Mauve Manticore #17

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    Thread for MM #17 praises / curses and advice. :)

    Level 1: Wisps in the Basement by @Vlamona

    After reading the pre-description, I thought that I had to play with the other creatures trying to kill the wisps. When I played this first time on the test server, I needed one restart, since I tried to target the goblins first. Second playthrough on live was really close as well, I had to sacrifice two of the wisps in order to win.

    It was fun but tricky to teleport around the map. One time Defensiveness got me, I forgot to check the other side of the wall.

    Level 2: Irate Interview
    by @adajon

    Really fun concept! On my first playthrough I needed two restarts to complete this. First to figure out the role of the orc and second to survive from a really bad start (Boulder cornered and killed my guest at the first turn).

    On second playthrough I won quite easily on first try, even though I forgot that orc is a minion and got him killed. :D It was really satisfying to be able to kill that boulder!

    Level 3: Culinary Contest! by @Maniafig

    The pre-description made me chuckle, nice writing! :)

    Again, on my first playthrough lost once, because I was too aggressive with my chef. Second playthrough on live server was tricky as well, but managed to beat it on first try. Non-minion meals are surprisingly weak with their one card per turn draw.
  2. Master Goo

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    I like this new MM, had a lot of fun:D Thanks for authers:D
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  3. This MM was great, particularly the last level. Great fun.
  4. I like #1. Made the same mistake as Pawndawan the first time in targeting the goblins first, when they're so easy to teleport away from: it's the ranged guys you've gotta worry about. Lots of nice lined-up baddies for those Deadly Sparks, and cleaning up the slowpokes at the end feels almost cruel.

    #2...okay, I know I'm probably missing something really obvious here, but with no victory squares and no armor removal, any hints on what I'm supposed to do about that boulder? What's this about the "role of the orc"? All I can see in his deck that seems especially useful is Taunt, and even that doesn't exactly help me on offense.

    D'oh, power of posting...

    The golems have Shredding Strike. Nice.
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  5. Continuing on, now that I made it to #3...hahaha, that was fun. Gotta love the sight of a small army of chefs uselessly playing with their food until it drops the bomb on one or all of them, tells their ZoC to kiss off, and scampers away.
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    Someone looks unamused :D
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    Just a quick jaunt of a review:

    1. Fun! Beat it first try. I enjoyed the ol' switcheroo on the text expectation there. $:^ b
    Took out the Goblins first because they came at me and I could Deadly Spark their blocks off. $E^ b Down to two wisps at the end if I recall.

    2. Neat, neat. I, too, wasn't sure the point of the orc, and I lost the first try. I'd beaten the boulder in the campaign anyway, but it's different with such a relatively weak motley crew. $E^ J Excellent approach at story text. Loved it. $¦^ J
    The HR guy, the orc guard, and the two real beasties relegated to minions, eek. First try, I saw the golems' purpose immediately, and I eventually saw the awesome guest Stun card but accidentally misused it next to my golem, ha ha ha ha; only on the round the boulder finished its rampage did I see that lovely Taunt card. Ohhhh. $:^ ] Second try, got it fairly smoothly. Just had to keep The Rock dancing around, heheheheh. I really would've liked to've beaten it with my human, and I had the foundation of the cards for it in the last round, but I figured I should go ahead and move on (and not set myself up for a needless death and restart in case I somehow messed it up, ha ha ha ha).

    3. Also fun! Also beat it first try. Another greatly enjoyed adventure text setup. $:^ ]
    I eventually lost one entree near the end. Those Heal 30 buffs are ridiculous, even with limited draws. For the final blow, I went ahead and Obliteratingly Chopped down a quadruplet. Heh.

    Good job, folks. Thanks for the fun. $:^ ]
  9. Orc has Taunt which is very useful but not needed if you're careful.
  10. ParodyKnaveBob

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    Yes. I put that part of my post behind a curtain. $;^ J
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  11. Oh that sneaky spoiler button.
  12. ParodyKnaveBob

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    Seek your inner elf wizard! Move to good places, let them come to you, obliterate, then Move 4 outta there when danger arrives!
    $:^ }
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    given that I knew what to do when, I'll say this was the most fun MM to date.

    1. The most difficult of the three. I have no idea, but I kept getting wrecked by Goblins having 1 extra move out of nowhere, sometimes the frosty and icy imps did so much to stop me dead on my tracks, beat it on 4th try.

    2. Second most difficult imho, I died once because I was in range of a rumbling charge. Other than that, 3 turn long wait for a freaking Taunt kinda bored me, but I guess that just happens.

    3. It's so fun to spam all these healing OP spells. I've only gotten Salts and Butters tho, for whatever reason. With that said, a chef of mine nearly died, surviving AI stupidity with 1 HP, but I got away and won.

    My reward? Perfect Agility.
  14. Kalin

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    Finally got back to this one, and now I'm all caught up on MMs until the next release!

    Map 1:
    Took me forever to beat. After a couple losses I started focusing on the wisps instead of the goblins, but the goblins get into your face pretty early, and if Gary does one of his first turn passes, then all the enemies will have an extra move card.

    Map 2:
    Won on first try despite losing a golem before figuring out the strategy. Which meant I could never use the biggest attacks (remaining golem had to shred every round). But won with no more chars dying.

    Map 3:
    First time I charged in with Ramses and died. Heh. Second time I ran away until I drew the crazy buffs, and won without much trouble (I think with both meals still alive). Ramses even got to deliver the killing blow on a couple opponents.
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