Mauve Manticore #18

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  1. Happenstance

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    The trouble is that hardly anyone (myself included) bothers to playtest MM subs, so there's no point getting salty about the difficulty or lack of when they're released. One less merc on level 1, ditch the grub pod on level 2, maybe add a second spider.

    The maps look brilliant. BVD should have his revenge by making a very very difficult map 3 on his next release, something you have to restart 8-10 times to complete.
  2. Master Goo

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    Played it today, i like all adventures. First one was close for me because foe wizard almost killed both of my lords (left them 1hp and 3 hp), while guards seem to draw only blocks and were most of the game behind doors.
    The other two were done from 1st try too, but were more reliable on draws and play:D

    I had the fun, thx for authers:D I think i'l play it again, it was funny:D
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  3. BlackVoidDeath

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    Only just saw this, and sure, can do ;)
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  4. Kalin

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    Now that I've finally beaten MM19, I can try this one. Managed to get through with only two defeats, both on second map.

    I almost managed it... Alet Zhav got Stafford down to 1HP in round 1, and he's the only char who reliably draws crushing attacks. Once you kill Alet, the map is easy, just smash zombies and dodge skels until you win.

    Wait, what? Gary doesn't earn anything from killing the lords?
    *tests this.. and of course if Stafford charges through the door, then Alet attacks the door instead...*
    Okay, this really was easy. I think it would better forcing players to keep all non-door chars alive.

    Second map was hard for me: those slices get multiple attacks per round, so you lose if one gets next to your eggs. I never tried to horde my swarms, because it seemed the cake always had enough moves to get LoS on every minion. I'll try that next time.

    Third map I won on the first try, though it was close. I could never set up the dodge to jump the ropes, so I just backstabbed my way through, and used the blowdarts to silence the servants around round 3. I reached the victory square when Gary only needed 1 star and the goblin on it had his back to the wall and I was applying for the job. Luckily, when I passed Gary had the goblins play a move card and the camper turned to face me, so Scamper, Backstab, Scamper, Win!
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