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  1. Public Execution version 3.

    The air is alive with the sounds of the bloodthirsty crowd as you are led to the platform. Your crimes against Cardhuntrians fuel their fervor.

    Guards surround you as you are led to the executioners block. You laugh as the crowd jeers, it is like music. As the warden asks your last words, you break a vial of dark energies that you kept hidden within your body! You chant dark incantations as the energies perforate your being, mutating it! With a deepening voice, you shout, "Fools! You cannot stop me!" as the transformations warp your body into that of a horrid creature!


    You manage to slaughter the warden and the guards to make your escape. As you run from civilization strange urges start filling your head. You want to seek out caverns for safety and feel at home within them. Your intellect fades as you realize the energies within you are still at work, warping your conscious to that of the beast... Need shelter. Need food.

    *Kill Karagrik as soon as possible. He will chase you around the map if you don't. He tends to keep his blocks in his hand at the end of any round.
    *Felvin is the least of your worries as he will always, always keep 2 of the 4 Staggering Blows in his hand and try its best to use them on you. He also has Dwarf Battle Cry.
    *Kill Krevlin as soon as you kill Karagrik. His All Out Attacks are annoying and can easily end your game. The cards he usually keeps in his hand are Anvil Strike, Frenzy Aura, and Staggering Blow.

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    Dungen Defence

    In game Username - Same as here: BlackVoidDeath


    The walls of this Cavern have been left silent for centuries but they are now disturbed by the Foolish Moral Humans who are crying out commands as you rise from your graves and advance towards them, you ask them "why have you come here"? and they answer by a hurled knife. (Note to GM: there are actually no hurled knife cards in this game its not a "missing card")

    Dungen Defence No.1.jpg Dungen Defence No.2.jpg

    Why didn't they leave when they had the chance? Everyone knows that - Mortals will do anything for treasure...

    Tips: (Add these if you want)
    .Try to keep the Skeletons alive because they can draw fireball which can really ruin the AI's day :)
    .Also if you want to attack with the Skeletons then do but only if you have the "Only Bones" card
    .The more VP you get on the VP squares the less enemies you need to kill

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    Monsters in the Closet

    The wee little baby Wyverns have awakened to their bad dreams, there are monsters in their closets! You must help them send the monsters back to dreamland so the wee ones can once again sleep like babies.

    Bad Dreams.jpg

    Ahh, once again all is right in Cardhuntria and the sound of peacefully sleeping Wyverns fill the nursery.

    *Not my best story, feel free to add or subtract. Also I can't decide between "Bad Dreams" of "Monsters in the Closet." Feel free to choose either. Two versions uploaded, one is "standard" the other requires no deaths.

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    This was one of my first boards I ever made, it's still one of my favorites. There was always the problem though that Lumbrezz could only be killed by your marksmen, and if you lost him before killing Lumbrezz the game was over. So I've gone back and retooled the map to make Lumbrezz accessible by melee combat, though it does make the board a little easier as well.

    Title: Swashbuckling Seas

    Swashbuckling Seas.jpg

    Text Before and After:
    BEFORE: You are on a merchant vessel traveling the seas for trade and treasure. Joining your crew are a priest who hopes to do missionary work in the new world and a cook who's looking for adventure. But adventure need not be sought, it'll find you! Shortly after breakfast the lookout sounds the alarm... PIRATES! It's the evil pirate captain Lumbrezz the Mad and his horde of pirate gnomes! Quick! Defend your ship before it is overrun!

    AFTER: You survived! The seas are now a safer place, keep whatever loot you found on the pirate ship as your reward.

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  5. Mr. Magnifico

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    The 3-D look of this map is amazing. Can't wait to try it!
    This reminds me of a tabletop game from back in the day, Swashbuckler. There was a scenario featuring two pirate ships side by side, each with a treasure chest in the hold. To win you had to get the other ship's treasure chest onto your ship. The only way to get from one ship to the other was to swing on a rope. BUT, the rules specified that you couldn't swing while carrying a treasure chest. :confused:
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  6. Stexe

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    Yeah, just played Black Fleet last night and I think the game could use some good pirate themed content. Would be really fun!
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    The Temple of Tcotzac - The Inner Sanctum

    Deep within the underground temple of Tcotzac, there lies the Inner Sanctum, the room from where the power of the crystals of Chronak emanate. Your heroes' must destroy the crystals to remove the curse of Chronak from these lands. But in the Inner Sanctum lies the ancient Guardians... fueled by the ancient power!

    Destroy the foul crystalline host and regain control of the lost city!

    The Inner Sanctum.PNG

    Your elves make short work of the crystals, and as soon as you do so, the energy trapped within dissipates. The stone ages beneath your feet, and you can already see the time-warping effect of its rays fading from the city. By the time you reach the surface, the Valley has returned to its natural state. Rest well, as you have saved Cardhuntria from an ancient threat...

    Tip: Your goal is to destroy the crystals in the center of the Temple. To do so, eliminate the enemies or gain control of the center area. Since your enemies are guarding the crystals, they do not get victory points from occupying the squares.

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  8. Bluemage

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    Title: The Rise of Alet Zhav

    The indignity of it all. Once again, all of your plans had been foiled by a rag-tag band of adventurers. As if you would have survived thousands of years of unlife if you were so easily bested! The incantation of one of your prepared rituals draws you back to the mortal plane in an unremarked graveyard. Unfortunately, your minion mispronounced the last words of the enchantment, and it went wild and flayed all the flesh from his bones. The corpses that the leftover energy from your ritual has animated are a small honor guard, but sufficient.

    Then, barking comes from outside the fence, and the gates are kicked open by a party of adventurers, who just happened to be walking their dog by the cemetery at midnight, because of course they were.

    Destroy the foolish mortals! Your minions will continue to rise to your will as long as you remain to anchor the magic.

    Return Screenshot.png

    The mortals who did not flee lay slain at your feet, their bodies and the loot upon them perfect raw materials to expand your honor guard and resume your quests to unlock all knowledge. You will show them. SHOW THEM ALL!

    It's too bad about the cultist, you could really have used a competent minion.,

    (updated 4/18/15)

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  9. Youbo

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    Title: Blizkenripper's capture

    Pre-Battle text: With the Elder Brain and Grendel under your siblings' control, there is only one thing left you need and it is right in front of you. Of course, the great white wyrm is not going to submit to you that easily. He lets out a mighty roar as some of his followers arrive to protect their master and you charge in with some of the most robust machines you stole from your creator as you rebelled and a mind flenser from Riptide at your side. Blizkenripper must not escape or all your plans will be forfeit!


    Post-Battle text: The once awe-inspiring dragon now lie defeated at your feet-or would have if you had any. While the mind flenser work his magic on your soon-to-be greatest ally, you gloat loudly as nobody can stop you now. World domination is soon! Or so you thought.

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    Ahah! Fixed and thank you!

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    Disturbed Monkeys

    In game Username - Same as here: BlackVoidDeath

    Your race has inhabited this forest for as long as anyone can remember and while no-one has been through these woods your race has evolved into WAR MONKEYS, but as soon as the other Race's find out they will charge to eliminate you!
    After exploring, another group of the puny Race's spot one of your kind so now that they know you exist you must stop them from leaving this forest or else they will come back but with much greater forces.

    Desturbed Monkeys.jpg

    If these Puny Races don't come back from this forest its fine because half the adventurers don't come back anyway because of walking trees, massive spiders, and other monstrosities. But for now you have successfully protected yourself from the wrath of Dwarves, Humans and Elves.

    • If the Chieftain dies you will have no more leader and your race will wither.
    • Both the elf warrior and the dwarf priest can draw Flight Aura which can help them get across to the end.
    • Take out the elf warrior first because it can draw very good armour, attacks with two range, has attacks with mobility and can draw Flight Aura which can all help it get across to the end.
    • Block the enemy characters so that they dont get across fast enough.
    • If you use Pickpocket and/or Steal on a character who dies from the attack you dont get a card from them.
    • The RNG for the cards Pickpocket (and Steal? - Unsure) will always take revealed cards from the enemy, if all the cards are not revealed then it will pick a random one, also when you use one of these, if the enemy character has a card activate while its being robbed from, that card will be stolen examples - armour, Boosted Heal and others.

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  12. Flaxative

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    Just a brief update for all custom scenario authors:

    • Mauve Manticore #6 is complete, and will debut with the EttSC expansion. We don't have a set date for this yet.
    • The adventures for Mauve Manticore #7 have already been selected.
    • We don't yet have adventures slotted for Mauve Manticore #8.

    I think Mauve Manticore needs to be improved in terms of how it's run, and the following are my intended actions to improve things:
    • Finish Mauve Manticore adventures well in advance of when I want to publish them.
    • Always have an 'extra' Mauve Manticore 'ready'—that is, 3 good-quality player-submitted scenarios that I could pull from if need be.
    • Work with scenario authors to improve their submissions if said submissions seem promising.

    I'd really like to actually make Mauve Manticore monthly. Because I can't publish new issues without a new build, and build dates are dependent on a number of factors, we will likely never have a perfectly punctual release schedule for Mauve Manticore. That said, my hope is that map makers, old and new, work together with each other and me to ensure that there's always a good supply of high-quality maps from which I can draw for future issues.

    (EttSC will no doubt give custom scenario authors some shiny new toys.)
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    Cant wait! :D
  14. Fifjunior7

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  15. Here is a 6 map scenario named:
    Abrogation Mission.

    Map 1: The Ruined Home.

    The summoner Idris of the Haunting Horn has been tasked with investigating reports of malicious activity from a nearby village.
    The townsfolk tell her of monsters trashing homes and point her to the abandoned manor of a long dead sorcerer.
    Upon her arrival she sees various gnomes rummaging through the ruins. Before they can spot her she summons her helpers to do battle!


    The behavior of these gnomes was strange compared to ones Idris had faced in the past. They seemed more focused, as if searching for something specific.
    Idris takes inventory with the artifacts from the rubble before carrying them back to her cart.

    Map 2: Al la Cart.
    Idris makes her way back to her cart carrying the last bit of treasure she could find at the ruins. She is shocked to find another group of gnomes have gathered and are ransacking her cart!


    Wiping the ashes of the gnomes from her robe, Idris finds outs that one of the gnomes had escaped with her change of clothing! Angered, Idris uses her elven senses to track the thieving gnome!

    Map 3: Ambush!
    Gary - Ambush! It seems like the gnomes are showing far more intelligence than they normally would! Something terrible must be aiding them!

    Idris tracks the location of the gnomes, and right into an ambush! The gnomes were waiting for her! Her summoned helpers rally to her side to protect their master!


    Recovering her clothing, Idris sends a carrier raven describing the situation to the guild master. The reply is that she must further investigate the happenings and see what is causing the gnomes to turn hostile.

    Map 4: Its Not A Very Fungi.

    Idris uses her elven senses to track where the last party of gnomes came from. The trail ends at a small mountain, so Idris seaches for a way in. She finds a cavern entrance that is nearly choked with mushrooms, as well as enemies who are not happy to see her.


    As she walks into the entrance Idris is careful to not breathe in the death spores of the fallen Fungus Warrior. The dank air of the cavern rushes to meet her as the light from the entrance dims.

    Map 5: Cavern Capers.
    Idris walks through a corridor for what seems like hours. Along the walls are pictographs showing a statue being used on mushrooms, making them grow into monsters. "Perhaps this is why the gnomes have turned hostile." Idris says to herself. Her words carry loudly in the cavern and soon a swarm of enemies surround her!


    Now that she has a moment to think, Idris reads the pictographs more carefully. An artifact that can control mushrooms is the cause of the trouble.

    Map 6: Morvin's Revenge!
    Idris enters a room where a stench of untold magnitude fills the air. The source of the stench is Morvin The Malodorous!

    The horrid beast Morvin has been behind the resurgence of the fungus tribe! He sits on his throne of rocks and mocks you for interfering with its plans of returning!


    Morvin The Malodorous collapses with a piercing shriek, dropping the artifact he was using to control the fungus tribe. Idris destroys it so that it cannot be used ever again. Cardhuntria is safe... For now!

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    The Grave-Walker

    In game Username - Same as here: BlackVoidDeath

    Pre-Start Story:
    Your wife has been taken hostage because the Evil Lord Halford wants to know the secret of your unnatural power, you must go and save your wife before they execute her...

    Part 1 Story:
    You enter through The Grand Entrance and find Men at Arms ready to deliver a killing blow... and win...?

    The Grave-Walker No.1.jpg

    Part 1 Epilogue:
    You obliterate the fools that try to stop you, and proceed through the fastest path to the Dungeon where prisoners are kept.

    Part 2 Story:
    You continue down the fastest path, and as you enter the kitchen, two massive chefs raise their knives to attack you!

    The Grave-Walker No.2.jpg

    Part 2 Epilogue:
    Fighting these chefs was like Fighting real warriors, speaking of Warriors where are the Lord's real warriors...?

    Part 3 Story:
    You enter the dungeon under the kitchen and find where Halford has been keeping his prisoners... and Warriors...

    The Grave-Walker No.3.jpg

    Part 3 Epilogue:
    After dispatching of the annoying mortal humans you search through the stone cells, after searching most of the cells you come up to the last one and find your wife (near-death). You pick up your wife and carry her out of the Manor, as you walk past the remaining guards they hide in the corners of the enormous rooms, you walk out and home – you both must rest.

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  17. Warrior's Return

    After many moons of silence the gang has been awakened to take on a new threat!

    Map 1: Gaggle of Golems.

    Idris of the Haunting Horn, Father Ordos, and Borgo Stoneheart relax at their estate. Irdis's ears perk up as she hears a dull rythmic clanking noise growing closer!
    She alerts the others to the sound and they make haste outdoors to find golems approaching!


    The golems explode upon defeat, coating the party in a strange magic. They are unsure what it means, but they are off to find answers!

    Map 2: Unwelcome Visitors.

    The party reaches a local tavern. The golems must have passed by here in order to reach the estate. Upon entering the tavern the denizens suddenly grow hostile. They attack without reason!


    Father Ordos perform the last rites on the fallen as Irdis surmises that the strange magic cast upon them by the golems invokes hostility to those not touched by it. The party searches the tavern and finds a hole to the underground located in the back of the establishment. Idris senses that there is a trail of similar magic down there. Gathering some extra supplies from the tavern (placing gold to cover the costs of the items), they venture down.

    Map 3: SPIDERS!

    Climbing down the ladder the party finds themselves surrounded by the sounds of chittering and clicking. The noise echos loudly, followed by the tapping of sharp spikes on ground rapidly approaching. It is a giant nest of spiders!


    Chitin carapace is strewn everywhere as the dead spiders litter the floor. The party quickly moves on to the next area and away from that nightmare.

    Map 4: Leafy Cavern.

    Idris's elven senses follow the trail of strange magic throughout the twists and turn of the underground caves. Soon the nose of Borgo Stoneheart flares as it catches the scent of roasting meat. The party follows Borgo's nose into an opening filled with kobolds!


    The party munch on the roasted meat that was going to be the kobold chieftain's meal and ruminate about what to do next.

    Map 5: Yellow Fever.

    The party wander about in the caverns until Idris's senses perk up once more. They follow her, everything getting more yellow as they march on. Eventually they reach an opening in the tunnels leading to a tiled room where an ambush awaits them!


    Idris uses the scales of the Yellow Dragon in a potion to dispel the strange magic upon them. They are still no closer to finding out who sent the golems or why they were sent. Only time will tell.

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    In game Username - Same as here: BlackVoidDeath


    It is nearly Halloween and the KinderGarten's workers is preparing pumpkins for decorations. One of the adults helps the kids carve out the pumpkins as the children show what they want to be cut out. One day while the pumpkins were being carved out, one of the pumpkins explode and after the smoke clears out, you see the terrifying picture of what happened - a portal had opened and from it, red souls were coming out and plunging into the children! As the souls collide with the kids they start transforming into demons!, even the adult has shape-shifted! Quick you must stop these demons before they kill you...



    As the last dying screech emits from the last imp's throat, you take a breath... but as you do so the portal explodes and with it a few items of worth fly out, not questioning why the items appeared or why one of the pumpkins exploded you quickly dash to the exit or why you just killed a load of humans, there is no time for thinking because as the portal explodes it sets fire to its surroundings and they quickly go up in flames!

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  19. gamezonedude

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    Alright so I think Bluk needs more attention, so here goes.
    Title: Bluk's Conquest

    After weeks of hunting down riches to add to your treasure horde alongside your goblin army, you stumble upon a great mass of treasure in an abandoned fort, yours for the taking! You begin to plunder until a squad of angry gnomes appear as if out of nowhere. This is their treasure stash.
    It should be no match to your army, that is until your goblin brethren ran away, no doubt this cowardly act is due to the countless beatings from adventurers, and them mistaking the gnomes for dwarf warriors; they're the roughly the same size. All of your men ran except for two of your finest soldiers. In order to sack down these riches, you're going to have to get those meaty fists and axes dirty.

    After minutes of fighting, you massacre gnomes, the treasure is now yours and you shower your two goblin friends in gold. Your goblin army returned and asked if they can have a share of the treasure; You slap their faces for deserting you and punish them for their cowardly deeds.

    My Account:

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  20. Scarponi

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    Mevelous Maze II: With Double the Everything!

    Melvelous is back with another maze! In this second round everything is doubled, but Melvelous still only has five rounds to escape! Can you help him do it? There will be no shuffling, no dice, no points for killing enemies, nothing except pure logic.

    These are the cards you will draw each round:
    1. Run, Run, Energize, Energize, Stone Spikes
    2. Run, Stone Spikes, Stone Spikes, Stone Spikes
    3. Run, Powerful Spark, Powerful Spark, Powerful Spark
    4. Run, Unholy Curse, Arcing Spark, Arcing Spark
    5. Run, Arcing Spark, Defensiveness, Defensiveness, Defensiveness, Shimmering Aura, Teleport Other

    All characters will respawn on odd numbered rounds.

    Mevelous Maze II.jpg

    Congratulations, that was yet another truly magnificent analysis of the board.

    I hope @Kalin doesn't mind me adding to his franchise!

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