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  1. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Messy Neighbors

    Pre-battle text:
    In quaint Cardhuntria suburbia, a simmering feud between neighbors has just boiled over. The constant stream of ill-behaved guests, the raucous noise, the mess, and the stink has triggered placid neighbors into a murderous, unholy frenzy. The walls of the townhouse, the shared water spigot, the fence have now become hotly contested war zones!

    Post-battle text: Thank goodness you were able to resolve the property dispute with fisticuffs. Heaven knows there would be hell to pay if you had to call the lawyers. You graciously accept the tokens of victory your defeated neighbors offer.

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  2. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Open the Door

    Before text
    : Three Troglodyte space travelers were running low on life support in their tiny landing pod so they decided to touch down on a little asteroid that seemed to be supporting some kind of life. Attempts to communicate with the outpost were met with incomprehensible mumbles. But a single symbol came through to their monitor, an image of a brain. Taking that as a sign of intelligence and taking intelligence as a sign of kindness and humanity, the Space Troglodytes touched down on the asteroid hoping to find respite and resources. They politely sent back an image of an open door.

    After text: You'd think an outpost with that much brains would be more peaceful. The Troglodytes regrettably replenish their supplies without the help of their former owners.

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  3. Hildorwen

    Hildorwen Kobold

    Title: Passive Aggression



    Account: Hildorwen


    At first, allowing a wider range of people to join the oozeball tournament seemed like a good idea. You couldn’t remember the last time you weren’t facing Argy Bargy and Arrow Dodger in the finals. Unfortunately letting the geomancers in seems to have been a mistake. When they joined your league it was as if they wanted to break every rule. They changed the pitch, stuck an extra man onto the field and now they’re resorting to violence.


    Now you’ve shown them. Not even with all their trickery and cheating can geomancers stand a chance in oozeball.

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  4. Hildorwen

    Hildorwen Kobold

    Title: Sparklers’ Island



    Name of Account: Hildorwen


    Shocker and Zappy were peacefully minding their business on their island. They were content. They were happy. Then some hot shot wizard had to show up with plans of conquest. Help Shocker and Zappy defeat the wizard.


    The wizard is defeated but his belongings are still littering the island. Shocker and Zappy have no need for treasure. Will you accept the loot to keep the island clean?

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  5. Gaston Darkus

    Gaston Darkus Kobold

    Module Title: Bloody Tear

    Account: Gaston Darkus

    A black Cloud of darkness and evil came to Cardhuntria sent by a powerful sorcerer named Aundum the Cursed One, this cloud caused the people of the kingdom to begin to suffer misfortunes and the evils of the sorcerer's black magic.
    A priest named Kaurim came to Cardhuntria swearing to know how to stop the curse thrown by Aundum, Karuim spoke with Lord Batford and Lord Strafford telling them of a Gem with the power to end the curse, but that it was split into 4 parts by Aundum. Batford and Strafford recruited a group of 12 brave warriors, these were divided into 4 groups and went to fulfill the missions to recover the fragments and eliminate the curse on Cardhuntria.

    1st Mission
    Title: Elder Mind Challenge

    Before Battle: The first Shard is on posesion of the Elder Mind, he is guarded by the Artifacts and Mind Flensers.
    Beat them to get the Shard!

    After Battle: Elder Mind's powers wasnt enought to stop you, the team returns to Batford's Manor with the first Shard.

    (Note: I will Sumbit the next parts)

    Elder Mind Challenge.jpg Elder Mind Challenge 2.jpg

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  6. Gaston Darkus

    Gaston Darkus Kobold

    Bloody Tear Part 2

    Account Gaston Darkus Heavy Problems.jpg

    Title:Heavy Problems

    Before Battle: The 2nd Shard is on the Crown of Grendel, The Troll King, he is guarded by Ogres and Trolls. Cut his head and take the shard!

    After Battle: The greed of Grendel was his doom, the team returns to Strafford Manor with the 2nd shard.

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  7. Frostguard

    Frostguard Thaumaturge

    Trick or Treat

    Pre-battle text:
    It's that time of the year again. You start to think that you haven't built your manor in a location remote enough, as the visitors in search for treats have taken such a toll on your larder that even your trusty compass has started pointing in a different direction. This must be remedied! It is Halloween after all, and who says you can't do what everyone else is doing? To someone with appropriately ample supplies, perhaps... Yes, yes, you know just the right person. You dress up as the most intimidating thing you can think of, instruct a few loyal bodyguards to do the same, and set out into the night.

    Post-battle text: After you collect all you can, it becomes quite clear why this has become a tradition. It turns out to be quite profitable! You must remember to do it next year as well. You discard your costumes - easier to have new ones made next year when it's time than having them collect dust somewhere in your manor - and go on your merry way home.



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  8. Fanturluche

    Fanturluche Thaumaturge

    Little Red Hood by Fanturluche

    You were hunting in the woods, when you noticed light coming from the old shack. Wasn't it supposed to be abandoned? As you came closer, you spotted the little red hooded silhouette of a child heading towards it, and inside... the biggest wolf you've ever seen!
    Running as fast as you can, you break through the side of the shack, and arm your crossbow, ready to save the day.

    Three pairs of angry eyes turn towards you...

    Something must have gone wrong somewhere, but you're still confused about the whole situation. You pick up your arrows, along with a few valuable things you find, and you discreetly leave the place.
    Hopefully, no bard will ever hear about what happened here.

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  9. Aresute

    Aresute Kobold

    "The Door-volution!" Essentialized by Aresute
    Intro: "The Door-volution is here! Or it would be, if they could do more than walk. Anyway, you and your army of doors have been ordered to destroy the last resistance of hope, the ol' Dragon who lives in the south. However, once you and your army go inside its lair, you hear an explosion. BOOM! The cave starts collapsing, and the exit becomes blocked off by rocks and debris. Now, you're trapped inside. Luckily, though, your Geomancers have divined where the first few rocks will fall, and shown it in yellow. You also remember there being an old tale about there being a tunnel at the back of the lair. It's worth a shot, and then you can get your revenge on whomever did this to you.

    Epilogue: The whole lair collapses on itself, trapping the dragon within the rubble. You find a bit of treasure in the tunnel, and freedom, besides. Now, it's time to get revenge. Defenestration would be a great start.

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