy of being a small, green, smelly goblin. PRICELESS!
  9. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    The decks being used were not created by the map creators - theres's not possibility to do this currently. So basically, the decks were just selected out of what is available from within the game. The characters being used in the first adventure, I believe, is part of the multiplayer ai builds - and those characters have access to cards not available to players atm.
  10. tuknir

    tuknir #3 in Spring PvP Season

    Turbo164 im just another guy like yourself :)
    About Rockfall, its a interesting card againt large groups of enemys,since it can slow then down , maybe thats why its green/esmerald card.
    Anyway hope you guys have fun playing those 3 maps :)
  11. hatchhermit

    hatchhermit Hydra

    I had the same problem as Pengw1n. I've figured out all the maps, but the last 3 times I tried to beat the 3rd one I've gotten to the door and haven't been able to finish it off. I run out of time. I click like crazy to speed up everything and all i get are run and blocks. :p

    Ok, finally beat it on round 15 of my latest try. Again, clicking for all I was worth to get there. Had a minute thirty left.
  12. Turbo164

    Turbo164 War Monkey

    I said "on that particular map." It's a strong card in most situations (such as when the Geomancer uses it, or the dragon, or the elf wizard in Cardfight preview etc), but in that map:

    You can use it on the Ogre if you didn't draw a frost spell, but the Geo will spread it and probably make you waste a turn you should spend running toward the golems.
    You can use it on the Geo, but he has Hover, and will spread it to make you waste a turn you should spend running toward the golems.
    You can use it on the Golems, but there's only a 3% chance or so of it actually dealing damage, and slows you down as you try to grab the squares.
    Edit: or I guess if you're somehow missing health AND close to the golems AND standing in Lava AND unable to move out of it, you could use it as a Misguided Heal with collateral damage, lol.

    So I wasn't sure if it was intentionally there as a "haha I bet you wish this Emerald was actually a Paper Penetrating Zap!" or if the mapmaker thought it was actually a useful spell (since it would be on a lot of the campaign maps!).

    But apparently it's neither, according to Pengw1n. :(
  13. tuknir

    tuknir #3 in Spring PvP Season

    Yep, we cant change the decks, would be prety cool and open alot of new possibilitys if that was possible, maybe in the future :)

    Hope you enjoyed the 3 custom maps, soon should happen a new contest :) need start brainstorming some ideas
  14. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    I'll add that the 2nd time clearing #3 - I got the opposite result with the door (beat it first attempt), and it didn't manage a single armour roll - even when I didn't get lucky with many attack draws. So yes there's room for a wildly fluctuating rng situation there. I'd still suggest raising the timer a bit to makes this less of a "perfect run" kind of thing - but I guess BM will look at the metrics, as usual.
  15. Gerry Quinn

    Gerry Quinn Goblin Champion

    I put the animation speed up to max after failing once on #3 today. Mostly due to a long succession of no-attack rolls, interspersed with weak attacks that the door's armour blocked. G'zok be lover, not fighter.

    #1 was harder for me today, the geomancer played Rockfall in the starting room, the ogre had more moves than I expected, and my wizard barely made it out alive. But once out, it was straightforward.

    #2 went quickly as the ogre decided to break down the doors in the throes of mindless battlerage, and several of his friends stood beside him to watch the show.
  16. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    1) Well designed but nearly impossible if you have a bad draw and can't control the ogre or break the door.

    2) I really liked this one, there are a lot of approaches to victory that can vary based on draw. I think it's the deepest, tactics wise. I've done it a couple times, and once I held the doorways, another time I used the massively buffed team healing vampire. I say someone mention they let the ogre go berserk and kill everything... lots of options if you pause to look at what is going on.

    3) Silly... I laughed, but it got boring hitting pass until I drew an attack... first time through the timer almost ran out because that damn door made every armor roll... seriously, I hit it at least 15 times. Gobbo needs some help with that door.
  17. hatchhermit

    hatchhermit Hydra

    I would like to mention that overall they were all 3 very fun. Thanks to all 3 of you!
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  18. SmokyBG

    SmokyBG Kobold

    #1 and #2 are very fun and pretty straightforward after you figure them out

    As for #3 - it's a fantastic idea, but the implementation suffers from being a bit too RNG dependent. It either needs to be the first adventure of the pack (nothing fun in playing two complex battles for half an hour and then losing repeatedly to RNG), the timer needs to be longer, or animations need to not count as part of your turn. I lost twice while I figured the solution, then four more times to not drawing enough attacks, including once when I drew a single attack in 10 rounds; I had to max my animation speed to beat it...
  19. hwango

    hwango Hydra


    #1 has been frustrating on replays. If the geomancer gets lucky draws I get trapped in the first room before I can escape, and the amount of armor on the golems can make killing them tedious. #2 is really interesting to replay and try different things. I wish it was fight #1 so I could replay it without fighting through the actual #1. #3 is even more highly variable than I thought. I made it over to the door even faster than the first time I played the scenario, but due to lousy draws and the door always making its armor rolls I ran out of time with the door barely wounded. The puzzle was neat the first time, but it doesn't seem that much fun to replay.
  20. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    I second that, I like to go #2 more than #1.

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