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    Im at a wall, I have stopped playing singleplayer at the mad monkies and the dark forest, I never even tried to beat the return to the astral shrine. It simply wasn't fun for me. I tried switching my party from a human warrior, a dwarf wizard and an elf priest to an elf warrior, a dwarf wizard and a human priest but I am trying to level them up but its so dull playing through some of the level ten missions. This shouldn't be happening. I found the first few levels to be greatly enjoyable, why did it suddenly become tedious and unfair?
  2. Happenstance

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    This is common, and it comes down to understanding which builds cruise through the each SP levels. Just yesterday Scarponi showed me how to run two wizards through Troll Tyrant with comfort and ease (based around lava moats created with Wall of Fire). So it's an ongoing process. But I remember being exactly where you are, and hating certain SP missions because I was getting a kicking each time I tried to do them.

    You're going to be limited by the items you have in your keep right now, so I'll try to offer a couple of solutions. And the #1 solution is a nimbus build. Put a nimbused character in harm's way and the mobs will whale on it all day long - then you can move your other two characters in once they have zero attacks left. A 10 nimbus build involves two uncommons (duality mace) and three rares (shielding tokens).

    Astral Shrine: The main problems are movement, enemy armour and their strong attacks. It's hard to have enough moves to outmanoeuvre the bishops and rooks, so if you take a fighter in instead of your nimbused priest, they need a lot of step attacks. They also need either cushioning armor or (easier to get) auto block. Holding a pair of auto blocks means your warrior only has a 1/9 chance of getting hit by the blasts, and you keep the block cards. The great thing about this is that the mobs bunch up and hit themselves in their eagerness to hit your fighter, so they do most of the work for you. Throw in a wizard with some control and boiling armor, and you'll chew through them.

    Monkeys: The #1 lesson with monkeys is to group your party with their backs to blocking terrain, because the monkey cards that hurt the most are cowardly attack and their steal cards. Other than that, a lot of parties will beat them. Warriors with chops are great, a burst mage or a flash of agony mage really helps, and buffed dwarf vamps usually tip the balance in favour of your party very quickly. If you're worried about the acrobatic flips (which are a pain), then take some unnerving strikes.

    Dark Forest: fire mages reign supreme here but, unfortunately, fire mages need a lot of legendary items to truly shine (or burn, I guess). You can still cobble together a decent firey with lower level items, especially if you try to land some wall of fire. But nimbus is your go-to here - get that nimbused character out front to soak up the big attacks, but prepare them so they can duck behind cover for a turn if they don't draw nimb, which happens when you're looking for 10 cards in a 36 card deck.
  3. SlowComputer

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    Yes, difficulty curve grows from "too easy" to what seems to be "a massive wall"... we learned to like those nearly impossible tasks, such as: the Mauve Manticores, 1hp quests or CoC (new players have no-idea).

    When we feel hitting a wall, I recommend a good night sleep. If you need to revive your party more than once, clearly need a better approach. Return to previews adventures and level up above the target.
    3 dwarves are the safest option for most maps (for beginners) 1 of each class... or... go as you like... (i'd avoid fragile elves).
    My general tip is: get better gear. But Happenstance advise was more focused.

    Patience. I remember spending a whole afternoon to Finnish some modules; several weeks for the campaign; and, in the long run, it takes more than one full year to collect all top quality items.
    Meanwhile try multiplayer and co-op.

    Beating Gary for the first times might be frustrating 'cause veteran hunters push his rating down. However the AI if challenging to the rookies :)
    Good Luck
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    True, nimbus would be amazing... I just need to stop selling duplicate items for gold. I will try them, however I hope that I can curb my strange habit of one of each. I tend to have one of everything or the polar oppisite. Its a habit that appeared from nowhere, I swear I had two perilous ringmail at one point and then one of them went poof. Bejeweled shortsword is the only exception to the rule, since its the best weapon ever.
  5. Happenstance

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    The way I look after my keep is to follow 'max usable' - the amount of items you need to outfit a party completely (so 3x armour or boots, 9x weapons, 12x arcane items, etc.). Most common-rare I keep MU for 2 characters, except the amazing items like runestone and bejewelled. Epic and legendary I keep MU for 3 characters (you never know when a balance change is going to make an ordinary card better).

    Don't sell below this, it just comes back to bite you when you want to try a new strategy.
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  6. snickersimba

    snickersimba Goblin Champion

    That makes sense. It gives me a reasonable restriction and a balance point of when to sell/not to sell. I wish life was this clear cut.... That or adults would listen to me occasionally when I know im absolutely right.
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    Add Predaking to your friendlist. When I am online I can always help you complete maps you want.
  8. snickersimba

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    I shall, but wheres devastator, abominous and bruticus plus the seacons?
  9. Predaking

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    Who needs them when you have Predaking to help you? ^^
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    I'll help out as well if I'm on and not too busy, if you really need it.
  11. snickersimba

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    Im fine right now, I was having a decent day, if you want to help me procure coroplast to build my guinea pig cage, that would be nice, I don't think you can though, if you do, you get to help put it together.
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    Items you sell stay in Skarl's Seconds for a while. If you haven't done so, you might want to browse the inventory for items you'd like to buy back. You can buy them for the sell price, but it only stores 3.
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