Mauve Manticore #10 IN 3D

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  1. No thread yet? Maybe I just search-failed. Either way, this is one of my favorites of the series. Had to say thanks to BlackVoidDeath, Scarponi, Jaer, and the selection committee.

    #1: Hey Gary, must you target my wizard with all flamethrowers drawn? She's sweet and innocent and hasn't lifted a finger against you, as opposed to that minion over there. Good leveraging of the AI. I've crushed it a few times and just barely squeaked by in others.

    #2: My favorite of the three. The 3D joke alone could make for a whole new expansion..."Frenzy against any character on your plane"...okay, maybe not

    #3: Nothing can bring back all the cute doggies I've slaughtered in the course of those early battles, but the MM tradition of redemption continues.
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  2. Rohndil

    Rohndil Hydra

    My first shameful and boring thought was "this feels so easy I could actually farm it". Actually a nice change of pace in the overall unforgiving MM series, plus #2 was brilliant. Cheers.
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  3. MM#3 and #9 are still staring at me with their little unforgiving blinky eyes. Someday.

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